DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries June 2020

Significantly Revised

正生 [future life] (Billy Brewster)

總相 [general characteristics] (Billy Brewster)

共相 [universal] (Billy Brewster)

三界萬靈牌 [tablet for all the spirits of the three realms] (Lisa Kochinski)

要津 [essential crossing place] (Lisa Kochinski)

長者 [gṛhapati and śreṣṭhin] (Michael Radich)

七眞如 [seven aspects of thusness] (Dan Lusthaus)

一轉語 [a turning word] (Erez Joskovich)

聖一派 [Shōichi ha] (Erez Joskovich)

New Entries: 92 (DDB Total: 74,314)

因緣變 [transformation brought about by causes and conditions. ] {Ronald Green}

三界萬靈 [all souls in the three realms] {Lisa Kochinski}

二王禪 [two kings zen] {Lisa Kochinski}

向上一路 [The direct path to attaining awakening through Buddhist practice.] {Lisa Kochinski}

坐斷 [to dwell completely (in meditation)] {Lisa Kochinski}

壁立千仞 [vertical wall one thousand fathoms high] {Lisa Kochinski}

紹仁 [Shaoren] {Lisa Kochinski}

義翁紹仁 [Yiweng Shaoren] {Lisa Kochinski}

諸回向淸規式 [Merit Transfer Dedications, Rules of Purity, Procedures] {Lisa Kochinski}

輪住 [rotating abbacy] {Lisa Kochinski}

共因 [simultaneous cause] {Billy Brewster}

已滅位 [stage of already having ceased (in the past)] {Billy Brewster}

已滅相 [the mark of having ceased] {Billy Brewster}

所相法 [qualified factor] {Billy Brewster}

有因未生相 [the mark of the present cause not yet having arisen] {Billy Brewster}

滅位 [stage of coming to cease (in the present)] {Billy Brewster}

八背 [eight relinquishments] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

智慧知現在世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the present] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

智慧知未來世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the future] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

智慧知過去世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the past] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

淨解脫身作證具足住 [liberation by realizing and perfectly abiding in the pure, liberated body] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

滅受想定身作證具足住解脫 [Liberation by realizing and perfectly abiding in the samādhi of cessation of sense perception and cognition] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

無所有處解脫 [liberation by realizing the sphere of nothing whatsoever ] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

知未來世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the future] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

知現在世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the present] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

空無邊處解脫 [liberation by realizing the sphere of infinite space] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

識無邊處解脫 [liberation by realizing the sphere of infinite consciousness] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

非想非非想處解脫 [liberation by realizing the sphere of neither perception nor non-perception] {Dharma Realm Buddhist University}

