DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries June 2021

Significantly Revised

頓漸 [sudden and gradual] (Charles Muller)

童行 [novice monk trainee] (Guanxiong Qi)

神昉 [Sinbang] (Michael Radich)

當見 [will see] (Billy Brewster)

倶有因 [simultaneous cause] (Billy Brewster)

東明慧日 [Dongming Huiri] (Lisa Kochinski)

New Entries: 115 (DDB Total: 75,787)

共生因 [simultaneous cause] {Billy Brewster}

十色處 [ten physical sense loci] {Billy Brewster}

十種色處 [ten types of physical sense loci] {Billy Brewster}

阿答末泥 [middle voice] {Billy Brewster}

一心一切法 [the one mind is all dharmas] {Jialing Mei}

一心不生萬法無咎 [when the One Mind does not arise, myriad dharmas are without defect] {Jialing Mei}

一念隨喜 [give rise to joy in one instant of thought] {Jialing Mei}

一旋陀羅尼 [first transmutation dhāraṇī] {Jialing Mei}

一餐 [one meal] {Jialing Mei}

三止三請 [three refusals and three requests] {Jialing Mei}

一切經供養 [Buddhist canon rites] {Lisa Kochinski}

一切經會 [service for offering the Buddhist canon] {Lisa Kochinski}

十三佛忌 [thirteen Buddha memorials] {Lisa Kochinski}

地藏菩薩發心因緣十王經 [The Scripture on the Causes of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Giving Rise to the Thought of Enlightenment and the Ten Kings] {Lisa Kochinski}

