DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries April 2023

Significantly Revised

[expression of intention] (Lisa Kochinski)

箭毛 [Sūciloma] (Dan Lusthaus)

New Entries: 19 (DDB Total: 76,920)

普度 [to release all beings from suffering] {Dieter Schwaller}

洞鑑 [discernment] {Dieter Schwaller}

偏重 [unfair] {Randolph Whitfield}

止過 [suppress evil conduct] {Randolph Whitfield}

漸證 [to realize gradually] {Randolph Whitfield}

[to tie] {Randolph Whitfield}

資薰 [perfuming] {Randolph Whitfield}

鄙夫 [simple peasant] {Randolph Whitfield}

包容 [broadminded] {Randolph Whitfield}

曉示 [to explain explicitly] {Randolph Whitfield}

糢糊 [unclear] {Charles Muller}

純厚 [pure] {Charles Muller}

素願 [cherished ambition] {Charles Muller}

紫檀 [red sandalwood] {Charles Muller}

細作 [secret agent] {Charles Muller}

結子 [to bear fruit or seeds] {Charles Muller}

絳帳 [crimson curtain] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 191 (CJKV-E Total: 67,396)

不方 [wrong] (Dieter Schwaller)

機中 [good timing] (Dieter Schwaller)

滿目 [(to) fill the eyes] (Dieter Schwaller)

穿通 [(to) penetrate] (Dieter Schwaller)

筆下 [writing] (Dieter Schwaller)

踏破 [traveling on foot] (Dieter Schwaller)

踏月 [(to) go for a walk in the moonlight] (Dieter Schwaller)

身邊 [at one's side] (Dieter Schwaller)

道破 [(to) reveal] (Dieter Schwaller)

明瑩 [bright and luminous] (Randolph Whitfield)

竊闚 [(to) furtively sneak a look at] (Randolph Whitfield)

謗嫉 [slander and jealousy] (Randolph Whitfield)

商節 [autumn season] (Yao Zhang)

安綏 [(to) pacify] (Yao Zhang)

定遠 [(to) pacify a distant place] (Yao Zhang)

斷食 [(to) fast] (Yao Zhang)

白糖 [refined sugar] (Yao Zhang)

精到 [meticulously exact] (Yao Zhang)

精悍 [capable] (Yao Zhang)

精敏 [clever] (Yao Zhang)

精白 [pure] (Yao Zhang)

精硏 [(to) make a deep study] (Yao Zhang)

精確 [accurate] (Yao Zhang)

精舍 [villa] (Yao Zhang)

精良 [excellent] (Yao Zhang)

糊口 [(to) make a living to feed the family] (Yao Zhang)

糊塗 [(to) cover up with varnish] (Yao Zhang)

糖尿病 [diabetes] (Yao Zhang)

糖漿 [syrup] (Yao Zhang)

糖精 [granulated sugar] (Yao Zhang)

糖霜 [rock sugar] (Yao Zhang)

糞除 [(to) clean up dirt from a place] (Yao Zhang)

糟糠 [coarse food] (Yao Zhang)

糠蝦 [opossum shrimp] (Yao Zhang)

糢糊 [unclear] (Yao Zhang)

糧米 [grain as food] (Yao Zhang)

糧草 [military provisions and cavalry horse fodder] (Yao Zhang)

糧餉 [money for food and other supplies in army] (Yao Zhang)

糧饟 [(to) send food and provisions] (Yao Zhang)

系列 [series] (Yao Zhang)

系孫 [grandson by lineage system] (Yao Zhang)

系族 [clan] (Yao Zhang)

糾擧 [(to) censure] (Yao Zhang)

約定 [(to) agree on something] (Yao Zhang)

約數 [divisor] (Yao Zhang)

約法 [(to) accord to the method] (Yao Zhang)

約略 [roughly] (Yao Zhang)

紅妝 [ladies' make-up and dress] (Yao Zhang)

