DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries January 2024

Significantly Revised

空空 [emptiness of emptiness] (Griffith Foulk)

十八空 [eighteen views of emptiness] (Griffith Foulk)

第一義空 [emptiness of the ultimate truth] (Griffith Foulk)

五種三昧道 [path of the five types of samādhi] (Ronald Green)

New Entries: 177 (DDB Total: 77,731)

諦信因果 [to clearly believe in causality] {Stefan Grace}

他山 [another temple] {Stefan Grace}

他念通 [intuitive knowledge of others] {Stefan Grace}

[armrest] {Charles Muller}

卓布 [altar cloth] {Charles Muller}

嘆眞 [to praise] {Charles Muller}

大隋劫火 [Dasui and the conflagration at the end of the age] {Charles Muller}

[odor] {Charles Muller}

[mountain leek] {Charles Muller}

世間出世間法 [mundane and supramundane dharmas] {Ronald Green}

唯蘊無我 [only phenomena, no self] {Ronald Green}

此有故彼有 [because this exists that exists] {Ronald Green}

湛寂 [filled with quiescence] {Ronald Green}

不腆 [low quality gift] {Stefan Grace}

丹霞天然 [Danxia Tianran] {Stefan Grace}

剃頭行者 [head-shaving novice practitioner] {Stefan Grace}

剃髮染衣 [to shave the head and don a colored robe] {Stefan Grace}

剔起眉毛 [to lift the eyebrows and look] {Stefan Grace}

卓凳 [foot stool] {Stefan Grace}

卓朔 [to strain the eyes and ears] {Stefan Grace}

卓袱 [altar cloth] {Stefan Grace}

去來他國塵境 [to travel around other countries] {Stefan Grace}

呈似 [to show] {Stefan Grace}

呈解 [to offer one's own opinion] {Stefan Grace}

啗啄 [to peck] {Stefan Grace}

單丁 [a single man] {Stefan Grace}

單寮 [single room] {Stefan Grace}

單帳 [estate notebook] {Stefan Grace}

單提獨弄 [to attack directly] {Stefan Grace}

單目 [list of articles] {Stefan Grace}

單票 [an individual nameplate] {Stefan Grace}

單裙 [waist-robe] {Stefan Grace}

坦宕 [generous hearted] {Stefan Grace}

塌薩阿勞 [(Skt. tathāgata)] {Stefan Grace}

多口 [to speak too much] {Stefan Grace}

多口阿師 [a talkative person] {Stefan Grace}

大初繼覺 [Taisho Keigaku] {Stefan Grace}

大舍堂 [head monk's room] {Stefan Grace}

大隨隨他去 [Dasui and the extinction] {Stefan Grace}

大隨劫火 [Dasui and the conflagration at the end of the age] {Stefan Grace}

天地菴百則評頌 [Tenchian hyakusoku hyōju] {Stefan Grace}

天如惟則 [Tianru Weize] {Stefan Grace}

天廚 [celestial beings' kitchen] {Stefan Grace}

天眼龍睛 [eyes of celestial beings and dragons] {Stefan Grace}

天祺節 [the first day of the fourth month in the Song dynasty] {Stefan Grace}

天童小參錄 [Tiantong xiaocan lu] {Stefan Grace}

天童古佛 [Tiantong gufo] {Stefan Grace}

天童惟白 [Tiantong Weibai] {Stefan Grace}

天馬駒 [celestial colt] {Stefan Grace}

太俗生 [very worldly] {Stefan Grace}

太僧生 [very monk-like] {Stefan Grace}