大座湯 [large tea gathering in the saṃgha hall] {Lisa Kochinski}

天岸慧廣 [Tengan Ekō] {Lisa Kochinski}

小座湯 [small tea gathering] {Lisa Kochinski}

曼荼羅供 [maṇḍala ritual] {Lisa Kochinski}

百丈忌 [Baizhang memorial] {Lisa Kochinski}

在草 [on the grass] {Pierce Salguero}

孫思邈 [Sun Sumiao] {Pierce Salguero}

淫祀 [transgressive rituals] {Pierce Salguero}

白高 [medicinal topical ointment] {Pierce Salguero}

不眠女 [prostitute] {Sarah Aptilon}

具波伽人 [cowherd] {Sarah Aptilon}

多波須 [tāpasa] {Sarah Aptilon}

婁彗星宿 [red cow constellation] {Sarah Aptilon}

糞道 [anus] {Sarah Aptilon}

闍致羅 [(Skt. jaṭilaka)] {Sarah Aptilon}

阿寅婆迦 [(Skt. *ājīvaka) ] {Sarah Aptilon}

鹿羅車人 [Taraccha clan] {Sarah Aptilon}

不定姓 [indeterminate nature] {Charles Muller}

不思議聖境 [inconceivable sphere of the noble ones] {Charles Muller}

二是 [acknowledgment of both] {Charles Muller}

亡言 [forget about words] {Charles Muller}

[oblique] {Charles Muller}

仄陋 [vulgar] {Charles Muller}

代受苦 [to undergo suffering on behalf of another] {Charles Muller}

代苦 [to undergo suffering on behalf of another] {Charles Muller}

僧旻 [Sengmin] {Charles Muller}

允屬 [to leave it up to] {Charles Muller}

兩是 [acknowledgment of both] {Charles Muller}

兩非 [both rejected] {Charles Muller}

勒那提婆 [Ratnadeva] {Charles Muller}

厥後 [after this] {Charles Muller}

[to tempt] {Charles Muller}

善鬼神 [beneficial spirits.] {Charles Muller}

喉衿 [neck] {Charles Muller}

地藏十王經 [The Scripture on the Kṣitigarbha and the Ten Kings] {Charles Muller}

墨家 [Mohist school of philosophy] {Charles Muller}

墨翟 [Mo Di] {Charles Muller}

夢虎 [tiger in a dream] {Charles Muller}

大悲代苦 [to undergo suffering on behalf of another] {Charles Muller}

大悲受苦 [to undergo suffering on behalf of another] {Charles Muller}

大慈恩寺三藏 [the trepiṭaka of Daciensi] {Charles Muller}

大藏會 [service for offering the Buddhist canon] {Charles Muller}

姿 [form] {Charles Muller}

寶天 [Ratnadeva] {Charles Muller}

寶天比丘 [Ratnadeva Bhikṣu] {Charles Muller}

市井 [town] {Charles Muller}

廻小向大 [convert from the lesser vehicle to the great vehicle] {Charles Muller}

[to go] {Charles Muller}

得阿羅漢果 [attain the realization of an arhat] {Charles Muller}

[to include] {Charles Muller}

[to take by the hand] {Charles Muller}

[self-indulgent] {Charles Muller}

擅長 [to excel] {Charles Muller}

[to destroy] {Charles Muller}

[to draw] {Charles Muller}

[clear] {Charles Muller}

曼陀羅供 [maṇḍala ritual] {Charles Muller}

[counter for thin, flat things] {Charles Muller}

枯悴 [withered] {Charles Muller}

[beam] {Charles Muller}

流光 [shine forth] {Charles Muller}

[Zhe] {Charles Muller}

玄指 [profound teachings] {Charles Muller}

瑯琊 [Langya] {Charles Muller}

[to resurrect] {Charles Muller}

直往菩薩 [directly proceeding bodhisattva] {Charles Muller}

眞如智境界 [sphere of true cognition] {Charles Muller}

眼瞼 [eyelid] {Charles Muller}

着想 [to think] {Charles Muller}

[calamities sent down from heaven] {Charles Muller}

竸興 [to arise in competition with each other] {Charles Muller}

篇章 [sections and chapters of a text] {Charles Muller}

糞中蟲 [maggots in dung] {Charles Muller}

[to bind] {Charles Muller}

[mountain (copper) pheasant] {Charles Muller}

而今而後 [from now on] {Charles Muller}

聲譽 [reputation] {Charles Muller}

若此 [like this] {Charles Muller}

[wild rose] {Charles Muller}

著斷 [attachment to nihilistic views] {Charles Muller}

虛搆 [unreal] {Charles Muller}

虛構 [unreal] {Charles Muller}

[neck] {Charles Muller}

[genealogical table] {Charles Muller}

輒受 [to accept readily] {Charles Muller}

[far] {Charles Muller}

邊情 [frontier mentality] {Charles Muller}

邪見幢 [banner of wrong views] {Charles Muller}

鄙倍 [vulgarity and slander] {Charles Muller}

[mean] {Charles Muller}

陳枚 [withered branch] {Charles Muller}

險陂 [biased] {Charles Muller}

靈府 [office of the spirit] {Charles Muller}

靑蓮華眼 [blue lotus eyes] {Charles Muller}

頓漸二教 [two teachings of sudden and gradual] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 164 (CJKV-E Total: 64,749)

在草 [in labor] (Pierce Salguero)

淫祀 [transgressive rituals] (Pierce Salguero)

孫思邈 [Sun Sumiao] (Pierce Salguero)

姍笑 [(to) laugh at] (Yao Zhang)

威蕤 [thriving] (Yao Zhang)

娉婷 [attractive] (Yao Zhang)

宵旰 [(to) get up before dawn] (Yao Zhang)

射韝 [leather arm band] (Yao Zhang)

山魈 [mountain sprite] (Yao Zhang)

岸幘 [(to) wear a hat tilted back] (Yao Zhang)

崚嶒 [steep and rugged] (Yao Zhang)

嶔崟 [towering] (Yao Zhang)

巉岏 [steep] (Yao Zhang)

怏悒 [discontented] (Yao Zhang)

恓惶 [busy and restless] (Yao Zhang)

悒怏 [discontent] (Yao Zhang)

惰窳 [lazy] (Yao Zhang)

憫恤 [(to) take pity on] (Yao Zhang)

