DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries October 2022

Significantly Revised

敕願寺 [royal vow temple] (Lisa Kochinski)

New Entries: 14 (DDB Total: 76,778)

祈願寺 [prayers temples] {Lisa Kochinski}

陵雲 [to ride on the clouds] {Randolph Whitfield}

[true] {Randolph Whitfield}{Charles Muller}

供養十二大威德天報恩品 [Chapter on Offerings to the Twelve Devas of Great Power and Virtue to Repay Kindness] {Lisa Kochinski}

[great] {Charles Muller}

[to warn] {Charles Muller}

大圓佛通 [Daien Buttsū] {Dylan Toda}

奇偉 [special] {Randolph Whitfield}

[converse] {Charles Muller}

敕願 [to wish] {Charles Muller}

景徐周麟 [Keijo Shūrin] {Lisa Kochinski}

朝野 [court and people] {Randolph Whitfield}

發引 [to make a funeral procession with coffin leading] {Charles Muller}

盤古 [Pangu] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 197 (CJKV-E Total: 66,524)

刪減 [(to) reduce] (Charles Muller)

横行 [(to) behave arbitrarily] (Charles Muller)

溫疫 [epidemic] (Charles Muller)

疲弊 [exhausted] (Charles Muller)

病床 [hospital bed] (Charles Muller)

瘡痕 [wound scar] (Charles Muller)

瘢痍 [scars on skin] (Charles Muller)

瘢痕 [scars on skin] (Charles Muller)

白砂 [white sand] (Charles Muller)

盛意 [great kindness and generous hospitality] (Charles Muller)

盤曲 [winding] (Charles Muller)

盤牙 [crossing and recrossing] (Charles Muller)

盤餐 [plate type of dinner] (Charles Muller)

眇小 [small] (Charles Muller)

綿篤 [serious illness] (Dieter Schwaller)

冰魄 [moon] (Dieter Schwaller)

婚宦 [marriage and official duties] (Dieter Schwaller)

忉怛 [sadness] (Dieter Schwaller)

流慟 [(to) wail in grief] (Dieter Schwaller)

麻痹 [paralysis] (Randolph Whitfield)

崩亂 [unrest] (Randolph Whitfield)

得心 [(to) consent to] (Randolph Whitfield)

愧歎 [sighs of self-reproach] (Randolph Whitfield)

槃牙 [crossing and recrossing] (Randolph Whitfield)

罷弊 [exhausted] (Yao Zhang)

削減 [(to) reduce] (Yao Zhang)

勘破 [(to) see through] (Yao Zhang)

玉魄 [moon] (Yao Zhang)

瑕釁 [flaws] (Yao Zhang)

疎野 [rude] (Yao Zhang)

疎狂 [uninhibited] (Yao Zhang)

疏鑿 [(to) cut through] (Yao Zhang)

疏朗 [bright and graceful] (Yao Zhang)

疏理 [rough] (Yao Zhang)

疏頑 [insouciant] (Yao Zhang)

疏野 [crude] (Yao Zhang)

疏狂 [uninhibited] (Yao Zhang)

疏率 [careless] (Yao Zhang)

疝氣 [hernia] (Yao Zhang)

疲癃 [(to) infirm with age] (Yao Zhang)

疲敝 [exhausted] (Yao Zhang)

疲鈍 [tired and slow in movement] (Yao Zhang)

疳積 [childrenʼs disease] (Yao Zhang)

疵瑕 [flaw in jade] (Yao Zhang)

疼愛 [(to) love dearly] (Yao Zhang)

病理 [pathology] (Yao Zhang)

病容 [sickly appearance] (Yao Zhang)

病牀 [hospital bed] (Yao Zhang)

病家 [patient and his family] (Yao Zhang)

病院 [hospital] (Yao Zhang)

痘苗 [vaccine virus] (Yao Zhang)

痘痕 [pock mark] (Yao Zhang)

痘瘢 [pock mark] (Yao Zhang)

