DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries January 2020

Significantly Revised

小叢林 [minor monastery] (Erez Joskovich)

進士 [presented scholar] (Charles Muller)

妄境界熏習 [perfuming by the erroneous cognition of an external world ] (Billy Brewster)

增長取熏習 [perfuming that intensifies attachment] (Billy Brewster)

妄心熏習 [perfuming by the deluded mind] (Billy Brewster)

淨法熏習 [perfuming by pure dharmas] (Billy Brewster)

無明熏習 [perfuming by nescience] (Billy Brewster)

汾陽十八問 [Fenyangʼs eighteen kinds of questions] (Charles Muller)

虛僞 [conceptual proliferation] (Billy Brewster)

現識 [perceptual consciousness] (Billy Brewster)

八道支 [eight-limbed path] (Charles Muller)

六正行 [six correct practices] (Charles Muller)

延壽 [Yanshou] (Charles Muller)

金剛針 [diamond needle] (Dan Lusthaus)

玄詔 [Genshō] (Erez Joskovich)

異熟性 [having the nature of karmic ripening] (Piotr Pieścik)

New Entries: 251 (DDB Total: 73,742)

羊面 [sheep faced] {Bee Scherer}

世俗道 [conventional way] {Billy Brewster}

出世間定 [supramundane concentration] {Billy Brewster}

四熏習 [four kinds of perfuming] {Billy Brewster}

大功德人 [a person of great merit] {Billy Brewster}

妄心薰習 [perfuming by the deluded mind] {Billy Brewster}

妄熏眞 [delusion perfuming thusness] {Billy Brewster}

審問 [to inquire] {Billy Brewster}

少因 [contributory cause] {Billy Brewster}

我知者 [self qua cognizer] {Billy Brewster}

所起見愛熏習 [perfuming by erroneous cognition and attachment] {Billy Brewster}

摩拭 [to wash] {Billy Brewster}

眞熏妄 [thusness perfuming delusion] {Billy Brewster}

識如如 [thusness of consciousness] {Billy Brewster}

彌𤚥婆 [Mīmâṃsa] {Dan Lusthaus}

上肩下肩 [upper shoulder and lower shoulder] {Erez Joskovich}

侍者寮 [attendantʼs residence] {Erez Joskovich}

侍司 [attendantʼs dorm] {Erez Joskovich}

入殿 [to enter a hall] {Erez Joskovich}

古溪宗陳 [Kokei Sōchin] {Erez Joskovich}

大興心宗禪師虎穴錄 [Record of Koketsu] {Erez Joskovich}

宗訢 [Sōkin] {Erez Joskovich}

宗昕 [Sōkin] {Erez Joskovich}

宗亙 [Sōkō] {Erez Joskovich}

宗顯 [Zongxian] {Erez Joskovich}

宗良 [Sōryō] {Erez Joskovich}

小叢林略淸規 [Summary of the Rules of Purity For Small [Chan] Monasteries] {Erez Joskovich}

希膺 [Kiyō] {Erez Joskovich}

床緣 [platform edge] {Erez Joskovich}

德玉 [Deyu] {Erez Joskovich}

德翁良高 [Tokuō Ryōko] {Erez Joskovich}

景川宗隆 [Keisen Sōryū] {Erez Joskovich}

末書 [appended commentaries] {Erez Joskovich}

牀緣 [platform edge] {Erez Joskovich}

珠心 [Shushin] {Erez Joskovich}

瑞泉寺 [Zuisenji] {Erez Joskovich}

白幽子 [Hakuyūshi] {Erez Joskovich}

禪林寶訓 [Chanlin baoxun] {Erez Joskovich}

紹琮 [Jōsō] {Erez Joskovich}

自受用三昧 [samādhi of self-enjoyment] {Erez Joskovich}

虎穴錄 [Record of Koketsu] {Erez Joskovich}

同境依 [same objective support] {Piotr Pieścik}

四義平等 [four meanings of sameness] {Piotr Pieścik}

執心非量 [appropriation of mind by mistaken perception] {Piotr Pieścik}

非執心非量 [mistaken perception that is not the appropriation of mind] {Piotr Pieścik}

三摩地力 [samādhi power] {Charles Muller}

三無上 [three types of unsurpassed (aspects of practice and realization)] {Charles Muller}

