DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries March 2024

Significantly Revised

律寺 [succession temple] (Charles Jones)

名衆 [group of terms] (Dan Lusthaus)

New Entries: 99 (DDB Total: 78,016)

句衆 [group of phrases] {Dan Lusthaus}

名衆 [group of terms] {Dan Lusthaus}

字衆 [group of utterances] {Dan Lusthaus}

槃石 [barren woman] {Dan Lusthaus}

槃石女兒 [son of a barren woman] {Dan Lusthaus}

海屋添籌 [an expression to celebrate the long life of a man] {Dieter Schwaller}

神珠 [spiritual jewel] {Dieter Schwaller}

逢著 [to meet] {Dieter Schwaller}

鏤骨銘心 [engrave it into your bones] {Dieter Schwaller}

壞因 [ceasing of cause] {Randolph Whitfield}

壞定 [destruction of meditation] {Randolph Whitfield}

波瀾 [large wave] {Randolph Whitfield}

濤瀾 [large wave] {Randolph Whitfield}

三尺坊 [Sanjakubō] {Stefan Grace}

三尺坊權現 [Sanjakubō Gongen] {Stefan Grace}

亙信行彌 [Gengxin Xingmi] {Stefan Grace}

修證不無染汚不得 [no impurity enters into practice and awakening] {Stefan Grace}

做大 [capable of great things] {Stefan Grace}

出苦忌 [hundredth day service] {Stefan Grace}

卒哭忌 [hundredth day lamentations] {Stefan Grace}

卒客無卒主 [no appropriate master to deal with an unexpected guest] {Stefan Grace}

印順宗旨棒 [striking to confirm that the student has correctly understood the Dharma] {Stefan Grace}

卽幻明眞門 [the teaching that delusion is one and the same with awakening] {Stefan Grace}

卽庵宗覺 [Sokuan Sōkaku] {Stefan Grace}

卽非如一 [Jifei Ruyi] {Stefan Grace}

取驗虛實棒 [striking to ascertain whether the student is sincere] {Stefan Grace}

可睡齋 [Kasuisai] {Stefan Grace}

周遮 [surrounding obstacles] {Stefan Grace}

四種異類 [the four states of being] {Stefan Grace}

大庵須益 [Dai'an Shueki] {Stefan Grace}

大空玄虎 [Daikū Genko] {Stefan Grace}

天誾 [Tengin] {Stefan Grace}

如仲天誾 [Jochū Tengin] {Stefan Grace}

宗傳戒文試參請 [Shūden kaimon shisanshō] {Stefan Grace}

宗師家 [an eminent monk] {Stefan Grace}

宗統復古志 [Shūtō fukkoshi] {Stefan Grace}

宗統復古 [restoration of the old modes of practice (in the Sōtō school)] {Stefan Grace}

宗覺 [Sōkaku] {Stefan Grace}

宗通說通 [to see thoroughly into the truth and expound it fluently] {Stefan Grace}

宗門中異類 [manifesting the teachings among living beings] {Stefan Grace}

宗門三印 [the three marks of the teaching] {Stefan Grace}

宗門玄鑑圖 [Zongmen xuanjiantu] {Stefan Grace}

就身打劫 [to rob someone of all of his or her belongings] {Stefan Grace}

州庵宗彭 [Shūan Sōhō] {Stefan Grace}

往來異類 [going back and forth between worlds] {Stefan Grace}

愁人莫向愁人說 [do not tell a sad person stories of sad people] {Stefan Grace}

愁殺 [great anxiety] {Stefan Grace}

扶竪宗教 [to proclaim the fundamental principles] {Stefan Grace}

拾遺牌 [lost and found tablet] {Stefan Grace}

捉敗了也 [to be arrested] {Stefan Grace}

掃除凡聖棒 [striking to rid the student of dualistic ideas] {Stefan Grace}

接機從正棒 [striking the student in order to lead him or her in line with his or her level] {Stefan Grace}

