DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries October 2021

Significantly Revised

[poetic verse] (Jan Nattier)

New Entries: 32 (DDB Total: 76,110)

膚見 [shallow view] {Charles Jones}

眼星 [pupil of the eye] {Dan Lusthaus}

眼童子 [pupil of the eye] {Dan Lusthaus}

卓犖 [unsurpassed] {Randolph Whitfield}

天晴 [fine day] {Randolph Whitfield}

搜求 [seek] {Randolph Whitfield}

楔出楔 [to wedge out the wedge] {Randolph Whitfield}

潤洽 [to moisten] {Randolph Whitfield}

濟益 [more and more] {Randolph Whitfield}

砧杵 [stone on which clothes are beaten (fulled)] {Randolph Whitfield}

七高僧 [seven eminent monks] {Charles Muller}

三焦 [three points] {Charles Muller}

[honk of the crane] {Charles Muller}

[to dig] {Charles Muller}

[high ambition] {Charles Muller}

御消息 [letter] {Charles Muller}

悲引 [greatly compassionate guidance] {Charles Muller}

成就相 [perfectly accomplished aspect] {Charles Muller}

書狀 [written statements] {Charles Muller}

殊絕 [eminent] {Charles Muller}

[to go to every nook and cranny] {Charles Muller}

流落 [to drift about] {Charles Muller}

淺見 [shallow view] {Charles Muller}

端坐思惟 [sit properly with mindfulness (in meditation)] {Charles Muller}

[next] {Charles Muller}

[raise] {Charles Muller}

識想受行 [consciousness, conception, sensation, and formation] {Charles Muller}

附屬 [to bestow] {Charles Muller}

順住 [to be stabilized accordingly] {Charles Muller}

[a kind of phoenix] {Charles Muller}

黑瞳子 [pupil of the eye] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 68 (CJKV-E Total: 65,358)

丹頂鶴 [red-crested crane] (Randolph Whitfield)

嚴凝 [bitterly cold] (Randolph Whitfield)

孤窮 [lonely and destitute] (Randolph Whitfield)

展拓 [(to) open up] (Randolph Whitfield)

收攝 [(to) gather] (Randolph Whitfield)

方整 [orderly] (Randolph Whitfield)

賢豪 [wise and heroic] (Randolph Whitfield)

針關 [eye of a needle] (Randolph Whitfield)

長舒 [long-lasting] (Randolph Whitfield)

風姿 [manner] (Randolph Whitfield)

亞匹 [thing of the same kind] (Yao Zhang)

亞流 [thing of the same kind] (Yao Zhang)

半產 [(to) have a miscarriage] (Yao Zhang)

曠職 [(to) commit dereliction of duty] (Yao Zhang)

津逮 [(to) transfer] (Yao Zhang)

洪鈞 [nature or heaven as the source of life] (Yao Zhang)

洶動 [restless] (Yao Zhang)

活劇 [real-life drama] (Yao Zhang)

活力 [vitality] (Yao Zhang)

活塞 [piston] (Yao Zhang)

活水 [fresh current] (Yao Zhang)

活脫 [remarkably alike] (Yao Zhang)

派別 [branching off of a stream] (Yao Zhang)

流丸 [stray bullet] (Yao Zhang)

流亞 [same kind, quality, or ability] (Yao Zhang)

流人 [refugee] (Yao Zhang)

流儀 [branch] (Yao Zhang)

流利 [flowing brushstrokes] (Yao Zhang)

流別 [branch of thought] (Yao Zhang)

流品 [type, class of person] (Yao Zhang)

流寇 [roving bandits] (Yao Zhang)

流寓 [(to) stay abroad] (Yao Zhang)

流年 [passing years] (Yao Zhang)

流彈 [stray bullet] (Yao Zhang)

流放 [(to) send into exile] (Yao Zhang)

流毒 [(to) have evil effect] (Yao Zhang)

流民 [refugee] (Yao Zhang)

流派 [tributary] (Yao Zhang)

流產 [(to) have a miscarriage] (Yao Zhang)

流盼 [loving glance] (Yao Zhang)

流眄 [(to) ogle] (Yao Zhang)

流矢 [stray arrow] (Yao Zhang)

流竄 [(to) send into exile] (Yao Zhang)

流箭 [stray arrow] (Yao Zhang)

流芳 [(to) leave a good name or reputation] (Yao Zhang)

流落 [(to) drift about] (Yao Zhang)

流蘇 [five colored tassels] (Yao Zhang)

流螢 [wandering firefly] (Yao Zhang)

流覽 [(to) glance over] (Yao Zhang)

流賊 [roving bandits] (Yao Zhang)

流輩 [class of persons] (Yao Zhang)

流轉 [(to) float about] (Yao Zhang)

流配 [(to) send into distant exile] (Yao Zhang)

流露 [(to) show unintentionally] (Yao Zhang)

流鶯 [singing parakeet] (Yao Zhang)

浩博 [abundant] (Yao Zhang)

浪人 [vagrant] (Yao Zhang)

浪士 [vagrant] (Yao Zhang)

浪子 [loafer] (Yao Zhang)

浪職 [(to) commit dereliction of duty] (Yao Zhang)

栖息 [(to) inhabit] (Charles Muller)

流便 [flowing brushstrokes] (Charles Muller)

無意識 [unconscious] (Charles Muller)

管束 [(to) control] (Charles Muller)

維持可能 [sustainable] (Charles Muller)

軌道 [(to) follow the standard course] (Charles Muller)

過剰 [excessive] (Charles Muller)

高騰 [(to) rise up high] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 100