拾掇 [(to) pick] (Yao Zhang)

挹注 [(to) ladle out and into] (Yao Zhang)

挾勢 [(to) rely on] (Yao Zhang)

挾擊 [(to) outflank] (Yao Zhang)

捭闔 [(to) open and close] (Yao Zhang)

掇拾 [(to) pick up] (Yao Zhang)

掎摭 [(to) pull out and take in one's hand] (Yao Zhang)

採擷 [(to) pick] (Yao Zhang)

揚搉 [(to) make a cursory review] (Yao Zhang)

撙節 [(to) economize] (Yao Zhang)

攟摭 [(to) pick] (Yao Zhang)

收掇 [(to) pick up] (Yao Zhang)

文鰩魚 [flying fish] (Yao Zhang)

昌歜 [ground roots of acorus calamus] (Yao Zhang)

晻昧 [murky] (Yao Zhang)

暌合 [separation and reunion] (Yao Zhang)

暌索 [dispersed] (Yao Zhang)

暑暍 [sunstroke] (Yao Zhang)

暑溽 [summer dampness] (Yao Zhang)

暖簾 [warming curtain] (Yao Zhang)

曚曨 [hazy moonlight] (Yao Zhang)

杌隉 [uneasy] (Yao Zhang)

檃栝 [builder's tool for straightening a surface or line] (Yao Zhang)

欂櫨 [cornice] (Yao Zhang)

毛茛 [ranunculus acris] (Yao Zhang)

沆瀣 [evening mist] (Yao Zhang)

洗雪 [(to) wipe away (a humiliation)] (Yao Zhang)

海燈 [doliolum tritomis] (Yao Zhang)

湔洗 [(to) wash clean] (Yao Zhang)

湔濯 [(to) wash clean] (Yao Zhang)

湔灑 [(to) wash clean] (Yao Zhang)

湔祓 [purge of impurities] (Yao Zhang)

湔雪 [(to) wipe away] (Yao Zhang)

溽暑 [summer dampness] (Yao Zhang)

漫漶 [illegible] (Yao Zhang)

狴犴 [name of mythical beast] (Yao Zhang)

狻猊 [lion pup] (Yao Zhang)

璀璀 [lustrous] (Yao Zhang)

璀璨 [lustrous] (Yao Zhang)

疙瘩 [pimple] (Yao Zhang)

目匡 [eyelid] (Yao Zhang)

眼眶 [eye socket] (Yao Zhang)

眼瞼 [eyelid] (Yao Zhang)

砰砰 [sound of drums] (Yao Zhang)

砰磅 [crashing sound of water against rocks] (Yao Zhang)

砰磕 [crackle of thunder] (Yao Zhang)

砰訇 [crackle of thunder] (Yao Zhang)

種牙 [(to) have a tooth filled] (Yao Zhang)

窀穸 [(to) bury] (Yao Zhang)

窅窱 [profound] (Yao Zhang)

窳惰 [useless and lazy] (Yao Zhang)

窳民 [sluggard] (Yao Zhang)

粗糙 [rough] (Yao Zhang)

紗帳 [curtained cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

紗幮 [curtained cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

紗廚 [curtained cabinet] (Yao Zhang)

聱牙 [unpronounceable, rough writing] (Yao Zhang)

胡荽 [coriander] (Yao Zhang)

臬兀 [uneasy] (Yao Zhang)

臲卼 [uneasy] (Yao Zhang)

芙蕖 [lotus] (Yao Zhang)

苦窳 [coarse] (Yao Zhang)

葳蕤 [lush] (Yao Zhang)

蹀躞 [(to) pace about] (Yao Zhang)

蹁躚 [(to) walk with a swing or in a sidling manner] (Yao Zhang)

蹴毬 [kick ball] (Yao Zhang)

蹴踘 [kick ball] (Yao Zhang)

蹴鞠 [kick ball] (Yao Zhang)

蹵鞠 [kick ball] (Yao Zhang)

