DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries September 2020

Significantly Revised

法相宗 [Hossō-shū] (Charles Muller)

觀心覺夢鈔 [Kanjin kakumu shō] (Charles Muller)

後架 [washstand] (Griffith Foulk)

無因有果 [existence of an effect without a cause] (Charles Muller)

傳尊 [Denson] (Erez Joskovich)

伽藍法 [temple Dharma transmission] (Erez Joskovich)

竺信 [Jikushin] (Erez Joskovich)

面授 [personal instruction] (Erez Joskovich)

New Entries: 89 (DDB Total: 74,597)

四種樂 [four kinds of pleasure of the taste of the Dharma] {Dan Lusthaus}

一師印證 [single master certification] {Erez Joskovich}

三頓棒 [thirty (or sixty) blows of the stick] {Erez Joskovich}

守初 [Shouchu] {Erez Joskovich}

宗統 [school system] {Erez Joskovich}

寺社奉行 [Agency of Temples and Shrines] {Erez Joskovich}

對客閑話 [Taikaku kanwa] {Erez Joskovich}

常通 [Changtong] {Erez Joskovich}

後董 [next abbot] {Erez Joskovich}

承古 [Chenggu] {Erez Joskovich}

林丘客話 [Rinkyū kakuwa] {Erez Joskovich}

洞下 [Dong(shan) disciples] {Erez Joskovich}

義靑 [Yiqing] {Erez Joskovich}

道白 [Dōhaku] {Erez Joskovich}

遙附 [to append from afar] {Erez Joskovich}

重授 [receive repeatedly] {Erez Joskovich}

雪竇山 [Mt. Xuedou] {Erez Joskovich}

面授嗣法 [face-to-face dharma transmission] {Erez Joskovich}

元叟行端 [Yuansou Xingduan] {Stefan Grace}

善育 [Zen'iku] {Stefan Grace}

大林善育 [Dairin Zen'iku] {Stefan Grace}

大通善本 [Datong Shanben] {Stefan Grace}

梅林寺 [Bairinji] {Stefan Grace}

尾鉢尸 [Vipaśyin] {William Giddings}

玻胝迦 [sphaṭika] {William Giddings}

交謝 [transition] {Charles Muller}

何獨 [is it only...? ] {Charles Muller}

備序 [to elaborate fully] {Charles Muller}

優降 [strengths and weaknesses] {Charles Muller}

別序 [to articulate separately] {Charles Muller}

前架 [front shelf] {Charles Muller}

卍山 [Manzan] {Charles Muller}

卍山和尙對客閑話 [Manzan oshō taikaku kanwa] {Charles Muller}

四無罪樂 [four kinds of faultless bliss] {Charles Muller}

四種味 [four kinds taste] {Charles Muller}

四道場 [four practice centers] {Charles Muller}

多端 [in many parts] {Charles Muller}

大執 [attachment to great vehicle teachings] {Charles Muller}

大歸 [the great return] {Charles Muller}

大要 [the main points] {Charles Muller}

息患 [put an end to suffering] {Charles Muller}

慧日道場 [Huiri practice center] {Charles Muller}

所畫 [written] {Charles Muller}

把臂 [to hold arms] {Charles Muller}

拜表 [name card (on a monk's gift)] {Charles Muller}

指窮 [to point out that something is being consumed] {Charles Muller}

挫辱 [to humiliate] {Charles Muller}

振領提綱 [grasp the main points, to get the gist] {Charles Muller}

斯文 [this text] {Charles Muller}

斯道 [this path] {Charles Muller}

晉陽 [Jinyang ] {Charles Muller}

楊廣 [Yang Gwang] {Charles Muller}

毫理 [minute principle] {Charles Muller}

法有性 [dharmas have intrinsic nature] {Charles Muller}

漢文 [classical Chinese] {Charles Muller}

無因無果 [neither cause nor effect] {Charles Muller}

由籍 [basic] {Charles Muller}

異形 [strange shape] {Charles Muller}

盛行 [prevalent] {Charles Muller}

相生之道 [the principle that similar things produce each other] {Charles Muller}

祖域 [domain of the patriarchs] {Charles Muller}

窮推 [to assert strongly] {Charles Muller}

竝收 [to collect together] {Charles Muller}

精究 [to examine thoroughly] {Charles Muller}

紛累 [profuse] {Charles Muller}

紛綸 [profuse] {Charles Muller}

罔兩 [penumbra] {Charles Muller}

荊蕀 [thorny brambles] {Charles Muller}

莊周 [Zhuang Zhou] {Charles Muller}

落魄 [down and out] {Charles Muller}

衆品 [many matters] {Charles Muller}

衆師 [many masters] {Charles Muller}

衆計 [many opinions] {Charles Muller}

適化無方 [adapting freely to the aptitudes of sentient beings without sticking to a particular method] {Charles Muller}

