DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries August 2021

Significantly Revised

三陀羅尼 [three dhāraṇī] (Paul Swanson)

[excretion of solid waste] (Billy Brewster)

單中 [simple middle] (Billy Brewster)

New Entries: 116 (DDB Total: 76,062)

能立法 [property of the reason (in a syllogism)] {Billy Brewster}

九州四海 [nine states and four seas] {Randolph Whitfield}

升騰 [to rise] {Randolph Whitfield}

堅貞 [constant] {Randolph Whitfield}

潛身金谷 [hiding oneself in the Golden Valley] {Randolph Whitfield}

猛烈 [fierce] {Randolph Whitfield}

禪流 [Chan bunch] {Randolph Whitfield}

肘臂 [arm] {Randolph Whitfield}

英豪 [heroic] {Randolph Whitfield}

邪魅 [demons] {Randolph Whitfield}

龍角 [horn flute] {Randolph Whitfield}

殖寶樹 [pārijāta tree] {William Giddings}

靈鳥山 [Vulture Peak] {William Giddings}

三世十方諸佛 [the buddhas of the three temporal divisions and the ten directions] {Charles Muller}

不二正觀 [the correct view of nonduality] {Charles Muller}

不可測量 [immeasurable] {Charles Muller}

中假師 [masters of the middle and the provisional] {Charles Muller}

二中 [two kinds of middle] {Charles Muller}

依名釋義 [literal explication] {Charles Muller}

偸竊 [to steal] {Charles Muller}

凡夫行 [practice of ordinary people] {Charles Muller}

刀傷 [sword wound] {Charles Muller}

刀瘡 [sword wound] {Charles Muller}

同用 [conjoined] {Charles Muller}

善見毘婆沙 [The All-pleasing: A Commentary on the Rules of Discipline] {Charles Muller}

單假 [simple provisional] {Charles Muller}

四中 [four kinds of middle (way)] {Charles Muller}

四依菩薩 [four kinds of bodhisattvas] {Charles Muller}

四假 [four provisional methods for teaching sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