三聖門派 [Sanshō lineage] {Erez Joskovich}

九處 [nine places] {Erez Joskovich}

信心銘夜塘水 [Shinjinmei yatōsui] {Erez Joskovich}

健易 [Ken'eki] {Erez Joskovich}

夜塘水 [night-pond water] {Erez Joskovich}

廣照禪師 [Chan Master Guangzhao] {Erez Joskovich}

應夫 [Yingfu] {Erez Joskovich}

扶桑五山記 [Fusō gozanki] {Erez Joskovich}

湛照 [Tanshō] {Erez Joskovich}

玄端 [Gentan] {Erez Joskovich}

甲刹 [chief temple] {Erez Joskovich}

畫龍 [Garyō] {Erez Joskovich}

翻身 [to turn the body] {Erez Joskovich}

道和 [Daohe] {Erez Joskovich}

長蘆寺 [Zhanglusi] {Erez Joskovich}

飜身 [to turn the body] {Erez Joskovich}

一瓣 [one pinch] {Stefan Grace}

一瓣香 [incense resembling wax gourd seeds] {Stefan Grace}

一辯 [Yibian] {Stefan Grace}

一辨 [Yibian] {Stefan Grace}

壽塔 [eternal-life stūpa] {Stefan Grace}

大休宗休 [Daikyū Sōkyū] {Stefan Grace}

大寂定照禪師 [Daijaku Jōshō zenji] {Stefan Grace}

大明寶 [Damingbao] {Stefan Grace}

天縱宗受 [Tenjū Sōju] {Stefan Grace}

宗休 [Sōkyū] {Stefan Grace}

宗受 [Sōju] {Stefan Grace}

希辯 [Xibian] {Stefan Grace}

希辨 [Xībiàn] {Stefan Grace}

廣山恕陽 [Kōsan Joyō] {Stefan Grace}

徐藝 [Jogei] {Stefan Grace}

恕陽 [Joyō] {Stefan Grace}

慈雲寺 [Jiunji] {Stefan Grace}

月航玄津 [Gekkō Genshin] {Stefan Grace}

特芳禪傑 [Tokuhō Zenketsu] {Stefan Grace}

玄紹 [Xuanshao] {Stefan Grace}

瑞龍寺 [Zuiryūji] {Stefan Grace}

禪傑 [Zenketsu] {Stefan Grace}

象山徐藝 [Zōsan Jogei] {Stefan Grace}

長生錢 [endowment for the departed] {Stefan Grace}

長生塔 [eternal-life stūpa] {Stefan Grace}

龍安寺 [Ryōanji] {Stefan Grace}

二變 [two kinds of transformations] {Charles Muller}

天桂 [Tenkei] {Charles Muller}

學習 [learn] {Charles Muller}

性瑫 [Xingtao] {Charles Muller}

悲感 [sense of sadness] {Charles Muller}

淸了 [Qingliao] {Charles Muller}

瞬目 [wink of the eye] {Charles Muller}

知過去世無礙 [unobstructed knowledge of the past] {Charles Muller}

秦代 [Qin dynastic period] {Charles Muller}

紹瑾 [Jōkin] {Charles Muller}

經錄 [scripture catalog] {Charles Muller}

虎關 [Kokan] {Charles Muller}

輪住制 [rotating abbacy system] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 240 (CJKV-E Total: 62,439)

仿偟 [(to) linger about] (Yao Zhang)

傍偟 [(to) linger about] (Yao Zhang)

凄酸 [sorrow] (Yao Zhang)

勃亂 [(to) revolt] (Yao Zhang)

勢威 [might] (Yao Zhang)

威勢 [might] (Yao Zhang)

威名 [prestige] (Yao Zhang)

威嚇 [(to) dominate by force] (Yao Zhang)

威容 [air of importance] (Yao Zhang)

威脅 [(to) threaten] (Yao Zhang)

威重 [dignified] (Yao Zhang)

威風 [air of importance] (Yao Zhang)

娛樂 [amusements] (Yao Zhang)

娛親 [(to) please one's (aged) parents] (Yao Zhang)

娛遊 [(to) travel for pleasure] (Yao Zhang)

娟娟 [lovely] (Yao Zhang)

娟秀 [graceful] (Yao Zhang)

娣婦 [wife of one's younger brother] (Yao Zhang)

娥娥 [pretty] (Yao Zhang)

婉婉 [supple] (Yao Zhang)

婉愉 [amiable] (Yao Zhang)

婚期 [marriageable age] (Yao Zhang)

婪尾春 [peony] (Yao Zhang)

嫌厭 [(to) dislike] (Yao Zhang)

嫌忌 [(to) dislike] (Yao Zhang)

嫌怨 [grudge] (Yao Zhang)

嫌隙 [grudge] (Yao Zhang)

嬖寵 [(to) be spoiled] (Yao Zhang)

嬖幸 [(to) be spoiled] (Yao Zhang)

子婦 [daughter-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

宸筆 [imperial brush] (Yao Zhang)

尊兄 [my dear elder brother] (Yao Zhang)

小說 [boring remark] (Yao Zhang)

小醜 [roughneck] (Yao Zhang)

就教 [(to) go to take lessons] (Yao Zhang)

就業 [(to) take up employment] (Yao Zhang)

尺八 [vertical bamboo flute] (Yao Zhang)

局外 [outsider] (Yao Zhang)

局部 [section] (Yao Zhang)

屠戮 [(to) massacre] (Yao Zhang)

屠戶 [butcher] (Yao Zhang)

巡錫 [(to) travel around with pewter stick] (Yao Zhang)

巡靖 [(to) patrol and reassure] (Yao Zhang)

巢窟 [hiding place] (Yao Zhang)

師輔 [teachers and friends in learning] (Yao Zhang)

平屋 [one-storied house] (Yao Zhang)

平年 [not a leap year] (Yao Zhang)

平房 [one-storied house] (Yao Zhang)

庇蔭 [(to) give shade] (Yao Zhang)

府尹 [prefect magistrate] (Yao Zhang)

府第 [official's residence] (Yao Zhang)

府邸 [official's residence] (Yao Zhang)

度支 [Revenue Section] (Yao Zhang)

度曲 [(to) sing to a musical score] [write words for a popular song] (Yao Zhang)

庭闈 [parents' quarters] (Yao Zhang)

庶吉士 [host of fortunate scholars] (Yao Zhang)

廉隅 [edges and corners] (Yao Zhang)

廋語 [riddle] (Yao Zhang)

廋辭 [riddle] (Yao Zhang)

廓大 [(to) broaden] (Yao Zhang)

弊竇 [door to corruption] (Yao Zhang)

弔影 [(to) be lonely and sad] [feel pity for one's own shadow] (Yao Zhang)