痛苦 [pain and sufferings] (Yao Zhang)

痛快 [overjoyed] (Yao Zhang)

痛愛 [(to) love dearly] (Yao Zhang)

痲痺 [paralysis] (Yao Zhang)

痲疹 [measles] (Yao Zhang)

瘀傷 [contusion] (Yao Zhang)

瘟疫 [epidemic] (Yao Zhang)

瘡瘍 [sores] (Yao Zhang)

瘡瘢 [wound scar] (Yao Zhang)

瘢創 [scars on skin] (Yao Zhang)

瘦削 [thin and slender] (Yao Zhang)

瘧疾 [malaria] (Yao Zhang)

療養 [(to) recuperate] (Yao Zhang)

癖性 [tendency] (Yao Zhang)

癡鈍 [dull] (Yao Zhang)

癲狂 [crazy] (Yao Zhang)

癸水 [menstruation] (Yao Zhang)

登臨 [(to) climb to a high spot and look down] (Yao Zhang)

登聞鼓 [drum at court] (Yao Zhang)

登徒子 [playboy] (Yao Zhang)

登載 [carried in the papers] (Yao Zhang)

登記 [(to) enroll] (Yao Zhang)

發難 [(to) rise in revolt] (Yao Zhang)

發送 [(to) transmit] (Yao Zhang)

發條 [spring in clockwork] (Yao Zhang)

發凡 [introduction of a book] (Yao Zhang)

發布 [(to) publish] (Yao Zhang)

發笑 [(to) laugh out] (Yao Zhang)

發祥 [(to) prosper] (Yao Zhang)

發射 [(to) shoot] (Yao Zhang)

發散 [(to) diffuse] (Yao Zhang)

發客 [(to) sell to customers] (Yao Zhang)

發刊 [(to) publish] (Yao Zhang)

發火 [(to) ignite] (Yao Zhang)

發洩 [(to) give vent to] (Yao Zhang)

發引 [(to) make a funeral procession with coffin leading] (Yao Zhang)

白鐵 [tin] (Yao Zhang)

白銅 [white copper] (Yao Zhang)

白銀 [silver] (Yao Zhang)

白雁 [white goose] (Yao Zhang)

白朮 [rhizome of large-headed atractylodes] (Yao Zhang)

白堊 [white wall] (Yao Zhang)

白楊 [white poplar] (Yao Zhang)

白文 [text without commentary] (Yao Zhang)

白煤 [anthracite] (Yao Zhang)

白熱 [white heat] (Yao Zhang)

白打 [shuttlecocks] (Yao Zhang)

白酒 [liquor and spirits] (Yao Zhang)

白沙 [white sand] (Yao Zhang)

白屈菜 [chelidonium majus] (Yao Zhang)

白宮 [white House] (Yao Zhang)

白鉛 [zinc] (Yao Zhang)

白頭翁 [white-haired old man] (Yao Zhang)

皁白 [black and white] (Yao Zhang)

皁莢 [pods of soap bean tree] (Yao Zhang)

皇上 [your Majesty] (Yao Zhang)

皓魄 [moon] (Yao Zhang)

皤皤 [white] (Yao Zhang)

皤然 [white] (Yao Zhang)

皤如 [white] (Yao Zhang)

皮蛋 [preserved egg] (Yao Zhang)

皮相 [external] (Yao Zhang)

皮下注射 [subcutaneous injection] (Yao Zhang)

盆栽 [pot plant] (Yao Zhang)

盆景 [miniature landscape or flower arrangement in a basin or bowl] (Yao Zhang)

盒子 [box] (Yao Zhang)

盛氣 [explosive manner] (Yao Zhang)

盛擧 [great undertaking] (Yao Zhang)

盛年 [prime of oneʼs life] (Yao Zhang)

盛情 [your great hospitality] (Yao Zhang)

盛旨 [great kindness and generous hospitality] (Yao Zhang)

盜竊 [(to) steal] (Yao Zhang)

盟首 [leader of an alliance] (Yao Zhang)

