DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries February 2023

Significantly Revised

安陀林 [blind man's grove] (Charles Patton)

閼伽井 [well for holy water] (Ronald Green)

閼伽 [purified water] (Ronald Green)

義範 [Gihan] (Michael Kinadeter)

會通 [to understand] (Charles Muller)

New Entries: 23 (DDB Total: 76,893)

寛朝 [Kanchō] {Kevin Bond}

哀愍無量衆生界執金剛 [Vajra-holder with Immeasurable Compassion for all Sentient Beings of the World] {Ronald Green}

哀愍慧 [Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Compassion] {Ronald Green}

壒囊鈔 [Kainōshō] {Ronald Green}

悲愍慧菩薩 [Karuṇāmṛditamati] {Ronald Green}

愛善薩 [Vajrarāga] {Ronald Green}

赤井嶽 [mountain red well] {Ronald Green}

金剛愛菩薩 [Vajrarāga bodhisattva] {Ronald Green}

阿一 [Aichi] {Ronald Green}

冥報記 [Mingbaoji] {Charles Muller}

御房 [honorific address for a monk or temple] {Charles Muller}

[to realize] {Charles Muller}

版本 [woodblock edition] {Charles Muller}

[ceremonial gem given by the emperor to vassals] {Charles Muller}

[to close oneʼs eyes] {Charles Muller}

結緣灌頂 [abhiṣeka ceremony] {Charles Muller}

[to resemble] {Charles Muller}

金剛妻 [Vajrarāga] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 14 (CJKV-E Total: 67,104)

切莫 [please don't] (Dieter Schwaller)

巍昂 [lofty] (Dieter Schwaller)

畫蛇添足 [(to) draw legs on a snake] (Dieter Schwaller)

[point at] (Dieter Schwaller)

赦書 [letter of pardon] (Dieter Schwaller)

踞坐 [(to) squat] (Dieter Schwaller)

頂謝 [(to) bow in thanks] (Dieter Schwaller)

[dust] (Charles Muller)

巍卬 [lofty] (Charles Muller)

白眉 [fine example] (Charles Muller)

薀蓄 [(to) hoard] (Charles Muller)

蘊蓄 [(to) hoard] (Charles Muller)

遵守 [(to) comply with] (Charles Muller)

隙間 [crevice] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 37