躉船 [warehouse boat] (Yao Zhang)

轔轔 [rattle of a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

轣轆 [rattle of a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

迤邐 [(to) wind on] (Yao Zhang)

酴酥 [kind of medicinal liquor] (Yao Zhang)

醱酵 [fermentation by yeast] (Yao Zhang)

醽醁 [fine wine] (Yao Zhang)

采掇 [(to) collect] (Yao Zhang)

闒茸 [mean] (Yao Zhang)

闤闠 [market] (Yao Zhang)

霞帔 [beautiful scarf over a jacket] (Yao Zhang)

餖飣 [various pastries arranged on altar] (Yao Zhang)

鵜鶘 [pelican] (Yao Zhang)

七百 [seven hundred] (Charles Muller)

仄陋 [low class] (Charles Muller)

偏險 [unbalanced] (Charles Muller)

備急 [emergency] (Charles Muller)

千金要方 [Qianjin yaofang] (Charles Muller)

向化 [(to) turn toward transformation] (Charles Muller)

喉衿 [neck] (Charles Muller)

外夷 [barbarians] (Charles Muller)

外蕃 [barbarians] (Charles Muller)

女匠 [wren] (Charles Muller)

委誠 [(to) entrust] (Charles Muller)

宵衣 [(to) dress before the sun rises] (Charles Muller)

實名 [real name] (Charles Muller)

山繅 [mandrill monkey] (Charles Muller)

山臊 [mandrill monkey] (Charles Muller)

山蕭 [mandrill monkey] (Charles Muller)

山雞 [pheasant] (Charles Muller)

慇勤 [courteous] (Charles Muller)

慇懃無禮 [superficial politeness] (Charles Muller)

態勢 [attitude] (Charles Muller)

懶怠 [lazy] (Charles Muller)

揚較 [(to) make a cursory review] (Charles Muller)

搆興 [(to) build] (Charles Muller)

搉揚 [(to) estimate] (Charles Muller)

明據 [clear evidence] (Charles Muller)

朦朧 [hazy moonlight] (Charles Muller)

櫽栝 [builder's tool for straightening a surface or line] (Charles Muller)

比目魚 [flounder] (Charles Muller)

洗滌 [(to) wash clean] (Charles Muller)

湔拔 [purge of impurities] (Charles Muller)

湔滌 [(to) wash clean] (Charles Muller)

玩味 [(to) savor] (Charles Muller)

當成 [(to) consider as] (Charles Muller)

百舌 [shrike] (Charles Muller)

破邪顯正 [refuting the false and disclosing the correct] (Charles Muller)

硯滴 [small cup for adding water to an ink stone] (Charles Muller)

祕要 [mysterious crux] (Charles Muller)

神話 [myth] (Charles Muller)

翫味 [(to) savor] (Charles Muller)

芫荽 [coriander] (Charles Muller)

衆師 [many scholars] (Charles Muller)

超歲 [(to) pass over to the next year] (Charles Muller)

越年 [(to) pass over to the next year] (Charles Muller)

蹁跣 [(to) walk with a swing or in a sidling manner] (Charles Muller)

鄙倍 [vulgarity and slander] (Charles Muller)

醽淥 [fine wine] (Charles Muller)

鋼要 [essentials] (Charles Muller)

鑲牙 [(to) have a tooth filled] (Charles Muller)

飣餖 [various pastries arranged on altar] (Charles Muller)

香荽 [coriander] (Charles Muller)

香菜 [coriander] (Charles Muller)

[favus] (Charles Muller)

[favus] (Charles Muller)

[flounder] (Charles Muller)

[shark] (Charles Muller)

[insect] (Charles Muller)

[cuttlefish] (Charles Muller)

[cuttlefish] (Charles Muller)

[sweetfish] (Charles Muller)

[sturgeon] (Charles Muller)

[wren] (Charles Muller)

[pelican] (Charles Muller)

[phoenix] (Charles Muller)

[large Mandarin duck] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 279