堅相 [characteristic of hardness] {Charles Muller}

外皮 [skin] {Charles Muller}

大分深義 [profound object of the great Way] {Charles Muller}

如先說 [as explained previously] {Charles Muller}

密假 [simple provisional] {Charles Muller}

對偏中 [middle (way) that counters extremes] {Charles Muller}

就互相釋義 [explication based on mutual defining] {Charles Muller}

就理教釋義 [explication in terms of principle and teaching] {Charles Muller}

差別不可得 [distinctions cannot be gleaned] {Charles Muller}

差失 [error] {Charles Muller}

得破 [broken] {Charles Muller}

成假中 [middle (way) that forms the provisional] {Charles Muller}

所出生 [to be born from] {Charles Muller}

斷無見 [view of annihilationism] {Charles Muller}

智聚 [resources of knowledge] {Charles Muller}

木版 [wood block printing] {Charles Muller}

橫豎 [horizontal and vertical] {Charles Muller}

正倉院 [Shōsōin] {Charles Muller}

[to dress a corpse for burial] {Charles Muller}

水獺 [otter] {Charles Muller}

深妙法 [profound Dharma] {Charles Muller}

無分齊 [without distinction] {Charles Muller}

無所破 [nothing to refute] {Charles Muller}

物不遷論 [discussion of the changelessness of things] {Charles Muller}

物情 [people of the world] {Charles Muller}

王庭 [royal court] {Charles Muller}

[necklace jewels] {Charles Muller}

申破 [expressing and refuting] {Charles Muller}

畏憚 [to fear] {Charles Muller}

異物 [different thing] {Charles Muller}

疏密 [coarse and fine] {Charles Muller}

盡偏中 [middle (way) that exhausts extremes] {Charles Muller}

盡邊 [to reach the end] {Charles Muller}

眼境 [visual object] {Charles Muller}

破申 [refutation and clarifying] {Charles Muller}

窟宅 [dwelling] {Charles Muller}

精要 [essential points] {Charles Muller}

自利他利 [self-benefit and benefit for others] {Charles Muller}

自德 [oneʼs own merit] {Charles Muller}

自明 [self-evident] {Charles Muller}

舊釋 [earlier interpretation] {Charles Muller}

[(dental) cavity] {Charles Muller}

行說 [practice and discourse] {Charles Muller}

裁割 [to cut to fit shape] {Charles Muller}

言理 [words and principles] {Charles Muller}

語言道斷 [the path of language is cut off] {Charles Muller}

諸行相應 [concomitance of formations] {Charles Muller}

賢聖行 [activities of sages] {Charles Muller}

通申 [general explanation] {Charles Muller}

通申論 [treatises of general explanation] {Charles Muller}

逼眞 [to be close to the original] {Charles Muller}

達照 [to see through clearly] {Charles Muller}

限局 [to limit] {Charles Muller}

隨名釋 [literal explication] {Charles Muller}

離偏 [to be far removed from the extremes] {Charles Muller}

[peaceful] {Charles Muller}

餘命 [remainder of one's life] {Charles Muller}

[official government building] {Charles Muller}

高楠順次郞 [Takakusu Junjirō] {Charles Muller}

麤大 [coarse] {Charles Muller}

[(green) frog] {Charles Muller}

因緣假 [provisional teaching method of causality] {Charles Muller}

對緣假 [provisional teaching method of countering wrong views] {Charles Muller}

就緣假 [provisional teaching method of taking the standpoint of worldlings] {Charles Muller}

隨緣假 [provisional teaching method of according with faculties] {Charles Muller}

三論四釋 [four types of explication in the Sanlun school] {Charles Muller}

胡瓜 [colocynth] {Charles Muller}

濕相 [wetness] {Charles Muller}

絕待中 [absolute middle (way)] {Charles Muller}

因緣釋義 [explication based on mutual defining] {Charles Muller}

互相釋義 [explication based on mutual defining] {Charles Muller}

無得正觀 [the correct observation of inapprehensibility] {Charles Muller}

蟲食木 [an insect eating wood] {Charles Muller}

樂說無礙 [unhindered eloquence] {Charles Muller}

約位 [in terms of rank] {Charles Muller}

脅比丘 [the monk Pārśva] {Charles Muller}

交言 [to converse] {Charles Muller}

眞諦中道 [middle way of the ultimate truth] {Charles Muller}

自他二利 [two benefits of self and others] {Charles Muller}

他德 [merits of another] {Charles Muller}

論鼓 [drum of debate] {Charles Muller}

悉斷一切見 [to completely eliminate all views] {Charles Muller}

曇影 [Tanying] {Charles Muller}

諸佛菩提 [enlightenment of the buddhas] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 303 (CJKV-E Total: 65,182)

匾額 [horizontal tablet over a door] (Yao Zhang)

栖宿 [(to) inhabit] (Yao Zhang)

桑門 [Buddhist priest] (Yao Zhang)

梅天 [sky in early rainy season] (Yao Zhang)

梅毒 [syphilis] (Yao Zhang)

梅雨 [rainy season] (Yao Zhang)

梅霖 [rainy season] (Yao Zhang)

梆子 [bamboo tube] (Yao Zhang)

梓人 [carpenter] (Yao Zhang)

梗概 [general summary] (Yao Zhang)

梗正 [honest] (Yao Zhang)

梗直 [honest] (Yao Zhang)

條文 [text of legal paper] (Yao Zhang)

條款 [articles of agreement] (Yao Zhang)

條規 [regulations] (Yao Zhang)

梟將 [valiant general] (Yao Zhang)

梟盧 [gambling with dice] (Yao Zhang)

梟雄 [swashbuckler] (Yao Zhang)

梟騎 [dauntless cavalry] (Yao Zhang)

梢公 [boatman] (Yao Zhang)

梢子 [boat man] (Yao Zhang)

梢梢 [rustling sound of wind] (Yao Zhang)

梯形 [trapezoid] (Yao Zhang)

梯航 [(to) lead] (Yao Zhang)

械繫 [(to) bind with fetters] (Yao Zhang)

梳沐 [(to) wash and comb hair] (Yao Zhang)

梳洗 [(to) wash one's face and comb one's hair] (Yao Zhang)

梳頭 [(to) dress one's hair in a top coil] (Yao Zhang)

梵唄 [(to) chant Buddhist verse] (Yao Zhang)

棍徒 [villain] (Yao Zhang)

棟宇 [building] (Yao Zhang)

棣萼 [prunus japonica] (Yao Zhang)

棣鄂 [prunus japonica] (Yao Zhang)

棧橋 [wharf] (Yao Zhang)

棧閣 [plank road built along the side of a cliff] (Yao Zhang)

森嚴 [strict] (Yao Zhang)

森林 [dense forest] (Yao Zhang)

棲宿 [(to) inhabit] (Yao Zhang)

棲息 [(to) dwell] (Yao Zhang)

棲止 [(to) stop and rest] (Yao Zhang)

棲遁 [(to) live in retirement] (Yao Zhang)

椎剽 [(to) kill and rob] (Yao Zhang)

椎輪 [unfinished wheel without spokes] (Yao Zhang)

椎魯 [stupid] (Yao Zhang)