太勞生 [complements on the hard work] {Stefan Grace}

太區區生 [thank you for your hard work] {Stefan Grace}

太啞生 [completely mute] {Stefan Grace}

太多生 [too much] {Stefan Grace}

太多事生 [too much] {Stefan Grace}

太山只重三斤 [Taishan weighs only three jin] {Stefan Grace}

太忙生 [very busy] {Stefan Grace}

太末蟲 [a big fly] {Stefan Grace}

太深長生 [very long in distance] {Stefan Grace}

太無厭生 [to never be satisfied] {Stefan Grace}

太狂生 [very crazy] {Stefan Grace}

太重擔生 [to shoulder too heavy a burden] {Stefan Grace}

太高生 [very arrogant] {Stefan Grace}

妙康 [Myōkō] {Stefan Grace}

孤單零丁 [a single man] {Stefan Grace}

宜牧 [Giboku] {Stefan Grace}

對座問訊 [to bow to the person adjacent] {Stefan Grace}

對轉觸禮 [to bow face to face] {Stefan Grace}

對面千里 [sitting opposite, one thousand li away] {Stefan Grace}

對面位 [seat opposite the head monk] {Stefan Grace}

底裏 [the innermost part] {Stefan Grace}

底裡 [the innermost part] {Stefan Grace}

待悟禪 [seated meditation in pursuit of awakening] {Stefan Grace}

戴嵩牛 [Daisong's ox ] {Stefan Grace}

打底 [to begin] {Stefan Grace}

打椎 [to hit with a mallet] {Stefan Grace}

打湯桶 [hot water tub] {Stefan Grace}

打疊不下 [cannot deal with] {Stefan Grace}

打疊 [to deal with] {Stefan Grace}

打睡 [to sleep] {Stefan Grace}

打眠儀 [the manner of sleeping] {Stefan Grace}

打給 [to supply] {Stefan Grace}

打起 [to lift up] {Stefan Grace}

打鐘行者 [bell-striking novice] {Stefan Grace}

打頭 [the beginning] {Stefan Grace}

托子 [tea table] {Stefan Grace}

提坐具 [to lift up a sitting cloth] {Stefan Grace}

搭袈裟法 [the method for donning a monk's robe] {Stefan Grace}

摘揚花 [to pluck a willow blossom] {Stefan Grace}

棚經 [chanting in front of the spirit's canopy] {Stefan Grace}

歎佛講式 [ceremony for praising the Buddha] {Stefan Grace}

歎眞 [to praise] {Stefan Grace}

歎靈 [to praise the spirit of the departed] {Stefan Grace}

泰叟妙康 [Taisō Myōkō] {Stefan Grace}

湛堂文準 [Zhantang Wenzhun] {Stefan Grace}

溪深杓柄長 [the deeper the mountain river, the longer the ladle handle] {Stefan Grace}

無多子 [nothing out of the ordinary] {Stefan Grace}

由理宜牧 [Yuri Giboku] {Stefan Grace}

的意 [righteous intent] {Stefan Grace}

的旨 [the true meaning] {Stefan Grace}

的的分明 [clear] {Stefan Grace}

的處 [the important point] {Stefan Grace}

的親 [one's true parents] {Stefan Grace}

碓嘴生花 [a flower blooms on the edge of a stone mortar] {Stefan Grace}

端笏 [straight scepter] {Stefan Grace}

羝羊觸藩 [the ram catches on the fence] {Stefan Grace}

腆誼 [heartfelt gift] {Stefan Grace}

臺山婆子 [Taishan and the old woman] {Stefan Grace}

見大己無有窮盡 [seeing one's superior, there is no achieving the ultimate] {Stefan Grace}

