DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries December 2020

Significantly Revised

阿毘達磨藏顯宗論 [Treatise Clarifying the Tenets of the Abhidharma Treasury] (Billy Brewster)

依他起性 [other-dependent nature] (Billy Brewster)

神州 [Vaiṭhadvīpa] (Jan Nattier)

波羅奈 [Benares (Vārāṇasī/Bārāṇasī; Pāli Bārāṇasī)] (Jan Nattier)

New Entries: 100 (DDB Total: 74,841)

丈夫果 [effect of coordinated activity] {Billy Brewster}

五種不可思議 [five inconceivable aspects (of omniscience)] {Billy Brewster}

弘演 [to propagate (teachings)] {Billy Brewster}

怛闥阿竭 [(Skt. Tathāgata)] {Billy Brewster}

末羅羯多 [emerald ] {Billy Brewster}

背面相翻 [relationship between front and back by turning over] {Billy Brewster}

不隱沒 [not karmically covered] {Dan Lusthaus}

摩調 [Makhādeva] {Jan Nattier}

有椒 [Pipphalavana (~ Pippalavana)] {Jan Nattier}

有衡 [Pipphalavana] {Jan Nattier}

聞物 [Śrāvastī (Pali Sāvatthi)] {Jan Nattier}

華氏 [Malla] {Jan Nattier}

古源邵元 [Kogen Shōgen] {Lisa Kochinski}

斛食 [boxed rice offering] {Lisa Kochinski}

正法淸規 [monastic rules of Shōbōji] {Lisa Kochinski}

囉刹娑 [rākṣasa] {William Giddings}

廕覆 [shade-cover] {William Giddings}

法之地 [place where offerings are made] {William Giddings}

三國時代 [Three Kingdoms period] {Charles Muller}

上無 [above there is nothing] {Charles Muller}

了法 [knowledge of dharma] {Charles Muller}

人天果報 [retributions of humans and gods] {Charles Muller}

作性 [produced] {Charles Muller}

倒合過 [fallacy of inverted comparison] {Charles Muller}

倒離過 [fallacy of inverted exclusion] {Charles Muller}

倶不成過 [both predicate and reason are not demonstrated] {Charles Muller}

倶不遣過 [fallacy of unexcluded both] {Charles Muller}

入解 [enter into an understanding] {Charles Muller}

出世者 [world renouncer] {Charles Muller}

出生入死 [to emerge into life and enter into death] {Charles Muller}

利群生 [to benefit all beings] {Charles Muller}

勤勇無間所發性 [having the nature of being produced by uninterrupted effort] {Charles Muller}

古因明師 [former masters of Buddhist logic] {Charles Muller}

句門 [teachings] {Charles Muller}

可樂國 [Rāmagrāma (Pali Rāmagāma)] {Charles Muller}

各有別體 [each has a separate essence] {Charles Muller}

同異性 [universality and particularity] {Charles Muller}

名因 [cause of words] {Charles Muller}

因喩 [reason and example] {Charles Muller}

堅牢性 [stable] {Charles Muller}

多過失 [many mistakes] {Charles Muller}

大觀 [to have deep insight into] {Charles Muller}

如勝 [according to precedence] {Charles Muller}

宗法性 [(Skt. pakṣa-dharmatva)] {Charles Muller}

定因 [cause of (attaining) meditative concentration] {Charles Muller}

定有性 [truly existing intrinsic nature] {Charles Muller}

常無常 [permanent and impermanent] {Charles Muller}

所依法 [that which serves as a basis] {Charles Muller}

所別不成 [fallacy wherein the specifying predicate is not acceptable to the opponent] {Charles Muller}

所立不成 [undemonstrated predicate] {Charles Muller}

所立不遣過 [fallacy of unexcluded predicate] {Charles Muller}

所立義 [the meaning that is posited] {Charles Muller}

所違量 [reasoning that is contradicted] {Charles Muller}

所顯了 [that which is revealed] {Charles Muller}

指鐶 [seal ring] {Charles Muller}

摩訶耶那提婆 [Mahāyānadeva] {Charles Muller}

教力 [power of the teaching(s)] {Charles Muller}

教量 [teaching] {Charles Muller}

敵論 [rejoinder] {Charles Muller}

智了因 [knowledge as awareness-cause] {Charles Muller}

智生因 [knowledge as generative cause] {Charles Muller}

更代 [To replace with another] {Charles Muller}

有大名 [famous] {Charles Muller}

有大威德 [possess great awe-inspiring virtue] {Charles Muller}

有異品 [having different qualities] {Charles Muller}

法相硏神章 [Hossō kenjin shō] {Charles Muller}

波羅㮈國 [state of Vārāṇasī] {Charles Muller}

波羅痆斯 [Vārāṇasī] {Charles Muller}

無合過 [fallacy in lack of connection] {Charles Muller}

甘露藥 [sweet nectarlike medicine] {Charles Muller}

疫癘 [epidemic] {Charles Muller}

相違義 [contradictory case] {Charles Muller}

相違過 [fallacy of contradiction] {Charles Muller}

義了因 [meaning as awareness cause] {Charles Muller}

義生因 [meaning as generative cause] {Charles Muller}

聲性 [nature of sound(s)] {Charles Muller}

聲無 [sound is absent] {Charles Muller}

能別不成 [fallacy wherein the subject being specified is not acceptable to the opponent] {Charles Muller}