盟主 [person who administers oath of alliance] (Yao Zhang)

監修 [(to) supervise construction] (Yao Zhang)

盤踞 [(to) occupy] (Yao Zhang)

盤繞 [(to) coil around] (Yao Zhang)

盤陀 [rugged] (Yao Zhang)

盤飧 [plate type of dinner] (Yao Zhang)

盤古 [ancient times] (Yao Zhang)

盤折 [winding] (Yao Zhang)

盤屈 [winding] (Yao Zhang)

盤互 [crossing and recrossing] (Yao Zhang)

盤桓 [(to) linger around] (Yao Zhang)

盪滌 [(to) rinse] (Yao Zhang)

目錄 [catalogue] (Yao Zhang)

目送 [(to) follow with oneʼs eyes] (Yao Zhang)

目笑 [(to) give a smiling glance] (Yao Zhang)

目次 [contents] (Yao Zhang)

目今 [now] (Yao Zhang)

目語 [(to) speak with the eyes] (Yao Zhang)

盲目 [blindly] (Yao Zhang)

盲腸 [appendix] (Yao Zhang)

直諒 [right and honorable] (Yao Zhang)

直隸 [ming and Qing dynasty province] (Yao Zhang)

相羊 [(to) wander] (Yao Zhang)

相比 [(to) compare with each other] (Yao Zhang)

相術 [physiognomy] (Yao Zhang)

相法 [physiognomy] (Yao Zhang)

相左 [(to) diverge] (Yao Zhang)

相思 [(to) have mutual affection or love] (Yao Zhang)

盼倩 [attractive in looks and smiles] (Yao Zhang)

省城 [provincial capital] (Yao Zhang)

省會 [provincial capital] (Yao Zhang)

省治 [provincial capital] (Yao Zhang)

省減 [(to) reduce] (Yao Zhang)

眄睨 [(to) look askance] (Yao Zhang)

眄眄 [glancing] (Yao Zhang)

眄睞 [(to) cast a loving glance] (Yao Zhang)

眇眇 [tiny] (Yao Zhang)

眇末 [small] (Yao Zhang)

眉黛 [black for painting eyebrows] (Yao Zhang)

眉語 [language of the eyes and brows] (Yao Zhang)

眉宇 [forehead] (Yao Zhang)

眊眊 [dim in vision] (Yao Zhang)

看病 [(to) see a patient] (Yao Zhang)

看官 [dear reader] (Yao Zhang)

眞率 [forthright] (Yao Zhang)

眞跡 [real handwriting of famous people] (Yao Zhang)

眞書 [formal script of characters] (Yao Zhang)

眞珠 [pearl] (Yao Zhang)

眞箇 [really] (Yao Zhang)

眩人 [magician] (Yao Zhang)

眷戀 [(to) love dearly] (Yao Zhang)

眷注 [(to) think of with tenderness] (Yao Zhang)

眷顧 [(to) regard with tenderness] (Yao Zhang)

眺望 [(to) survey or see at a distance] (Yao Zhang)

眼窩 [eye socket] (Yao Zhang)

眼福 [chance to enjoy seeing something delightful] (Yao Zhang)

眼波 [fluid glance] (Yao Zhang)

眼中釘 [eyesore] (Yao Zhang)

眼線 [police informer leading to culprit's hide-out] (Yao Zhang)

眼科 [ophthalmology] (Yao Zhang)

眼珠 [eyeball] (Yao Zhang)

睡鄕 [dreamland] (Yao Zhang)

睡魔 [demon of sleep] (Yao Zhang)

督促 [(to) supervise and urge] (Yao Zhang)

督迫 [(to) supervise and urge] (Yao Zhang)

磐互 [crossing and recrossing] (Yao Zhang)

罷敝 [exhausted] (Yao Zhang)

羸弊 [exhausted and suffering] (Yao Zhang)

酷愛 [(to) love dearly] (Yao Zhang)

雜踏 [confused]

一下子 [all at once]

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 211