DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries May 2022

New Entries: 8 (DDB Total: 76,374)

微旨 [subtle meaning] {Charles Jones}

[earthenware] {Charles Muller}

[traces] {Charles Muller}

燭臺 [candlestick] {Charles Muller}

爺孃 [parents] {Charles Muller}

牙牙 [inarticulate sound of infant] {Charles Muller}

[kind of clover] {Charles Muller}

通理 [to know the underlying principles of things] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 70 (CJKV-E Total: 66,140)

優恤 [(to) comfort] (Yao Zhang)

燎竹 [firecracker] (Yao Zhang)

燕樂 [(to) wine and dine] (Yao Zhang)

燕窩 [swallowʼs nest] (Yao Zhang)

燕翼 [(to) plan and provide for children and grandchildren] (Yao Zhang)

燕雀 [mountain finch] (Yao Zhang)

燕麥 [wild oats] (Yao Zhang)

營利 [(to) make money] (Yao Zhang)

營妓 [whores supplied by the army] (Yao Zhang)

營房 [barracks] (Yao Zhang)

營田 [legal system to have garrison troops or peasants open up wasteland and grow food grain] (Yao Zhang)

營私 [(to) make private profits] (Yao Zhang)

營繕 [(to) construct] (Yao Zhang)

營養 [nutrition] (Yao Zhang)

燠休 [(to) comfort] (Yao Zhang)

燥灼 [dreadfully anxious] (Yao Zhang)

燦爛 [bright] (Yao Zhang)

燭光 [candlelight] (Yao Zhang)

燭架 [candlestick] (Yao Zhang)

燭淚 [guttering of candle] (Yao Zhang)

燭照 [(to) illumine and discern] (Yao Zhang)

燭穗 [candle spike] (Yao Zhang)

燭臺 [candlestick] (Yao Zhang)

燮和 [(to) live in harmony] (Yao Zhang)

燮理 [well-governed] (Yao Zhang)

爆竹 [firecracker] (Yao Zhang)

爆裂 [(to) rupture] (Yao Zhang)

爛焉 [bright] (Yao Zhang)

爛然 [bright] (Yao Zhang)

爛熟 [(to) know thoroughly] (Yao Zhang)

爛爛 [shiningly bright] (Yao Zhang)

爛醉 [dead drunk] (Yao Zhang)

爬梳 [(to) comb out and arrange] (Yao Zhang)

爬沙 [(to) crawl on the sand] (Yao Zhang)

爭席 [(to) indulge in argument on seating order at table] (Yao Zhang)

爭鋒 [(to) strive] (Yao Zhang)

爺娘 [parents] (Yao Zhang)

爺孃 [parents] (Yao Zhang)

爺爺 [grandpa] (Yao Zhang)

爽氣 [fresh and cold air] (Yao Zhang)

爽然 [at a loss] (Yao Zhang)

爽約 [(to) fail in promise or appointment] (Yao Zhang)

爾曹 [you] (Yao Zhang)

爾爾 [so-so] (Yao Zhang)

爾輩 [you] (Yao Zhang)

片刻 [brief moment] (Yao Zhang)

版位 [place of spirit tablet] (Yao Zhang)

版圖 [map or area of jurisdiction] (Yao Zhang)

版權 [copyright] (Yao Zhang)

版籍 [land and people] (Yao Zhang)

牌子 [label] (Yao Zhang)

牌榜 [notice board] (Yao Zhang)

牌樓 [ornamental arch] (Yao Zhang)

牙刷 [toothbrush] (Yao Zhang)

牙城 [military commander's headquarters] (Yao Zhang)

牙婆 [procuress] (Yao Zhang)

牙牌 [ivory blocks or chips used in games] (Yao Zhang)

牙牙 [(to) bare one's teeth] (Yao Zhang)

牙科 [dentistry] (Yao Zhang)

牙籤 [ivory pin] (Yao Zhang)

牙粉 [tooth powder] (Yao Zhang)

牙行 [broker house] (Yao Zhang)

牙醫 [dentist] (Yao Zhang)

牙門 [general's camp where the general's flag stood] (Yao Zhang)

牛溲 [cowʼs urine] (Yao Zhang)

牛疫 [cattle plague] (Yao Zhang)

調燮 [(to) live in harmony] (Yao Zhang)

淚珠 [teardrop] (Charles Muller)

牌牓 [notice board] (Charles Muller)

資財 [money] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 78