DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries October 2020

Significantly Revised

十八不共法 [eighteen distinctive abilities of the Buddha] (Michael Radich)

功能 [causal capability] (Billy Brewster)

阿毘達磨順正理論 [Abhidharma-nyāyânusāra śāstra] (Billy Brewster)

New Entries: 53 (DDB Total: 74,647)

衰微 [decay] {Billy Brewster}

津澤 [fluids] {Dan Lusthaus}

北礀居簡 [Beijian Jujian] {Stefan Grace}

善珍 [Shanzhen] {Stefan Grace}

居簡 [Jujian] {Stefan Grace}

松源寺 [Shōgenji] {Stefan Grace}

法眞守一 [Fazhen Shouyi] {Stefan Grace}

藏叟善珍 [Zangsou Shanzhen] {Stefan Grace}

劫樹 [wish-fulfilling tree] {William Giddings}

一切三昧 [all samādhis] {Charles Muller}

不忻 [unhappy] {Charles Muller}

之善 [Zhishan] {Charles Muller}

五神變 [five supernormal cognitive abilities] {Charles Muller}

出離三界 [free oneself from the three realms] {Charles Muller}

剪伐 [prune or cut trees] {Charles Muller}

劫渡樹 [wish-fulfilling tree] {Charles Muller}

勸修定慧結社文 [Encouragement to Practice: The Compact of the Samādhi and Prajñā Society] {Charles Muller}

[to sigh] {Charles Muller}

堅固力 [firm strength] {Charles Muller}

增大 [to increase] {Charles Muller}

外言 [unrelated talk] {Charles Muller}

大名稱 [greatly renowned] {Charles Muller}

安忍力 [power of patience] {Charles Muller}

定慧結社文 [Compact of the Samādhi and Prajñā Society] {Charles Muller}

山上 [on top of a mountain] {Charles Muller}

惡煩惱 [to be defiled by affliction] {Charles Muller}

[to defend] {Charles Muller}

抗行 [lofty virtuous conduct] {Charles Muller}

[to reject] {Charles Muller}

搏風 [cornice work under the eaves] {Charles Muller}

擯斥 [to reject] {Charles Muller}

曹溪山 [Jogyesan] {Charles Muller}

柯條 [branches] {Charles Muller}

[to float] {Charles Muller}

汨沒 [to sink] {Charles Muller}

無丈夫 [no soul] {Charles Muller}

無有雜穢 [undefiled] {Charles Muller}

白淨法 [pure dharmas] {Charles Muller}

紛謬 [confused] {Charles Muller}

結社文 [Compact of the Samādhi and Prajñā Society] {Charles Muller}

罪濁 [defiled by sins] {Charles Muller}

習定 [to practice meditation] {Charles Muller}

腑藏 [intestines] {Charles Muller}

譏毀 [to disparage] {Charles Muller}

身業淸淨 [bodily actions are pure(ified)] {Charles Muller}

重加 [to add further to] {Charles Muller}

震旦三玄 [three profound teachings of China] {Charles Muller}

顧命 [last testament] {Charles Muller}

養性 [nurture oneʼs own nature] {Charles Muller}

[phoenix] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 134 (CJKV-E Total: 63,365)

吿示 [(to) explain explicitly] (Yao Zhang)

度擬 [degree of fitting] (Yao Zhang)

懷想 [(to) think about with affection] (Yao Zhang)

懷藏 [(to) keep in mind] (Yao Zhang)

懸榻 [(to) let down a bunk] (Yao Zhang)

懸罄 [suspended music stone] (Yao Zhang)

懸衡 [(to) weigh something on a scale] (Yao Zhang)

扳指 [ivory or jade thumb ring on worn on the right hand that protects an archer's finger] (Yao Zhang)

排擯 [(to) repel] (Yao Zhang)

提擧 [supervisor] (Yao Zhang)

提督 [provincial military commander] (Yao Zhang)

提綱 [essentials] (Yao Zhang)

提要 [resume] (Yao Zhang)

提訴 [(to) bring up lawsuit] (Yao Zhang)

提頭 [(to) write the characters that are related to the emperor in a separate raised line] (Yao Zhang)

插頭 [bird tucks its head] (Yao Zhang)

揚勵 [arrogant] (Yao Zhang)

揚厲 [(to) enhance] (Yao Zhang)

揚言 [(to) announce openly] (Yao Zhang)

揣骨 [(to) touch and feel the bones of a person] (Yao Zhang)

揮散 [(to) evaporate] (Yao Zhang)

揮洒 [(to) write or paint freely] (Yao Zhang)

揮灑 [(to) write or paint freely] (Yao Zhang)

揮發 [(to) vaporize] (Yao Zhang)

揮霍 [(to) squander money] (Yao Zhang)

援引 [(to) help promote one's friend] (Yao Zhang)

援據 [(to) collect data and facts] (Yao Zhang)

援救 [(to) rescue from danger] (Yao Zhang)

揶揄 [(to) deride] (Yao Zhang)

損友 [bad friend who creates a demoralizing influence] (Yao Zhang)

損壞 [(to) break] (Yao Zhang)

搏風 [cornice work under the eaves] (Yao Zhang)

搔擾 [(to) loot] (Yao Zhang)

搔爬 [(to) scratch] (Yao Zhang)

搔頭 [(to) scratch one's head] (Yao Zhang)

搖撼 [(to) shake] (Yao Zhang)

搖籃 [rope-strung cradle] (Yao Zhang)

搖舌 [(to) wag one's tongue] (Yao Zhang)