覿露 [to meet directly] {Stefan Grace}

覿面相呈 [to hold out directly upon meeting] {Stefan Grace}

覿面當機 [to approach the person face-on] {Stefan Grace}

誕生王子 [legitimate son] {Stefan Grace}

貪程太速 [to try to attain enlightenment with a leap] {Stefan Grace}

踢却 [to kick something down] {Stefan Grace}

轉境轉心 [perplexed by outward things] {Stefan Grace}

轉疊 [to repeatedly sound the hall bell] {Stefan Grace}

轉處 [transformation place] {Stefan Grace}

達薩阿勞 [(Skt. tathāgata)] {Stefan Grace}

鐘司 [bell steward] {Stefan Grace}

鐵文道樹 [Tetsumon Dōju] {Stefan Grace}

鐵枷 [iron pillory] {Stefan Grace}

鐵橛子 [iron wedge] {Stefan Grace}

鐵漢 [iron guy] {Stefan Grace}

顚倒衆生 [deluded people] {Stefan Grace}

餧驢 [a hungry donkey] {Stefan Grace}

點茶來 [to make and bring tea] {Stefan Grace}

點茶牌 [tea-making noticeboard] {Stefan Grace}

點額 [to lose heart and retreat] {Stefan Grace}

善惡因果經 [Shan’e yinguo jing] {Stuart Young}

丁一卓二 [one is one and two is two] {Stefan Grace}

三妄執 [attachment to three delusions] {Ronald Green}

佗念通 [intuitive knowledge of others] {Charles Muller}

嫡傳 [legitimate transmission] {Stefan Grace}

嫡嗣 [legitimate descendant] {Stefan Grace}

嫡孫 [legitimate descendant] {Stefan Grace}

嫡意 [the true principle] {Stefan Grace}

展賀 [congratulatory address ] {Stefan Grace}

徹困 [pure-hearted kindness] {Stefan Grace}

徹地 [the ultimate] {Stefan Grace}

徹悃 [pure-hearted kindness] {Stefan Grace}

抵對 [to answer] {Stefan Grace}

抵擬 [to touch] {Stefan Grace}

探頭 [to probe] {Stefan Grace}

提點 [to examine each item] {Stefan Grace}

擔干計 [to lazily measure] {Stefan Grace}

擔板漢 [a guy who carries a board on his shoulder] {Stefan Grace}

擔枷過狀 [to confess while in a cangue] {Stefan Grace}

擔枷鎖漢 [a guy caught in his own trap] {Stefan Grace}

擡薦商量 [to raise and discuss] {Stefan Grace}

旦望上堂 [ascending to the hall on the first and fifteenth of the month] {Stefan Grace}

棹子 [a desk] {Stefan Grace}

滴水宜牧 [Tekisui Giboku] {Stefan Grace}

滴油箭 [fast-flying arrow] {Stefan Grace}

澤山淸規 [Zeshan qinggui] {Stefan Grace}

澤庵禪師法語 [Takuan zenji hōgo] {Stefan Grace}

珠走盤 [a bead rolls about on a board] {Stefan Grace}

竹有上下節 [bamboo has joints above and below] {Stefan Grace}

絕對待 [to abandon dualism] {Stefan Grace}

託子 [tea table] {Charles Muller}

趙州勘婆 [Zhaozhou questions an old woman] {Stefan Grace}

轉法輪蓋 [dais canopy] {Stefan Grace}

轉筋霍亂 [cramps and heat exhaustion] {Stefan Grace}

轉經會 [scripture-scanning service] {Stefan Grace}

轉龕 [to turn the coffin] {Stefan Grace}

金風 [golden wind] {Stefan Grace}

釘嘴鐵舌 [sharp tongue] {Stefan Grace}

隨順修行 [to practice accordingly] {Ronald Green}

韓幹馬 [Hangan's horse] {Stefan Grace}

體悉 [to know the substance] {Stefan Grace}

體明無盡句 [phrase elucidating the inexhaustible] {Stefan Grace}

體露金風 [the body exposed in the golden wind] {Stefan Grace}

New CJKV-E entries: 18 (CJKV-E Total: 68,268)

信筆 [(to) write freely] (Dieter Schwaller)

側聆 [(to) listen attentively] (Dieter Schwaller)

千斤 [very heavy] (Dieter Schwaller)

半邊 [one side] (Dieter Schwaller)

原是 [as a matter of course] (Dieter Schwaller)

字脚 [radical at the base of a character] (Dieter Schwaller)

年來 [recent years] (Dieter Schwaller)

懶放 [lazy] (Dieter Schwaller)

滄浪 [green-blue color of water] [Canglang] (Dieter Schwaller)

灑脫 [free and easy] (Dieter Schwaller)

獨貴 [only one is of high status] (Dieter Schwaller)

珠殿 [palace adorned with beads] (Dieter Schwaller)

畫堂 [hall decorated with carvings] (Dieter Schwaller)

破顏 [(to) break into a smile] (Dieter Schwaller)

臭氣 [stench] (Dieter Schwaller)

靈氣 [spiritual influence] (Ngo Trung Viet)

洒脫 [free and easy] (Charles Muller)

珠樓 [palace adorned with beads] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 195