椒蘭 [fragrance like that of spices and orchids] (Yao Zhang)

椿萱 [Chinese toon and tawny daylily] (Yao Zhang)

楊梅 [arbutus] (Yao Zhang)

楊花 [poplar blossom] (Yao Zhang)

楚囚 [captive Chu prisoner] (Yao Zhang)

楚歌 [songs of Chu] (Yao Zhang)

業務 [business affairs] (Yao Zhang)

業障 [karmic hindrance(s)] (Yao Zhang)

業餘 [outside business or office hours] (Yao Zhang)

楮券 [paper money] (Yao Zhang)

楮幣 [paper money] (Yao Zhang)

極選 [ultimate best] (Yao Zhang)

極限 [utmost limits] (Yao Zhang)

概論 [general outline] (Yao Zhang)

榜帖 [document announcing list of successful graduates] (Yao Zhang)

榜掠 [(to) flog] (Yao Zhang)

榜眼 [number two at the palace examinations] (Yao Zhang)

榜額 [top part of a tablet] (Yao Zhang)

櫛沐 [(to) wash the face and comb the hair] (Yao Zhang)

殊絕 [(to) cut off] (Yao Zhang)

殊能 [special skill] (Yao Zhang)

殊遇 [special honor or recognition] (Yao Zhang)

殊選 [specially select] (Yao Zhang)

殊類 [different type] (Yao Zhang)

殘喘 [lingering breath of life] (Yao Zhang)

殘息 [lingering breath of life] (Yao Zhang)

殘殺 [(to) kill brutally] (Yao Zhang)

殘餘 [remaining] (Yao Zhang)

殘骸 [remaining bones] (Yao Zhang)

殞逝 [(to) pass away forever] (Yao Zhang)

殯殮 [laying-in and funeral ceremony] (Yao Zhang)

段落 [paragraph] (Yao Zhang)

殷實 [substantial] (Yao Zhang)

殷紅 [deep red] (Yao Zhang)

殺氣 [cold air of autumn and winter] (Yao Zhang)

殼物 [shellfish] (Yao Zhang)

殿堂 [magnificent building] (Yao Zhang)

毀損 [(to) deteriorate] (Yao Zhang)

毀滅 [(to) wipe out] (Yao Zhang)

母儀 [model mother] (Yao Zhang)

母后 [queen-mother] (Yao Zhang)

母子 [mother and child] (Yao Zhang)

母教 [mother's upbringing of child] (Yao Zhang)

母校 [alma mater] (Yao Zhang)

母範 [model mother] (Yao Zhang)

母系 [maternal line] (Yao Zhang)

比例 [(to) compare] (Yao Zhang)

比擬 [(to) compare to] (Yao Zhang)

比方 [(to) compare] (Yao Zhang)

比竝 [(to) compare to] (Yao Zhang)

比翼 [(to) fly wing to wing] (Yao Zhang)

比輯 [(to) collate] (Yao Zhang)

比附 [(to) compare by putting things together] (Yao Zhang)

毛孔 [pores] (Yao Zhang)

毛毯 [blanket] (Yao Zhang)

毛病 [flaw] (Yao Zhang)

毛筆 [writing brush] (Yao Zhang)

毛細管 [capillary] (Yao Zhang)

毛蟲 [livestock] (Yao Zhang)

毛衣 [bird feathers] (Yao Zhang)

毛褥 [blanket] (Yao Zhang)

毛錐 [writing brush] (Yao Zhang)

民主 [monarch] (Yao Zhang)

民國 [republic of China] (Yao Zhang)

民團 [civil corps] (Yao Zhang)

民意 [consensus of opinion] (Yao Zhang)

民權 [people's rights] (Yao Zhang)

民牧 [shepherd of the people] (Yao Zhang)

民選 [popular election] (Yao Zhang)

氛垢 [smog] (Yao Zhang)

氛氣 [clouds and mist] (Yao Zhang)

氣死 [(to) infuriate] (Yao Zhang)

水上 [on the water] (Yao Zhang)

水亭 [pavilion on the water] (Yao Zhang)

水光 [shining surface of rivers] (Yao Zhang)

水利 [convenient water transportation] (Yao Zhang)

水力 [water power] (Yao Zhang)

水勢 [force of a river current] (Yao Zhang)

水厄 [death by drowning] (Yao Zhang)

水原 [source of a river] (Yao Zhang)

水國 [land abounding with lakes and rivers] (Yao Zhang)

水墨畫 [ink-wash painting] (Yao Zhang)

水夫 [boatman] (Yao Zhang)

水客 [a boatman] (Yao Zhang)

水彩 [watercolor] (Yao Zhang)