弔文 [funeral address] (Yao Zhang)

弔桶 [well-bucket] (Yao Zhang)

弔詞 [message of condolence] (Yao Zhang)

弔辭 [message of condolence] (Yao Zhang)

引例 [(to) cite as an example] (Yao Zhang)

引決 [(to) commit suicide] (Yao Zhang)

引經 [(to) quote the classics] (Yao Zhang)

引證 [(to) cite as evidence] (Yao Zhang)

弟弟 [younger brother] (Yao Zhang)

弦韋 [girdle hangings] (Yao Zhang)

彌撒 [catholic mass] (Yao Zhang)

彌縫 [(to) join a seam or crack] (Yao Zhang)

彌陀 [Amitâbha] (Yao Zhang)

從俗 [(to) follow the general customs] (Yao Zhang)

從戎 [(to) join the army] (Yao Zhang)

從軍 [(to) join the army] (Yao Zhang)

從風 [(to) follow a trend] (Yao Zhang)

御前 [in front of the emperor] (Yao Zhang)

御宇 [(to) rule the realm] (Yao Zhang)

御寶 [imperial seal] (Yao Zhang)

御用 [for the use of the emperor] (Yao Zhang)

御筆 [imperial brush] (Yao Zhang)

御街 [main highway in the capital] [streets where the emperor traveled in the capital] (Yao Zhang)

復原 [(to) return to former state] (Yao Zhang)

復員 [demobilization of soldiers] (Yao Zhang)

復權 [restoration of rights] (Yao Zhang)

復活 [(to) restart] (Yao Zhang)

復舊 [(to) restore] (Yao Zhang)

復辟 [(to) restore the monarchy] (Yao Zhang)

循俗 [(to) follow the customs] (Yao Zhang)

循行 [(to) go on a tour] (Yao Zhang)

徬徨 [(to) linger about] (Yao Zhang)

微分學 [differential calculus] (Yao Zhang)

微弱 [weak] (Yao Zhang)

微時 [when one was small or unknown.] (Yao Zhang)

微眇 [inferior] (Yao Zhang)

微辭 [covert criticism] (Yao Zhang)

徵兆 [omen] (Yao Zhang)

徵募 [(to) recruit] (Yao Zhang)

徵歌 [(to) call for singsong girls] (Yao Zhang)

念誦 [(to) read out aloud] (Yao Zhang)

忿怒 [great anger] (Yao Zhang)

怨偶 [hated spouse] (Yao Zhang)

怨懟 [hatred] (Yao Zhang)

怨氣 [hatred] (Yao Zhang)

怨耦 [hated spouse] (Yao Zhang)

怪誕 [nonsensical] (Yao Zhang)

怵迫 [(to) threaten] (Yao Zhang)

恂目 [in a wink] (Yao Zhang)

恇怯 [timid] (Yao Zhang)

恐慌 [(to) be in terror] (Yao Zhang)

恐水病 [hydrophobia] (Yao Zhang)

恢宏 [generous] (Yao Zhang)

恢弘 [(to) spread] (Yao Zhang)

恩人 [benefactor] (Yao Zhang)

恩仇 [past kindness and old grudge] (Yao Zhang)

恩倖 [court favorite] (Yao Zhang)

恩典 [favor from the ruler] (Yao Zhang)

恩怨 [past kindness and old grudge] (Yao Zhang)

恩情 [loving-kindness] (Yao Zhang)

恩意 [kind consideration by the ruler] (Yao Zhang)

恩榮 [royal honor] (Yao Zhang)

恩眷 [(to) show special favor] (Yao Zhang)

恩禮 [favor from the ruler] (Yao Zhang)

恩讎 [past kindness and old grudge] (Yao Zhang)

恩賞 [(to) grant a reward] (Yao Zhang)

恩赦 [(to) pardon] (Yao Zhang)

恩顧 [(to) show special favor to someone] (Yao Zhang)

恪愼 [carefully] (Yao Zhang)

息壤 [fertile soil] (Yao Zhang)

息女 [one's own daughter] (Yao Zhang)

息婦 [daughter-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

息男 [one's own son] (Yao Zhang)

息銀 [interest money] (Yao Zhang)

息錢 [interest money] (Yao Zhang)

悅樂 [amusements] (Yao Zhang)

悅豫 [amusements] (Yao Zhang)

悉力 [with all one's strength] (Yao Zhang)

悉心 [with concentrated effort] (Yao Zhang)

悔心 [regret] (Yao Zhang)

悔悟 [(to) repent and realize] (Yao Zhang)

悖亂 [(to) revolt] (Yao Zhang)

悖謬 [heretical] (Yao Zhang)