紅教 [red Lamaism] (Yao Zhang)

紅樓 [red stately mansion or house of rich girls] (Yao Zhang)

紅毛 [red hair] (Yao Zhang)

紅淚 [tears of blood] (Yao Zhang)

紅潮 [sea flushed red by the sun] (Yao Zhang)

紅燈 [red light] (Yao Zhang)

紅燭 [red light] (Yao Zhang)

紅玉 [ruby] (Yao Zhang)

紅花 [safflower] (Yao Zhang)

紅葉 [autumn leaf] (Yao Zhang)

紅豆 [red bean] (Yao Zhang)

紅顏 [rosy cheeks] (Yao Zhang)

紆徐 [leisurely] (Yao Zhang)

紆曲 [roundabout] (Yao Zhang)

紆繘 [roundabout] (Yao Zhang)

紆鬱 [twisted] (Yao Zhang)

紈扇 [flat, round fan with framed gauze] (Yao Zhang)

紈素 [white, fine gauze] (Yao Zhang)

紋理 [threads in texture] (Yao Zhang)

紋章 [crest] (Yao Zhang)

純利 [net profit] (Yao Zhang)

純厚 [pure] (Yao Zhang)

純潔 [pure] (Yao Zhang)

純篤 [honest] (Yao Zhang)

純絜 [pure] (Yao Zhang)

純良 [good and gentle] (Yao Zhang)

紕漏 [careless mistake] (Yao Zhang)

紗帽 [cone-shaped hat] (Yao Zhang)

紗窗 [screen window] (Yao Zhang)

紗障 [screen window] (Yao Zhang)

紙捻 [paper string] (Yao Zhang)

素來 [usually] (Yao Zhang)

素商 [autumn] (Yao Zhang)

素心 [innocent] (Yao Zhang)

素手 [beautiful white hands] (Yao Zhang)

素故 [long-known friend] (Yao Zhang)

素族 [common folks without rank] (Yao Zhang)

素琴 [stringed instrument without strings] (Yao Zhang)

素秋 [autumn] (Yao Zhang)

素節 [autumn season] (Yao Zhang)

素紈 [white, fine gauze] (Yao Zhang)

素練 [white glossed silk] (Yao Zhang)

素願 [cherished ambition or wish] (Yao Zhang)

素養 [cultivated manners] (Yao Zhang)

素馨 [jasmine] (Yao Zhang)

紡織 [spinning and weaving] (Yao Zhang)

紡車 [spinning wheel] (Yao Zhang)

索寞 [dreary] (Yao Zhang)

索求 [(to) seek] (Yao Zhang)

索索 [frightened] (Yao Zhang)

索莫 [dreary] (Yao Zhang)

紫姑 [legendary goddess supposed to be the patroness of sericulture] (Yao Zhang)

紫檀 [red sandalwood] (Yao Zhang)

紫泥 [purple sealing wax] (Yao Zhang)

紫禁 [palace grounds] (Yao Zhang)

紫草 [red root gromwell] (Yao Zhang)

紫薇 [crape myrtle] (Yao Zhang)

紫蘇 [perilla nankinensis] (Yao Zhang)

紫闕 [royal palace] (Yao Zhang)

紫雲英 [chinese milk vetch] (Yao Zhang)

累時 [standing the test of time] (Yao Zhang)

累次 [repeatedly] (Yao Zhang)

累犯 [(to) commit repeated offenses] (Yao Zhang)

累計 [(to) accumulate] (Yao Zhang)

累進 [successive promotion] (Yao Zhang)

累遷 [successive promotion] (Yao Zhang)

細作 [military spy] (Yao Zhang)

細則 [detailed regulations] (Yao Zhang)

細弱 [young and helpless] (Yao Zhang)

細心 [with quiet attention] (Yao Zhang)

細細 [small and soft] (Yao Zhang)

細菌 [bacteria] (Yao Zhang)