上品忍 [superior level of tolerance] {Charles Muller}

上品性 [best quality] {Charles Muller}

不會問 [question clarifying something that was not understood] {Charles Muller}

不欣樂 [does not take pleasure in] {Charles Muller}

不見邊際 [does not see all the way to the end] {Charles Muller}

中位修 [cultivation in the middle stages] {Charles Muller}

五力位 [stage of the five powers] {Charles Muller}

五根位 [stage of the five faculties] {Charles Muller}

五種過失 [five kinds of errors] {Charles Muller}

他損害 [harm incurred from others] {Charles Muller}

令他信支 [limb of leading others to faith] {Charles Muller}

令他信受 [cause others to believe] {Charles Muller}

伏行 [subduing activity] {Charles Muller}

住正念已 [having abided in correct mindfulness] {Charles Muller}

作意正行 [correct practice of mental orientation] {Charles Muller}

依處最勝 [excellence of basis] {Charles Muller}

信安 [stability in faith] {Charles Muller}

修八 [eight kinds of cultivation] {Charles Muller}

修善法 [to cultivate wholesome dharmas] {Charles Muller}

修念 [to cultivate mindfulness] {Charles Muller}

修證無上 [unsurpassed practice and realization] {Charles Muller}

借事問 [question that utilizes a parable or example] {Charles Muller}

假問 [question regarding a provisional explanation] {Charles Muller}

偏僻 [to test the masterʼs realization] {Charles Muller}

偏僻問 [question testing the masterʼs depth of realization] {Charles Muller}

偏辟問 [question testing the masterʼs depth of realization] {Charles Muller}

像讚 [to praise a portrait] {Charles Muller}

像贊 [to praise a portrait] {Charles Muller}

六十四卦 [sixty-four hexagrams] {Charles Muller}

出世後得 [attained after transmundane experience] {Charles Muller}

出離位 [stage of emancipation] {Charles Muller}

分別支 [limb of ascertainment] {Charles Muller}

初位修 [cultivation in the beginning stage] {Charles Muller}

勝利位 [stage of excellent benefit] {Charles Muller}

勝靜慮 [excellent meditation] {Charles Muller}

勤修道 [cultivation of the path] {Charles Muller}

千利休 [Sen no Rikyū] {Charles Muller}

博問 [to inquire broadly] {Charles Muller}

印證 [to certify] {Charles Muller}

受用成熟他 [maturation of enjoyment of others] {Charles Muller}

受記位 [stage of receiving assurance] {Charles Muller}

呈解問 [question wherein the student offers his own opinion] {Charles Muller}

咨參 [to inquire to a master] {Charles Muller}

因漸次 [causal gradual advancement] {Charles Muller}

堪能位 [level of suitability] {Charles Muller}

增勝修 [cultivation of excellent (mindfulness)] {Charles Muller}

增德 [increase merit] {Charles Muller}

大乘光 [Dasheng Guang] {Charles Muller}

大定 [to be great meditative absorption ] {Charles Muller}

大慈慧光禪師 [Daiji Ekō zenji] {Charles Muller}

天門冬 [Asparagus lucidus] {Charles Muller}

奈何 [How?] {Charles Muller}

如數 [according to number] {Charles Muller}

委頓 [to decline] {Charles Muller}

安定捨 [pliancy, meditative concentration, and equanimity] {Charles Muller}

宗頓 [Sōton] {Charles Muller}

富樂自在 [unfettered wealth and enjoyment] {Charles Muller}

察辨問 [the master tries a traineeʼs capacity with a puling question] {Charles Muller}

實問 [question regarding reality] {Charles Muller}

對治障支 [limb of counteracting hindrances] {Charles Muller}

對治障 [to counteract hindrances] {Charles Muller}

對當 [to confront] {Charles Muller}

已遍知 [having fully comprehended...] {Charles Muller}

平等而流 [to flow evenly] {Charles Muller}

廣大最勝 [vast excellence] {Charles Muller}

彌曼差 [Mīmâṃsa] {Charles Muller}

後位修 [cultivation in the later stages] {Charles Muller}

後後引發 [successively impelled] {Charles Muller}

後後果 [successive effects] {Charles Muller}

得値 [to reach to] {Charles Muller}

徵問 [question asked as a form of rebuke] {Charles Muller}

心行問 [student asks the master about a problem that she or he is particularly suffering with in the context of practice] {Charles Muller}

志高遠 [eminence] {Charles Muller}

念住觀 [contemplation of the bases of mindfulness.] {Charles Muller}

念記言 [mindful of, remembering] {Charles Muller}

怖我斷滅由斯離 [through this one is freed from fear of extinction of the self] {Charles Muller}

思擇修習二力 [two powers of critical analysis and spiritual cultivation] {Charles Muller}

悟溪 [Gokei] {Charles Muller}

成所作位 [stage of accomplishment of activity] {Charles Muller}

我執所依 [basis of grasping to a self] {Charles Muller}

所欲勝事 [excellent objects that are desired] {Charles Muller}

所緣無上 [unsurpassed objective supports] {Charles Muller}

所陵雜 [to be mixed up with] {Charles Muller}

投機問 [to ask a question based on what one is thinking at the moment] {Charles Muller}

探拔問 [questioning to test the depth of another personʼs realization] {Charles Muller}