邢州 [Xingzhou] {Charles Muller}

邪因邪果 [wrong cause, wrong effect] {Charles Muller}

醋大 [scholar] {Charles Muller}

隋文帝 [Emperor Wen of the Sui] {Charles Muller}

類如 [such as] {Charles Muller}

黃帝 [the Yellow Emperor] {Charles Muller}

齊物論 [Discussion of the Equality of Things] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 311 (CJKV-E Total: 63,230)

伎癢 [itch for a chance to show off] (Yao Zhang)

休兵 [(to) lay down arms] (Yao Zhang)

出倫 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

出羣 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

出萃 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

出類 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

剔抉 [(to) pick out and dispose of] (Yao Zhang)

延續 [(to) continue] (Yao Zhang)

引滿 [(to) full to the brim] [pull a bow to the full] (Yao Zhang)

才具 [aptitude] (Yao Zhang)

才分 [inborn ability] (Yao Zhang)

才名 [reputation for ability] (Yao Zhang)

才器 [aptitude] (Yao Zhang)

才媛 [gifted maiden] (Yao Zhang)

才子 [person of virtue and talent] (Yao Zhang)

才幹 [practical ability] (Yao Zhang)

才思 [brilliance in writing] (Yao Zhang)

才情 [brilliance in writing] (Yao Zhang)

才氣 [rich talent] (Yao Zhang)

才華 [artistic talent] (Yao Zhang)

才藻 [poetic talent] (Yao Zhang)

才調 [degree of talent and wisdom] (Yao Zhang)

才貌 [personal appearance as reflecting ability] (Yao Zhang)

扒手 [(to) pickpocket] (Yao Zhang)

打包 [(to) pack] (Yao Zhang)

打圍 [to hunt] (Yao Zhang)

打扮 [(to) make up] (Yao Zhang)

打擊 [(to) attack] (Yao Zhang)

打破 [(to) break down] (Yao Zhang)

打算 [(to) intend] (Yao Zhang)

打量 [(to) conjecture] (Yao Zhang)

托子 [tray support] (Yao Zhang)

扮裝 [wear make-up of a person in opera] (Yao Zhang)

扶疏 [spreading out luxuriantly in all directions] (Yao Zhang)

扶老 [(to) support the old] (Yao Zhang)

扶養 [(to) bring up to maturity] (Yao Zhang)

扼腕 [wring one's wrists in sorrow or despair] (Yao Zhang)

承露盤 [dew-collecting plate] (Yao Zhang)

承顏 [(to) meet personally] [carefully watch someone's facial expression and make sure not to go against] (Yao Zhang)

技癢 [itch for a chance to show off] (Yao Zhang)

抄沒 [(to) confiscate] (Yao Zhang)

抉出 [(to) pick out and dispose of] (Yao Zhang)

抉剔 [(to) pick out and dispose of] (Yao Zhang)

抉摘 [(to) select the best] (Yao Zhang)

把子 [target] (Yao Zhang)

把弄 [(to) turn around in one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

把手 [handle] (Yao Zhang)

把玩 [(to) turn around in oneʼs hands] (Yao Zhang)

把臂 [(to) hold arms] (Yao Zhang)

把袂 [hold one's sleeves to show an intimate friendship] (Yao Zhang)

抒情 [(to) express sentiments] (Yao Zhang)

投合 [(to) agree with each other] (Yao Zhang)

投射 [(to) project] (Yao Zhang)

投戈 [(to) lay down arms] (Yao Zhang)

投杼 [to put down the loom] (Yao Zhang)

投棄 [(to) abandon] (Yao Zhang)

投止 [(to) stop over for the night] (Yao Zhang)

投票 [(to) cast a vote] (Yao Zhang)

投老 [(to) get old] (Yao Zhang)

投荒 [(to) be sent to distant regions] (Yao Zhang)

投誠 [(to) surrender to] (Yao Zhang)

投轄 [(to) cut off an axle] (Yao Zhang)

抗吿 [(to) lodge a complaint against] (Yao Zhang)

抗戰 [(to) resist an invading army] (Yao Zhang)

抗言 [(to) defend against] (Yao Zhang)

抗論 [(to) defend against] (Yao Zhang)