細間 [military spy] (Yao Zhang)

細閒 [military spy] (Yao Zhang)

紳士 [gentleman] [girdled servicemen] (Yao Zhang)

紳衿 [retired officials living in the country] (Yao Zhang)

紹興 [Shaoxing] (Yao Zhang)

終天 [all oneʼs life] (Yao Zhang)

終審 [final court trial] (Yao Zhang)

終局 [final upshot] (Yao Zhang)

終極 [(to) finish] (Yao Zhang)

終生 [all oneʼs life] (Yao Zhang)

終盡 [end] (Yao Zhang)

終竟 [end] (Yao Zhang)

終結 [end] (Yao Zhang)

終養 [(to) enjoy the privilege of serving parents in their old age] (Yao Zhang)

終點 [terminal point] (Yao Zhang)

絃琴 [koto] (Yao Zhang)

組成 [(to) constitute] (Yao Zhang)

組閣 [(to) form a cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

結子 [(to) bear fruit or seeds] (Yao Zhang)

結約 [(to) sign a treaty or agreement] (Yao Zhang)

結緣 [(to) make a connection] (Yao Zhang)

絕乏 [completely short of goods] (Yao Zhang)

絕俗 [(to) rise above the general run of people] (Yao Zhang)

絕倒 [(to) laugh loudly] (Yao Zhang)

絕命 [end of life] (Yao Zhang)

絕地 [dangerous terrain] (Yao Zhang)

絕境 [place far away from the secular world] (Yao Zhang)

絕壁 [inaccessible precipice] (Yao Zhang)

絕對 [definitely] (Yao Zhang)

絕技 [incomparable skill] (Yao Zhang)

絕景 [stunning scenery] (Yao Zhang)

絕望 [hopeless] (Yao Zhang)

絕版 [out of print] (Yao Zhang)

絕等 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

絕色 [rare beauty] (Yao Zhang)

絕藝 [excellent skill] (Yao Zhang)

絕響 [lost art] (Yao Zhang)

絕食 [(to) stop eating] (Yao Zhang)

絡緯 [cricket] (Yao Zhang)

絢爛 [brilliant] (Yao Zhang)

給水 [water supply] (Yao Zhang)

給養 [(to) give material support to the poor] (Yao Zhang)

絮語 [gossip] (Yao Zhang)

絲桐 [lute] (Yao Zhang)

絲瓜 [loofah gourd] (Yao Zhang)

絲綸 [imperial decree] (Yao Zhang)

絲蘿 [cuscuta and Epipremnum aureum] (Yao Zhang)

絳帳 [crimson curtain] (Yao Zhang)

絳闕 [palace grounds] (Yao Zhang)

絹綢 [stiff silk] (Yao Zhang)

綏寧 [(to) pacify] [Suining] (Yao Zhang)

綏遠 [(to) pacify a distant place] [Suiyuan] (Yao Zhang)

綏靖 [(to) pacify] (Yao Zhang)

舊交 [long-known friend] (Yao Zhang)

閒者 [military spy] (Yao Zhang)

靖綏 [(to) pacify] (Yao Zhang)

餽餉 [money for food and provisions in the army] (Yao Zhang)

鬱悒 [twisted] (Yao Zhang)

鬱紆 [twisted] (Yao Zhang)

末孫 [grandson by lineage system] (Charles Muller)

淳德 [honest] (Charles Muller)

皇居 [imperial palace] (Charles Muller)

糧秣 [military provisions and cavalry horse fodder] (Charles Muller)

糧粟 [grain as food] (Charles Muller)

紅粧 [ladies' make-up and dress] (Charles Muller)

紫台 [royal palace] (Charles Muller)

絮說 [gossip] (Charles Muller)

絹紬 [stiff silk] (Charles Muller)

餽饟 [(to) send food and provisions] (Charles Muller)

鶻突 [in a mess] (Charles Muller)

不方 (Dieter Schwaller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 210