能立不成過 [fallacy of undemonstrated reason] {Charles Muller}

能立不遣過 [fallacy of unexcluded middle] {Charles Muller}

能違 [contrary] {Charles Muller}

能違量 [the reasoning that contradicts] {Charles Muller}

言了因 [speech as awareness-cause] {Charles Muller}

言所詮義 [meaning that is expressed by words] {Charles Muller}

言生因 [words as cause of production] {Charles Muller}

言義 [words and meanings] {Charles Muller}

說得 [explain fully] {Charles Muller}

輔教編 [Essay in Support of Buddhism] {Charles Muller}

遍是宗法 [reason broadly encompassing the subject] {Charles Muller}

遍有 [omnipresent] {Charles Muller}

違因 [conflicting reason] {Charles Muller}

除熱惱 [to remove burning anguish] {Charles Muller}

隨自意樂 [according to one's own inclination] {Charles Muller}

非勤 [effortless(ly)] {Charles Muller}

非勤勇 [absence of effort] {Charles Muller}

非勤勇無間所發 [not produced by the continuous application of effort] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 164 (CJKV-E Total: 63,591)

氣魄 [spirit] (reviewer)

公牘 [official correspondence] (Yao Zhang)

効力 [force of law and rules] (Yao Zhang)

子月 [eleventh lunar month] (Yao Zhang)

子本 [capital and interest] (Yao Zhang)

懺禮 [ceremony of penance] (Yao Zhang)

懼內 [afraid] (Yao Zhang)

懼怕 [(to) fear] (Yao Zhang)

放牧 [(to) let off to pasture] (Yao Zhang)

放生 [(to) release caged animals for merit] (Yao Zhang)

放膽 [(to) act boldly] (Yao Zhang)

放黜 [(to) degrade (an official) and send him to a remote province] (Yao Zhang)

政談 [political argument] (Yao Zhang)

政論 [political argument] (Yao Zhang)

政黨 [political party] (Yao Zhang)

故例 [anecdotes] (Yao Zhang)

故園 [old garden] (Yao Zhang)

故實 [anecdotes] (Yao Zhang)

故山 [mountains in one's hometown] (Yao Zhang)

故智 [old trick] (Yao Zhang)

故殺 [premeditated murder] (Yao Zhang)

故轍 [former track] (Yao Zhang)

故里 [oneʼs native village] (Yao Zhang)

故障 [breakdown] (Yao Zhang)

效力 [(to) serve (in some capacity)] (Yao Zhang)

效命 [(to) render service] (Yao Zhang)

效忠 [(to) vow loyalty and devotion to] (Yao Zhang)

效果 [effect] (Yao Zhang)

效能 [efficacy] (Yao Zhang)

效誠 [(to) render one's loyalty] (Yao Zhang)

效驗 [efficacy] (Yao Zhang)

敏感 [sensitive] (Yao Zhang)

救世主 [savior] (Yao Zhang)

敗卻 [ be defeated and flee] (Yao Zhang)

敗子 [prodigal son] (Yao Zhang)

敗筆 [worn-out calligraphy brush] (Yao Zhang)

敗訴 [(to) lose a lawsuit] (Yao Zhang)

敗退 [(to) retreat in defeat] (Yao Zhang)

敗醬 [patrinia scabiosaefolia] (Yao Zhang)

教坊 [school for court musicians] (Yao Zhang)

教官 [minister in charge of education and culture] (Yao Zhang)

教徒 [follower of a religion] (Yao Zhang)

散卒 [soldiers with no mission after defeat] (Yao Zhang)

散官 [official post without much work] (Yao Zhang)

散步 [(to) take a stroll] (Yao Zhang)

散策 [(to) take a stroll] (Yao Zhang)

散職 [official post without much work] (Yao Zhang)

散花 [(to) display textile flowers] (Yao Zhang)

散髮 [(to) wear disheveled hair] (Yao Zhang)

敦實 [sincere and honest] (Yao Zhang)

敬仰 [(to) have the highest admiration for] (Yao Zhang)

敵意 [hostile attitude] (Yao Zhang)

敵愾 [hatred] (Yao Zhang)

敵體 [of equal status] (Yao Zhang)

敷陳 [(to) outline in an orderly way] (Yao Zhang)

數奇 [bad luck] (Yao Zhang)

文場 [hall of civil examinations] (Yao Zhang)

文墨 [(to) charge to an account] (Yao Zhang)

文士 [scholar] (Yao Zhang)

文弱 [effeminate] (Yao Zhang)

文思 [flow of ideas in writing] (Yao Zhang)

文房 [scholar's studio] (Yao Zhang)

文教 [culture and education] (Yao Zhang)

文旦 [shaddock] (Yao Zhang)