水心 [center of stream] (Yao Zhang)

水手 [sailor] (Yao Zhang)

水族 [denizens of the sea] (Yao Zhang)

水月 [water and moon] (Yao Zhang)

水村 [water village] (Yao Zhang)

水松 [sea grass] (Yao Zhang)

水梭花 [vegetarian's euphemism for fish] (Yao Zhang)

水楊 [willow] (Yao Zhang)

水榭 [pavilion on the water] (Yao Zhang)

水殿 [hall overlooking a lake] (Yao Zhang)

水母 [jellyfish] (Yao Zhang)

水波 [ripples of water] (Yao Zhang)

水源 [source of a river] (Yao Zhang)

水瀉 [watery diarrhea] (Yao Zhang)

水煙 [mist over a body of water] (Yao Zhang)

水牛 [(water) buffalo] (Yao Zhang)

水獺 [otter] (Yao Zhang)

水理 [water vein] (Yao Zhang)

水田 [paddy field] (Yao Zhang)

水碓 [mill powered by water for hulling rice] (Yao Zhang)

水磨 [water mill] (Yao Zhang)

水禽 [waterfowl] (Yao Zhang)

水程 [watercourse] (Yao Zhang)

水筆 [writing brush of fairly stiff quality] (Yao Zhang)

水簾 [screen of water] (Yao Zhang)

水綿 [spirogyro longata] (Yao Zhang)

水脈 [natural waterways] (Yao Zhang)

水花 [duckweed] (Yao Zhang)

水草 [water and grass] (Yao Zhang)

水葬 [(to) cast a corpse into the water] (Yao Zhang)

水葵 [water mallow] (Yao Zhang)

水蓼 [water pepper] (Yao Zhang)

水蘚 [water moss] (Yao Zhang)

水蚤 [Daphnia] (Yao Zhang)

水蝕 [water erosion] (Yao Zhang)

水衣 [moss] (Yao Zhang)

水輪 [water propeller] (Yao Zhang)

水運 [water transportation] (Yao Zhang)

水道 [waterway] (Yao Zhang)

水郭 [outer city bordering on the water] (Yao Zhang)

水銀 [mercury] (Yao Zhang)

水閣 [open hall by the side of water] (Yao Zhang)

水雷 [submarine mines] (Yao Zhang)

水面 [waterʼs surface] (Yao Zhang)

水頭 [water's edge] (Yao Zhang)

水馬 [water beetle] (Yao Zhang)

水鴨 [wild duck] (Yao Zhang)

水黽 [pond skater] (Yao Zhang)

水龍 [dragon in the water] (Yao Zhang)

永巷 [long corridor] [long alley] (Yao Zhang)

永年 [long life] (Yao Zhang)

永慕 [(to) remember forever] (Yao Zhang)

永晝 [livelong day] (Yao Zhang)

永生 [eternal life] (Yao Zhang)

永眠 [eternal sleep] (Yao Zhang)

永逝 [(to) pass away forever] (Yao Zhang)

求心 [wish] (Yao Zhang)

汪洋 [vast ocean] (Yao Zhang)

決戰 [(to) fight a decisive battle] (Yao Zhang)

決算 [(to) make final accounts] (Yao Zhang)

決裂 [(to) rupture] (Yao Zhang)

決議 [(to) have a resolution adopted] (Yao Zhang)

決選 [run-off ballot to choose between two top contenders] (Yao Zhang)

沃饒 [fertile] (Yao Zhang)

沈勇 [silently determined] (Yao Zhang)

沈厚 [deliberate] (Yao Zhang)

沈寂 [dead silent] (Yao Zhang)

沈慮 [(to) think carefully] (Yao Zhang)

沈憂 [(to) languish in sorrow] (Yao Zhang)

沈果 [silently determined] (Yao Zhang)

沈毅 [determined] (Yao Zhang)

沈邃 [deep] (Yao Zhang)

沈酣 [quite drunk] (Yao Zhang)

沈醉 [helplessly drunk] (Yao Zhang)

沈頓 [dejected] (Yao Zhang)

沐日 [day of bath and rest] (Yao Zhang)

沒了 [(to) disappear] (Yao Zhang)

沒落 [(to) decline] (Yao Zhang)

沓雜 [confused] (Yao Zhang)

沖人 [child] (Yao Zhang)

沖和 [mild] (Yao Zhang)

沖損 [humility] (Yao Zhang)

沖淡 [(to) weaken] (Yao Zhang)

沖讓 [humble] (Yao Zhang)

沖退 [humble] (Yao Zhang)

沙參 [blue bell] (Yao Zhang)