抗議 [(to) protest] (Yao Zhang)

抗辯 [(to) protest] [make a brave defense against opposite view] (Yao Zhang)

折北 [defeated] (Yao Zhang)

折損 [(to) damage] (Yao Zhang)

披披 [trailing] (Yao Zhang)

披離 [luxurious (growth of foliage)] (Yao Zhang)

抱冰 [(to) hold ice] (Yao Zhang)

抱柱 [faithful to death] [hold on to a bridge pile] (Yao Zhang)

抱罪 [(to) feel guilty] (Yao Zhang)

抱負 [ambition] (Yao Zhang)

抱養 [(to) adopt a child] (Yao Zhang)

抵掌 [(to) clap one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

抵死 [until death] (Yao Zhang)

抵牾 [(to) conflict with] (Yao Zhang)

抹殺 [(to) erase] (Yao Zhang)

押韻 [(to) rhyme] (Yao Zhang)

抽匣 [drawer] (Yao Zhang)

抽斗 [drawer] (Yao Zhang)

抽簪 [(to) remove a hairpin] (Yao Zhang)

抽頭 [(to) take a percentage] [take a cut of the winnings when gambling] (Yao Zhang)

拂戻 [disobedient] (Yao Zhang)

拂拂 [flapping] (Yao Zhang)

拂拭 [(to) wipe out] (Yao Zhang)

拂旦 [at daybreak] (Yao Zhang)

拂晨 [at daybreak] (Yao Zhang)

拂曉 [at daybreak] (Yao Zhang)

拂曙 [at daybreak] (Yao Zhang)

拂逆 [(to) disobey one's wishes] (Yao Zhang)

拍板 [musical clapping board for indicating rhythm] (Yao Zhang)

拍賣 [(to) auction] (Yao Zhang)

拐帶 [abscond with money or something valuable] (Yao Zhang)

拐騙 [(to) swindle] (Yao Zhang)

拓殖 [(to) explore and colonize] (Yao Zhang)

拓落 [in hard luck] (Yao Zhang)

拔河 [(to) take part in a tug-of-war] (Yao Zhang)

拔羣 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

拔萃 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

拗強 [stubborn] (Yao Zhang)

拘忌 [(to) hesitate out of scruples] (Yao Zhang)

拘牽 [(to) put limitations on] (Yao Zhang)

拘留 [(to) detain on minor charges] (Yao Zhang)

拘禮 [(to) stand on ceremony] (Yao Zhang)

拘縻 [(to) put under restraint] (Yao Zhang)

拜命 [(to) receive the emperor's order] [receive an official appointment from the emperor] (Yao Zhang)

拜章 [(to) send the emperor a memorandum] (Yao Zhang)

拜表 [send a memorandum to the emperor] (Yao Zhang)

拜賀 [(to) send greetings] (Yao Zhang)

拳勇 [brave and strong] (Yao Zhang)

拷訊 [(to) torture during interrogation] (Yao Zhang)

拼音 [pinyin] (Yao Zhang)

拾取 [(to) collect] (Yao Zhang)

拾摭 [(to) gather] (Yao Zhang)

持久 [(to) hold out long] (Yao Zhang)

持滿 [pull a bow to the full] (Yao Zhang)

持節 [(to) be sent abroad as ambassador] (Yao Zhang)

持續 [(to) carry on] (Yao Zhang)

持養 [(to) take good care] (Yao Zhang)

指歸 [gist] (Yao Zhang)

指環 [finger ring] (Yao Zhang)

指要 [outline] (Yao Zhang)

指顧 [(to) point out by a finger] (Yao Zhang)

挑動 [(to) arouse] (Yao Zhang)

挑達 [(to) come and go] (Yao Zhang)

挫折 [frustration] (Yao Zhang)

挫辱 [(to) humiliate] (Yao Zhang)

振奮 [(to) bestir oneself] (Yao Zhang)

振濟 [(to) relieve] (Yao Zhang)

振起 [(to) uplift] (Yao Zhang)

挺傑 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

挺拔 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

挺特 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

挺直 [rigorously straight] (Yao Zhang)

挺秀 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

挺立 [(to) stand erect] (Yao Zhang)

捉鼻 [(to) hold one's nose in contempt] (Yao Zhang)

捐命 [(to) sacrifice one's life] (Yao Zhang)

捐棄 [(to) get rid of] (Yao Zhang)

捐生 [(to) sacrifice one's life] (Yao Zhang)

捐館 [(to) leave one's abode for good] (Yao Zhang)