措大 [capable of great things] {Stefan Grace}

收生 [small rice offering] {Stefan Grace}

收管 [to receive and manage] {Stefan Grace}

收鈔 [received paper-money] {Stefan Grace}

方覺 [Fangjue] {Stefan Grace}

朝宗通忍 [Zhaozong Tongren] {Stefan Grace}

梅峰竺信 [Baihō Chikushin] {Stefan Grace}

沙門異類 [finding oneʼs own freedom anywhere] {Stefan Grace}

淨牧院 [Jōboku'in] {Stefan Grace}

淨眼寺 [Jōgenji] {Stefan Grace}

濟宗八棒 [the eight sticks of the Linji school] {Stefan Grace}

無異元來 [Wuyi Yuanlai] {Stefan Grace}

玄挺 [Xuanting] {Stefan Grace}

玄虎 [Genko] {Stefan Grace}

盲枷瞎棒 [striking indiscriminately as a teacher that lacks divine vision] {Stefan Grace}

祖上 [honorable patriarchs] {Stefan Grace}

祖堂諷經 [to chant sutras in the ancestors hall] {Stefan Grace}

祖禰不了殃及兒孫 [when the ancestor leaves it undone, calamity comes to the descendant] {Stefan Grace}

祖英集 [Zuyingji] {Stefan Grace}

祖韻敬賡 [Sōin keikō] {Stefan Grace}

秀巖玄挺 [Shūgan Gentei] {Stefan Grace}

秋葉寺 [Shūyōji] {Stefan Grace}

等膳 [Tōzen] {Stefan Grace}

背楚投呉 [leave the Chu and enter the Wu] {Stefan Grace}

臭皮袋 [stinking flesh bag] {Stefan Grace}

臭皮襪 [stinking flesh sock] {Stefan Grace}

苦責愚癡棒 [striking to scold an ignorant student] {Stefan Grace}

虛一方覺 [Xuyi Fangjue] {Stefan Grace}

行彌 [Xingmi] {Stefan Grace}

觸令支玄棒 [striking the student when he or she misinterprets the dharma] {Stefan Grace}

觸牌 [a signboard indicating soiling] {Stefan Grace}

觸禮三拜 [to prostrate oneʼs head to a stool three times] {Stefan Grace}

觸竿 [soiled robe hanging rod] {Stefan Grace}

足下無絲去 [to come and go with no strings on one's feet] {Stefan Grace}

足下雲生 [clouds forming under one's feet] {Stefan Grace}

足庵智鑑 [Zuan Zhijian] {Stefan Grace}

通忍 [Tongren] {Stefan Grace}

金粟寺 [Jinsusi] {Stefan Grace}

長樂寺 [Chōrakuji] {Stefan Grace}

關三刹 [Kanto Great Three] {Stefan Grace}

集衆鐘 [monk-gathering bell] {Stefan Grace}

靠玄傷正棒 [striking to chastise the student for being preoccupied with the mysterious aspects of the Dharma] {Stefan Grace}

鳳山等膳 [Hōzan Tōzen] {Stefan Grace}

龍穩寺 [Ryūonji] {Stefan Grace}

甲乙寺 [hereditary monastery] {Charles Jones}

New CJKV-E entries: 13 (CJKV-E Total: 68,299)

倒影 [setting sun] (Dieter Schwaller)

堪笑 [laughable] (Dieter Schwaller)

寸懷 [small thought] (Dieter Schwaller)

掀天 [(to) lift the heavens] (Dieter Schwaller)

每逢 [whenever] (Dieter Schwaller)

眼底 [right in front of one's eyes] (Dieter Schwaller)

花叢 [flowering shrubs] (Dieter Schwaller)

識羞 [(to) know shame] (Dieter Schwaller)

鞋跟 [heel of a shoe] (Dieter Schwaller)

風騷 [literary excellence] (Dieter Schwaller)

鶴齡 [age of a crane] (Dieter Schwaller)

分劑 [(to) regulate] (Randolph Whitfield)

物像 [objects and images] (Randolph Whitfield)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 112