DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries September 2021

Significantly Revised

般若 [prajñā] (Jan Nattier, Dan Lusthaus, and Michael Radich) (see esp. fn. #1, regarding Pinyin pronunciation)

玄奘 [Xuanzang] (reference list added)

New Entries: 19 (DDB Total: 76,079)

壁落 [wall] {Randolph Whitfield}

天門 [heavenʼs gate] {Randolph Whitfield}

屛風 [a folding screen] {Randolph Whitfield}

手撥 [the hand stirs up] {Randolph Whitfield}

敲磕 [to strike] {Randolph Whitfield}

白蛇 [albino snake] {Randolph Whitfield}

碧落 [clear blue sky] {Randolph Whitfield}

速超 [to speedily transcend] {Randolph Whitfield}

鋒機 [pointed effect] {Randolph Whitfield}

八十四法 [eighty-four dharmas] {Charles Muller}

卍字藏經 [Manji Canon] {Charles Muller}

[to like] {Charles Muller}

法網 [net of dharmas] {Charles Muller}

泥潦 [swamp] {Charles Muller}

洞簫 [bamboo flageolet] {Charles Muller}

[to be shortened] {Charles Muller}

[to correct] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 106 (CJKV-E Total: 65,290)

僧衣 [monk's garb] (Yao Zhang)

汎溢 [overflow] (Yao Zhang)

泉壤 [burial ground] (Yao Zhang)

泉布 [money] (Yao Zhang)

泉幣 [coins] (Yao Zhang)

泉石 [springs and rocks] (Yao Zhang)

泉脈 [underground river] (Yao Zhang)

法人 [legal person] (Yao Zhang)

法典 [code of law] (Yao Zhang)

法吏 [officer of the court] (Yao Zhang)

法官 [office of the court] (Yao Zhang)

法帖 [model of calligraphy for practice] (Yao Zhang)

法庭 [law court] (Yao Zhang)

法書 [your esteemed calligraphy] (Yao Zhang)

法案 [legal case] (Yao Zhang)

法理 [legal theory] (Yao Zhang)

法網 [net of justice] (Yao Zhang)

法螺 [(to) boast] (Yao Zhang)

法術 [law-based governance] (Yao Zhang)

法衣 [monk's robe] (Yao Zhang)

泛溢 [overflow] (Yao Zhang)

泡幻 [bubbles and illusion] (Yao Zhang)

泡影 [bubble and shadow] (Yao Zhang)

泡沫 [bubbles] (Yao Zhang)

波動 [(to) undulate] (Yao Zhang)

波搖 [(to) undulate] (Yao Zhang)

波文 [ripples] (Yao Zhang)

波磔 [slanting strokes in calligraphy] (Yao Zhang)

波紋 [ripples] (Yao Zhang)

波臣 [fish] (Yao Zhang)

波蕩 [(to) Heave] (Yao Zhang)

泥像 [earthen image] (Yao Zhang)

泥封 [(to) seal with mud] (Yao Zhang)

泥沙 [mud and sand] (Yao Zhang)

泥淖 [mud] (Yao Zhang)

泥溝 [gutter] (Yao Zhang)

泥潦 [marsh] (Yao Zhang)

泥濘 [thick mud] (Yao Zhang)

泥炭 [peat] (Yao Zhang)

泥金 [golden paint] (Yao Zhang)

泥首 [(to) kowtow] (Yao Zhang)

泥黎 [marsh] (Yao Zhang)

注射 [(to) inject] (Yao Zhang)

注疏 [exegesis] (Yao Zhang)

注視 [(to) watch attentively] (Yao Zhang)

注解 [exegesis] (Yao Zhang)

泮汗 [expansive] (Yao Zhang)

泯泯 [(to) disappear] (Yao Zhang)

泰西 [west] (Yao Zhang)

洋傘 [umbrella] (Yao Zhang)

洋布 [calico] (Yao Zhang)

洋藥 [opium] (Yao Zhang)

洋裝 [western dress] (Yao Zhang)

洋面 [sea surface] (Yao Zhang)

洗三 [baby' s bath ceremony] (Yao Zhang)

洗兒 [baby's bath ceremony] (Yao Zhang)

洗兵 [(to) stop fighting] (Yao Zhang)

洗刮 [(to) wash and polish] (Yao Zhang)

洗拭 [(to) wipe and wash] (Yao Zhang)

洗浴 [(to) take a bath] (Yao Zhang)

洗甲 [(to) clean weapons] (Yao Zhang)

洗盪 [(to) wash clean] (Yao Zhang)

洗眼 [(to) wash the eyes] (Yao Zhang)

洗禮 [(to) give or receive baptism] (Yao Zhang)

洗耳 [(to) wash the ears] (Yao Zhang)

洗腦 [(to) brainwash] (Yao Zhang)

洞房 [secret inner room] (Yao Zhang)

洞窟 [cave] (Yao Zhang)

洞簫 [bamboo flageolet] (Yao Zhang)

津岸 [ferry crossing] (Yao Zhang)

津渡 [ferry crossing] (Yao Zhang)

津驛 [ferry crossing] (Yao Zhang)

受講 [(to) attend a lecture] (Charles Muller)

合圖 [(to) give a sign] (Charles Muller)

土手 [embankment] (Charles Muller)

[barren soil] (Charles Muller)

[raised path between fields] (Charles Muller)

墝埆 [barren soil] (Charles Muller)

墝塉 [barren soil] (Charles Muller)

墝瘠 [barren soil] (Charles Muller)

墝角 [barren soil] (Charles Muller)

[white clay] (Charles Muller)

[embankment] (Charles Muller)

太西 [west] (Charles Muller)

[beautiful woman] (Charles Muller)

[dignified] (Charles Muller)

娥皇 [A Huang] (Charles Muller)

[pretty] (Charles Muller)

[lady-in-waiting] (Charles Muller)

[plump women's body] (Charles Muller)

婢妾 [maidservant and a concubine] (Charles Muller)

[(to) send] (Charles Muller)

從嫁 [maidservant who follows her young mistress to bridegroomʼs home] (Charles Muller)

本科 [main course] (Charles Muller)

法廷 [law court] (Charles Muller)

用例 [example] (Charles Muller)

發表 [(to) publish] (Charles Muller)

[white clay] (Charles Muller)

致送 [(to) send] (Charles Muller)

舒遲 [leisurely] (Charles Muller)

詞典 [dictionary] (Charles Muller)

辭典 [dictionary] (Charles Muller)

邦譯 [translation into Japanese] (Charles Muller)

金泥 [gold paint] (Charles Muller)

長官 [senior Official] (Charles Muller)

陪嫁 [dowry] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 125