捧腹 [(to) have a belly laugh] [hold one's belly with both hands] (Yao Zhang)

捲尺 [tape measure] (Yao Zhang)

捲髮 [(to) curl one's hair] (Yao Zhang)

掀腫 [(to) swell up] (Yao Zhang)

掃刷 [(to) sweep] (Yao Zhang)

掃地 [(to) sweep the floor] (Yao Zhang)

掃帚 [broomstick] (Yao Zhang)

掃榻 [(to) sweep the mat] (Yao Zhang)

掃海 [sweep off mines in the sea] (Yao Zhang)

掃淸 [(to) clear away] (Yao Zhang)

掃蕩 [(to) root out one's shame] [mop up all of the enemy] (Yao Zhang)

掃除 [(to) sweep] (Yao Zhang)

授命 [(to) give one's life] (Yao Zhang)

授業 [(to) teach] (Yao Zhang)

授與 [(to) award] (Yao Zhang)

授首 [(to) be beheaded] (Yao Zhang)

掉舌 [(to) stir one's tongue] (Yao Zhang)

掌握 [(to) seize] (Yao Zhang)

掌故 [anecdote] (Yao Zhang)

掏兒 [pickpocket] (Yao Zhang)

掏摸 [(to) steal] (Yao Zhang)

排律 [form of Tang poetry] (Yao Zhang)

排比 [(to) arrange in order] (Yao Zhang)

掛冠 [(to) hang up the official hat] (Yao Zhang)

掛錫 [(to) hang the pewter staff] [become a resident monk of a temple] (Yao Zhang)

掛鐘 [wall clock] (Yao Zhang)

採摘 [(to) pick] (Yao Zhang)

採納 [(to) adopt] (Yao Zhang)

採訪 [(to) gather news] (Yao Zhang)

探子 [private spy] (Yao Zhang)

探春 [(to) go on a spring outing] (Yao Zhang)

探海燈 [searchlight] (Yao Zhang)

探測 [(to) probe into] (Yao Zhang)

探花 [(to) go to see the blossoms] (Yao Zhang)

探訪 [(to) find out] (Yao Zhang)

探險 [(to) explore] (Yao Zhang)

接境 [(to) border on] (Yao Zhang)

接界 [(to) border on] (Yao Zhang)

接膝 [(to) sit close to each other] (Yao Zhang)

控吿 [(to) complain] (Yao Zhang)

控御 [(to) control] (Yao Zhang)

控訴 [(to) accuse] (Yao Zhang)

控馭 [(to) control] (Yao Zhang)

推原 [seek a cause from the origin] (Yao Zhang)

推問 [(to) investigate] (Yao Zhang)

推尊 [(to) think highly of] (Yao Zhang)

推尙 [(to) think highly of] (Yao Zhang)

推擧 [(to) elect to a post] (Yao Zhang)

推斷 [(to) predict] (Yao Zhang)

推服 [(to) admire] (Yao Zhang)

推治 [(to) investigate] (Yao Zhang)

推誠 [(to) open one's heart to another] (Yao Zhang)

推選 [(to) elect] (Yao Zhang)

推重 [(to) think highly of] (Yao Zhang)

掩擊 [(to) waylay] (Yao Zhang)

掩殺 [(to) waylay and kill] (Yao Zhang)

掩蓋 [(to) cover up] (Yao Zhang)

掩襲 [(to) make a surprise attack] [attack from the flank or by stealth] (Yao Zhang)

掩討 [(to) send armed forces to suppress] (Yao Zhang)

掩護 [(to) cover one's units] (Yao Zhang)

措大 [scholar] (Yao Zhang)

措止 [behavior] (Yao Zhang)

措置 [(to) execute] (Yao Zhang)

揉輪 [bend wood and shape it into wheels] (Yao Zhang)

描畫 [(to) draw] (Yao Zhang)

描金 [(to) outline in gold] (Yao Zhang)

提拔 [(to) promote to a higher job] (Yao Zhang)

提撕 [(to) help and guide] (Yao Zhang)

撃掌 [(to) clap one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

材器 [practical ability] (Yao Zhang)

材幹 [practical ability] (Yao Zhang)

特勝 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

特秀 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

落寞 [desolation] (Yao Zhang)

落托 [desolation] (Yao Zhang)

落泊 [failure] (Yao Zhang)

落莫 [desolation] (Yao Zhang)

落魄 [down and out] (Yao Zhang)

被被 [long and big] (Yao Zhang)

醋大 [scholar] (Yao Zhang)