搗亂 [(to) disturb] (Yao Zhang)

搜剔 [(to) pick out] (Yao Zhang)

搜査 [(to) search] (Yao Zhang)

搜檢 [(to) inspect] (Yao Zhang)

搜求 [(to) seek] (Yao Zhang)

搜索 [(to) search] (Yao Zhang)

搜羅 [(to) collect thoroughly from various sources] (Yao Zhang)

搜討 [(to) examine and study] (Yao Zhang)

搜集 [(to) collect] (Yao Zhang)

搬指 [ivory or jade thumb ring] (Yao Zhang)

搬演 [(to) perform a play on the stage] (Yao Zhang)

搭載 [(to) transport] (Yao Zhang)

搾取 [(to) obtain by political pressure, or tyranny] (Yao Zhang)

摧殘 [(to) trample down] (Yao Zhang)

摧陷 [(to) destroy] (Yao Zhang)

摸本 [wood-block copy] (Yao Zhang)

摹本 [woodblock copy] (Yao Zhang)

撞球 [billiards] (Yao Zhang)

撤廢 [(to) abolish old rules] (Yao Zhang)

撥剌 [(to) spring up] (Yao Zhang)

撩亂 [confusion] (Yao Zhang)

播弄 [(to) manipulate] (Yao Zhang)

播蕩 [(to) wander about] (Yao Zhang)

播越 [(to) wander about] (Yao Zhang)

播遷 [(to) wander about] (Yao Zhang)

撮土 [pinch of earth] (Yao Zhang)

撮壤 [pinch of earth] (Yao Zhang)

撰次 [(to) compile] (Yao Zhang)

撲地 [all over the ground] (Yao Zhang)

撲滿 [(to) fill a clay coin bank and break it when filled] (Yao Zhang)

撲落 [(to) scatter about] (Yao Zhang)

擁塞 [(to) obstruct] (Yao Zhang)

擁遏 [(to) obstruct] (Yao Zhang)

擁閼 [(to) obstruct] (Yao Zhang)

擅利 [(to) enjoy a monopoly in trade] (Yao Zhang)

擅命 [(to) give orders without restraint] (Yao Zhang)

擅場 [(to) excel in some field] (Yao Zhang)

操作 [(to) work] (Yao Zhang)

操切 [(to) control too tightly] (Yao Zhang)

操守 [personal integrity] (Yao Zhang)

操琴 [(to) play a lute] (Yao Zhang)

操練 [(to) drill troops] (Yao Zhang)

操縱 [(to) control] (Yao Zhang)

操觚 [(to) write] (Yao Zhang)

操韻 [personal integrity] (Yao Zhang)

擒縱 [(to) arrest and release at will] (Yao Zhang)

擔保 [(to) guarantee] (Yao Zhang)

擘裂 [(to) break open] (Yao Zhang)

據有 [(to) take possession of] (Yao Zhang)

擡擧 [(to) raise] (Yao Zhang)

擢第 [(to) pass the civil examinations] (Yao Zhang)

擧兵 [(to) raise an army to fight] (Yao Zhang)

擧子 [(to) bring up a baby] (Yao Zhang)

擧手 [(to) raise one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

擧措 [action] (Yao Zhang)

擧旗 [(to) raise an army] (Yao Zhang)

擧業 [literary studies] (Yao Zhang)

擧火 [(to) light a fire] (Yao Zhang)

擧證 [(to) give proof] (Yao Zhang)

擧踵 [(to) stand on tiptoe in an anticipatory mood] (Yao Zhang)

擧錯 [action] (Yao Zhang)

擬古 [(to) imitate the style of ancient writers] (Yao Zhang)

擯却 [(to) dismiss] (Yao Zhang)

擯斥 [(to) reject] (Yao Zhang)

擯棄 [(to) abandon] (Yao Zhang)

擴散 [(to) spread] (Yao Zhang)

擺弄 [(to) trick] (Yao Zhang)

曉示 [(to) explain explicitly] (Yao Zhang)

曛黃 [dusk] (Yao Zhang)

曛黑 [dim] (Yao Zhang)

曠古 [historic] (Yao Zhang)

曠廢 [(to) neglect] (Yao Zhang)

曠曠 [wide] (Yao Zhang)

曲全 [(to) make special effort to bring about realization] (Yao Zhang)

曲尺 [carpenter's square] (Yao Zhang)

曲庇 [(to) distort the facts and to be partial to] (Yao Zhang)

曲撓 [crooked] (Yao Zhang)

曲筆 [(to) distort laws or interpretation] (Yao Zhang)

班指 [ivory or jade thumb ring worn on the right hand which protects an archer's finger] (Yao Zhang)

空前 [historic] (Yao Zhang)

練兵 [(to) train soldiers to form an army] (Yao Zhang)

繚亂 [confusion] (Yao Zhang)

諭告 [(to) explain explicitly] (Yao Zhang)

諭示 [official suggestion] (Yao Zhang)

騷擾 [(to) riot] (Yao Zhang)

喩吿 [(to) explain explicitly] (Charles Muller)

快哉 [what a joy!] (Charles Muller)

抗行 [lofty virtuous conduct] (Charles Muller)

提擧司 [supervisorate] (Charles Muller)

搭船 [(to) board a ship] (Charles Muller)

柴苓湯 [medicinal herb] (Charles Muller)

津澤 [fluids] (Charles Muller)

潑剌 [(to) spring up] (Charles Muller)

珍客 [rare visitor] (Charles Muller)

發剌 [(to) spring up] (Charles Muller)

[Ruo] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 187