悖謾 [insolent] (Yao Zhang)

悖逆 [(to) revolt] (Yao Zhang)

悚怍 [frightened] (Yao Zhang)

悚悚 [frightened] (Yao Zhang)

悚慄 [(to) feel a thrill or shock] (Yao Zhang)

悚慙 [frightened] (Yao Zhang)

悚然 [frightened] (Yao Zhang)

悠揚 [melodious] (Yao Zhang)

悲壯 [solemn and stirring] (Yao Zhang)

悲悼 [(to) grieve over someone's death] (Yao Zhang)

悲感 [sense of sadness] (Yao Zhang)

悲慘 [sad and shocking] (Yao Zhang)

悲憤 [sadness and anger] (Yao Zhang)

悲歌 [(to) sing with solemn fervor] (Yao Zhang)

悲涼 [desolate] (Yao Zhang)

悲秋 [feeling of sadness induced by autumn] (Yao Zhang)

悲觀 [pessimism] (Yao Zhang)

悲酸 [sad] (Yao Zhang)

悼辭 [message of condolence] (Yao Zhang)

暖翠 [soft green of spring] (Yao Zhang)

暗香 [delicate faint fragrance] (Yao Zhang)

暢洽 [(to) penetrate everywhere] (Yao Zhang)

暢達 [prosperous] (Yao Zhang)

暢適 [relaxed] (Yao Zhang)

暮景 [sunset view] (Yao Zhang)

暮歲 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

暱就 [(to) draw near to] (Yao Zhang)

暱愛 [(to) have a passionate love] (Yao Zhang)

暱近 [(to) draw near to] (Yao Zhang)

暴動 [street violence] (Yao Zhang)

暴客 [robber] (Yao Zhang)

暴徒 [roughneck] (Yao Zhang)

暴擧 [street violence] (Yao Zhang)

暴棄 [self-abandon] (Yao Zhang)

暴橫 [perverse] (Yao Zhang)

暴漢 [hoodlum] (Yao Zhang)

暴風雨 [tempest] (Yao Zhang)

曝露 [(to) expose] (Yao Zhang)

歲晚 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

歲暮 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

歲末 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

歲杪 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

歲莫 [end of the year] (Yao Zhang)

瞬目 [in a wink] (Yao Zhang)

老年 [one's old age] (Yao Zhang)

老景 [one's old age] (Yao Zhang)

不卽不離 [neither the same nor different] (Charles Muller)

京兆尹 [metropolitan Governor] (Charles Muller)

人格者 [person of character] (Charles Muller)

友人 [friend] (Charles Muller)

土器 [earthenware] (Charles Muller)

堆疊 [(to) pile up] (Charles Muller)

嬖倖 [favored retainer] (Charles Muller)

[(to) exert one's strength] (Charles Muller)

山曲 [nook in the mountains] (Charles Muller)

巡教 [(to) travel around with pewter stick] (Charles Muller)

御世 [(to) rule the empire] (Charles Muller)

御代 [period of imperial reign] (Charles Muller)

恇撓 [timid] (Charles Muller)

恩幸 [court favorite] (Charles Muller)

房皇 [(to) linger about] (Charles Muller)

施策 [policy] (Charles Muller)

暗夜 [dark evening] (Charles Muller)

杓子定規 [hard-and-fast rule] (Charles Muller)

杓子 [ladle] (Charles Muller)

狂犬 [rabid dog] (Charles Muller)

病毒 [virus] (Charles Muller)

[fistula] (Charles Muller)

[heart disease] (Charles Muller)

[(to) throw] (Charles Muller)

[(to) oppose] (Charles Muller)

相對論 [relativism] (Charles Muller)

相性 [affinity] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pile up] (Charles Muller)

硌硌 [hard] (Charles Muller)

[crag] (Charles Muller)

[stone base or plinth] (Charles Muller)

[boulders] (Charles Muller)

[glutinous rice plants] (Charles Muller)

[stem of a grain plant] (Charles Muller)

[(to) gather] (Charles Muller)

糯稻 [glutinous rice plants] (Charles Muller)

累積 [(to) pile up] (Charles Muller)

背逆 [(to) revolt] (Charles Muller)

舊罪 [past crimes] (Charles Muller)

芍藥 [peony] (Charles Muller)

花柄 [flower stalk] (Charles Muller)

花梗 [flower stalk] (Charles Muller)

苅安 [silvergrass] (Charles Muller)

贔屓 [(to) exert one's strength] (Charles Muller)

贔屭 [(to) exert one's strength] (Charles Muller)

郭大 [broad] (Charles Muller)

閏年 [leap year] (Charles Muller)

陜西 [Shanxi] (Charles Muller)

陶器 [earthenware] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 332