閨秀 [gifted maiden] (Yao Zhang)

頓挫 [cadence] [pause and transition in rhythm or melody] (Yao Zhang)

鼓掌 [(to) clap one's hands] (Yao Zhang)

一天 [whole sky] (Charles Muller)

一期 [one period] (Charles Muller)

三論 [three treatises] (Charles Muller)

入札 [(to) make a bid] (Charles Muller)

初一 [first one] (Charles Muller)

剉折 [frustration] (Charles Muller)

匡山 [Kuangshan] (Charles Muller)

台頭 [(to) raise oneʼs head] (Charles Muller)

奉命 [(to) receive orders] (Charles Muller)

姫旦 [duke of Zhou] [Jidan] (Charles Muller)

才女 [gifted maiden] (Charles Muller)

才章 [artistic talent] (Charles Muller)

才色 [talent and charm] (Charles Muller)

抄紙 [make paper from the fibrous tissue of plants] (Charles Muller)

抵捂 [(to) conflict with] (Charles Muller)

拓植 [(to) explore and colonize] (Charles Muller)

拜疏 [(to) send a memorandum to emperor] (Charles Muller)

挂冠 [(to) hang up the official hat] (Charles Muller)

挂錫 [(to) hang the pewter staff] [become a resident monk of a temple] (Charles Muller)

指窮 [(to) point out that something is being consumed] (Charles Muller)

挑撥 [(to) arouse] (Charles Muller)

振擧 [(to) encourage] (Charles Muller)

[(to) oppose] (Charles Muller)

掃夷 [(to) sweep away the enemy] (Charles Muller)

掃拭 [(to) sweep] (Charles Muller)

掃盪 [(to) clear away the bandits] (Charles Muller)

探檢 [(to) explore] (Charles Muller)

控告 [(to) accuse] (Charles Muller)

控禦 [(to) control] (Charles Muller)

摘抉 [(to) select the best] (Charles Muller)

文才 [literary talent] (Charles Muller)

李夫人 [Li Furen] (Charles Muller)

梭子蟹 [blue crab] (Charles Muller)

歡迎 [(to) welcome a person happily] (Charles Muller)

比如 [such as] (Charles Muller)

比次 [(to) arrange in order] (Charles Muller)

淵博 [erudite] (Charles Muller)

淵富 [rich and variegated] (Charles Muller)

淵弘 [erudite] (Charles Muller)

渡蟹 [blue crab] (Charles Muller)

理不盡 [unreasonable] (Charles Muller)

申破 [(to) report the facts] (Charles Muller)

眞妄 [truth and falsity] (Charles Muller)

竝列 [parallel] (Charles Muller)

紛綸 [profuse] (Charles Muller)

終期 [ending] (Charles Muller)

綱目 [main point and details] (Charles Muller)

繆計 [mistaken calculation] (Charles Muller)

羅縠 [fine silk gauze] (Charles Muller)

義故 [reason] (Charles Muller)

荊蕀 [thorny brambles] (Charles Muller)

[Asian cicada] (Charles Muller)

[blue crab] (Charles Muller)

[blue crab] (Charles Muller)

[biting midge] (Charles Muller)

行列 [(to) line up] (Charles Muller)

[torn robes] (Charles Muller)

[unlined clothes] (Charles Muller)

訶陵 [Heling] (Charles Muller)

謄寫 [(to) transcribe] (Charles Muller)

[whisper] (Charles Muller)

謬算 [mistaken calculation] (Charles Muller)

謬計 [mistaken calculation] (Charles Muller)

資生 [(to) support one's livelihood] (Charles Muller)

[(to) send] (Charles Muller)

[(to) increase] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pay in advance] (Charles Muller)

[diagonal] (Charles Muller)

辯辰 [Byeonjin] (Charles Muller)

辯韓 [Byeon Han] (Charles Muller)

辰韓 [Jin Han] (Charles Muller)

[(to) move] (Charles Muller)

[(to) interrupt] (Charles Muller)

通理 [(to) know the underlying principles] (Charles Muller)

邢州 [Xingzhou] (Charles Muller)

邪謬 [incorrect] (Charles Muller)

采納 [(to) adopt] (Charles Muller)

錯大 [scholar] (Charles Muller)

門籍 [registration] [nameplate hung in front of the palace] (Charles Muller)

靑蟹 [blue crab] (Charles Muller)

類如 [such as] (Charles Muller)

馬韓 [Ma Han] (Charles Muller)

驥騄 [excellent steed] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 400