文林 [anthology of poetry] (Yao Zhang)

文案 [table] (Yao Zhang)

文火 [slow fire] (Yao Zhang)

文牘 [official document] (Yao Zhang)

文犀 [decorated rhinoceros horn] (Yao Zhang)

文盲 [illiterate] (Yao Zhang)

文石 [agate] (Yao Zhang)

文禽 [pheasant] (Yao Zhang)

文籍 [books] (Yao Zhang)

文網 [long arm of the law] (Yao Zhang)

文綺 [stylistic decorations] (Yao Zhang)

文致 [literary charm] (Yao Zhang)

文莫 [hardworking] (Yao Zhang)

文蛤 [clam] (Yao Zhang)

文面 [tattoo or mark on the face] (Yao Zhang)

文馬 [beautifully decorated horse] (Yao Zhang)

文體 [literary style] (Yao Zhang)

文魚 [goldfish] (Yao Zhang)

斑斑 [spotted] (Yao Zhang)

斑斕 [of variegated colors] (Yao Zhang)

斑竹 [mottled bamboo] (Yao Zhang)

斒斕 [gorgeous] (Yao Zhang)

斕斑 [of variegated colors] (Yao Zhang)

斗拱 [wooden square blocks] (Yao Zhang)

斗箕 [dou 鬥星 and Qi 箕星] (Yao Zhang)

斗膽 [presumptuous] (Yao Zhang)

料峭 [spring chill] (Yao Zhang)

料量 [(to) calculate] (Yao Zhang)

斜面 [inclined plane] (Yao Zhang)

斡旋 [(to) walk around] (Yao Zhang)

斡運 [(to) spin] (Yao Zhang)

斥力 [power of repulsion] (Yao Zhang)

斥罷 [(to) dismiss from office] (Yao Zhang)

新聲 [newly introduced song] (Yao Zhang)

曲學 [heretical school] (Yao Zhang)

曲解 [(to) misinterpret] (Yao Zhang)

曲謹 [fastidious on details] (Yao Zhang)

更事 [(to) have experience of] (Yao Zhang)

更代 [(to) replace with another] (Yao Zhang)

更始 [(to) begin a new page] (Yao Zhang)

更張 [(to) restring] (Yao Zhang)

更換 [(to) replace] (Yao Zhang)

更改 [(to) alter] (Yao Zhang)

更番 [(to) be assigned duties by rotation] (Yao Zhang)

更端 [(to) start a new topic] (Yao Zhang)

更革 [(to) change (to a new system)] (Yao Zhang)

更鼓 [night watchman's drum] (Yao Zhang)

書丹 [(to) write with red ink 朱砂 for stone inscription] (Yao Zhang)

書佐 [administrative Clerk] (Yao Zhang)

書册 [books] (Yao Zhang)

書匣 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

書吏 [government clerk] (Yao Zhang)

書坊 [bookshop] (Yao Zhang)

書局 [publisher] (Yao Zhang)

書帷 [curtain for books] (Yao Zhang)

書幃 [curtain for books] (Yao Zhang)

書庫 [vault for books] (Yao Zhang)

書廚 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

書房 [bookshop] (Yao Zhang)

書手 [copyist] (Yao Zhang)

書笥 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

書策 [books] (Yao Zhang)

書箱 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

書篋 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

書簏 [bookcase] (Yao Zhang)

漫步 [(to) wander] (Yao Zhang)

閒職 [official post without much work] (Yao Zhang)

閒遊 [(to) take a stroll] (Yao Zhang)

香欒 [shaddock] (Yao Zhang)

[Li] (Charles Muller)

[ability] (Charles Muller)

[wind] (Charles Muller)

多樣性 [diversity] (Charles Muller)

大鼓 [large drum] (Charles Muller)

字數 [word-count] (Charles Muller)

小通 [slightly penetrating] (Charles Muller)

故苑 [old garden] (Charles Muller)

效用 [efficacy] (Charles Muller)

敵愾心 [hatred] (Charles Muller)

時刻 [time period] (Charles Muller)

書商 [bookshop] (Charles Muller)

書奏 [memorial Scribe] (Charles Muller)

書林 [bookshop] (Charles Muller)

書筴 [books] (Charles Muller)

書肆 [bookshop] (Charles Muller)

書舗 [bookshop] (Charles Muller)

書賈 [bookshop] (Charles Muller)

朱砂 [cinnabar] (Charles Muller)

概說 [outline] (Charles Muller)

用紙 [blank form] (Charles Muller)

知惠 [wisdom] (Charles Muller)

硃砂 [cinnabar] (Charles Muller)

禿毫 [worn-out calligraphy brush] (Charles Muller)

禿筆 [worn-out calligraphy brush] (Charles Muller)

舊山 [one's hometown] (Charles Muller)

轉住 [(to) change residence] (Charles Muller)

辰砂 [cinnabar] (Charles Muller)

退筆 [worn-out calligraphy brush] (Charles Muller)

過信 [(to) trust too much] (Charles Muller)

鈍感 [insensitive] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 264