沙嘴 [sand spit] (Yao Zhang)

沙場 [desert] (Yao Zhang)

沙木 [fir] (Yao Zhang)

沙洲 [sand bar] (Yao Zhang)

沙漏 [sand filter] (Yao Zhang)

沙磧 [desert dunes] (Yao Zhang)

沙礫 [pebbles] (Yao Zhang)

沙蠶 [sand bug] (Yao Zhang)

沙魚 [shark] (Yao Zhang)

沛沛 [swift curren)] (Yao Zhang)

沛艾 [fine horse] (Yao Zhang)

沛芥 [fine horse] (Yao Zhang)

沮澤 [swamp] (Yao Zhang)

河柳 [willows that grow on river bank] (Yao Zhang)

河洛 [he picture and Luo book] (Yao Zhang)

河系 [river system] (Yao Zhang)

沸泉 [gushing spring] (Yao Zhang)

油井 [oil well] (Yao Zhang)

油桐 [aleurites cordata] (Yao Zhang)

油煙 [lampblack] (Yao Zhang)

油田 [oil field] (Yao Zhang)

油紙 [oilpaper] (Yao Zhang)

油蟲 [cockroach] (Yao Zhang)

油衣 [oilskins] (Yao Zhang)

治績 [governing measures] (Yao Zhang)

治行 [results of an administrative unit] (Yao Zhang)

治裝 [(to) pack up for a journey] (Yao Zhang)

治要 [accounting summary for one year] (Yao Zhang)

沿岸 [along the shore] (Yao Zhang)

沿道 [along the road] (Yao Zhang)

沿邊 [close to the border] (Yao Zhang)

海松 [seacoast pine] (Yao Zhang)

海舌 [jellyfish] (Yao Zhang)

湧泉 [gushing spring] (Yao Zhang)

溫泉 [hot springs] [Wenquan] (Yao Zhang)

特選 [specially selected] (Yao Zhang)

皇太后 [queen-mother] (Yao Zhang)

砂嘴 [sand spit] (Yao Zhang)

篙夫 [water carrier] (Yao Zhang)

紛雜 [cluttered] (Yao Zhang)

蕭寂 [secluded] (Yao Zhang)

裁割 [(to) cut to fit shape] (Yao Zhang)

貝類 [shellfish] (Yao Zhang)

長逝 [(to) pass away forever] (Yao Zhang)

限極 [utmost limits] (Yao Zhang)

鞕撻 [(to) flog] (Yao Zhang)

餘命 [remainder of one's life] (Yao Zhang)

餘喘 [lingering breath of life] (Yao Zhang)

付近 [vicinity] (Charles Muller)

具合 [condition] (Charles Muller)

冥智 [profound insight] (Charles Muller)

名理 [name and reason] (Charles Muller)

[lookout stand] (Charles Muller)

外情 [emotions arising from contact with external things] (Charles Muller)

岩石 [rock] (Charles Muller)

急所 [vital point] (Charles Muller)

探取 [(to) probe] (Charles Muller)

探問 [(to) inquire into] (Charles Muller)

推盡 [(to) interrogate thoroughly] (Charles Muller)

收取 [(to) collect] (Charles Muller)

梳櫛 [(to) comb one's hair] (Charles Muller)

梳髮 [(to) dress one's hair in a top coil] (Charles Muller)

椎鈍 [stupid] (Charles Muller)

楮鈔 [paper money] (Charles Muller)

樣子 [pattern] (Charles Muller)

比況 [(to) compare to] (Charles Muller)

水華 [lotus flower] (Charles Muller)

沈愁 [deep languishing in sorrow] (Charles Muller)

沖澹 [calm] (Charles Muller)

油色 [oil color] (Charles Muller)

疏密 [coarse and fine] (Charles Muller)

砂場 [sandpit] (Charles Muller)

砂礫 [pebbles] (Charles Muller)

總收 [(to) include fully] (Charles Muller)

總歸 [eventually] (Charles Muller)

聖心 [mind of the sages] (Charles Muller)

英豪 [heroic] (Charles Muller)

著筆 [(to) put the brush to paper] (Charles Muller)

蓴菜 [water mallow] (Charles Muller)

蕭寥 [secluded] (Charles Muller)

蕭條 [secluded] (Charles Muller)

蜑戶 [people in southern China who make their living at the water's edge] (Charles Muller)

要歸 [main point] (Charles Muller)

試探 [(to) feel out] (Charles Muller)

還就 [from another perspective] (Charles Muller)

邪魅 [demons] (Charles Muller)

關內 [region to the west of the mountain pass] [Guannei] (Charles Muller)

限局 [(to) limit] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 419