損減修 [cultivation of elimination] {Charles Muller}

擎擔問 [question intended to make the other person look foolish] {Charles Muller}

攝受最勝 [excellence in reception] {Charles Muller}

散亂增 [powerful mental disturbances] {Charles Muller}

數習果 [effects of habituation] {Charles Muller}

日峰 [Nippō] {Charles Muller}

明問 [question asking for further clarification] {Charles Muller}

智無上 [unsurpassed cognition] {Charles Muller}

暖頂 [warmth and the tipping point] {Charles Muller}

最初果 [initial effect] {Charles Muller}

最勝正行 [most excellent correct practice ] {Charles Muller}

有上果 [superior result] {Charles Muller}

有勝勢用 [to possess power] {Charles Muller}

有麤重諸行 [to possess debilitation and conditioned phenomena] {Charles Muller}

染淨法 [defiled and pure dharmas] {Charles Muller}

欲冀 [to ardently desire] {Charles Muller}

欲勤 [desire to make effort] {Charles Muller}

欲對治 [to desire to correct] {Charles Muller}

正教授教誡 [to correctly explicate the doctrine and the precepts] {Charles Muller}

正精進正念 [right effort and right mindfulness.] {Charles Muller}

正行無上 [unsurpassed practice] {Charles Muller}

正語正業正命 [right speech, right action, right livelihood] {Charles Muller}

殊勝位 [stage of excellence] {Charles Muller}

殊勝果 [most excellent result] {Charles Muller}

江戶時代 [Edo period] {Charles Muller}

治障 [to subdue hindrances] {Charles Muller}

淨不淨位 [stage of (both) purity and impurity] {Charles Muller}

淸代 [Qing dynasty] {Charles Muller}

渤海 [K. Balhae] {Charles Muller}

滿已 [having been fulfilled] {Charles Muller}

無上位 [unexcelled stage] {Charles Muller}

無上修 [peerless cultivation] {Charles Muller}

無上依 [most reliable] {Charles Muller}

無倒有倒隨 [not having cognitive distortion, but having ancillary cognitive distortion] {Charles Muller}

無差別正行 [correct practice without distinctions] {Charles Muller}

無盡最勝 [inexhaustible excellence] {Charles Muller}

無間最勝 [uninterrupted excellence] {Charles Muller}

無難最勝 [excellence without difficulty] {Charles Muller}

熏習成 [completion of perfuming] {Charles Muller}

爲甚 [what?] {Charles Muller}

爲甚麼 [What?] {Charles Muller}

特爲飯 [to serve a specified person with boiled rice] {Charles Muller}

瑩飾修 [cultivation of adornment] {Charles Muller}

由因緣 [through causes and conditions] {Charles Muller}

由所緣 [through objective supports] {Charles Muller}

由能隨覺 [through becoming aware of] {Charles Muller}

痛自 [to undergo personal pains] {Charles Muller}

發起最勝 [excellence] {Charles Muller}

祖師西來 [patriarchal teacher comes from the West] {Charles Muller}

究竟最勝 [excellence of the final outcome] {Charles Muller}

究竟果 [ultimate result] {Charles Muller}

等流最勝 [excellence of natural results] {Charles Muller}

精進已 [having [aroused] zeal] {Charles Muller}

純白 [pure white] {Charles Muller}

繫念安住 [to calm the mind] {Charles Muller}

置問 [question that cites an ancient precedent] {Charles Muller}

耐煩 [to have patience] {Charles Muller}

聖觀 [Shōkan] {Charles Muller}

能性 [potential] {Charles Muller}

能斷道 [path of elimination] {Charles Muller}

能果 [effect] {Charles Muller}

自他相 [marks of self and other] {Charles Muller}

自在最勝 [excellence in mastery] {Charles Muller}

自證三昧 [samādhi of self-witnessing] {Charles Muller}

自贊 [to praise oneself] {Charles Muller}

至得最勝 [excellence of attainment] {Charles Muller}

至得殊勝 [up to the attainment of the most excellent] {Charles Muller}

若何 [How?] {Charles Muller}

若爲 [How?] {Charles Muller}

薄冰 [thin ice] {Charles Muller}

虛喪 [to waste] {Charles Muller}

行無上 [unsurpassed practice] {Charles Muller}

觀察法 [contemplate phenomena] {Charles Muller}

解脫無上 [unsurpassed liberation] {Charles Muller}

解行位 [stage of resolute practice] {Charles Muller}

記言 [to recall] {Charles Muller}

誨示 [to guide] {Charles Muller}

誨示他支 [the limb of guiding others] {Charles Muller}

請益問 [request from the student that the teacher be his guide] {Charles Muller}

諸神通 [supranormal powers] {Charles Muller}

證入位 [stage of realizing and entering] {Charles Muller}

證出世間法 [realize transmundane dharma] {Charles Muller}

證得位 [stage of consummation] {Charles Muller}

辯說位 [stage of eloquence] {Charles Muller}

近對治 [direct antidote] {Charles Muller}

進士 [presented scholar] {Charles Muller}

鄰近見道 [to approach the Path of Seeing] {Charles Muller}

長時最勝 [long-term excellence] {Charles Muller}

開覺修 [cultivation of awakening] {Charles Muller}

除餘 [to remove] {Charles Muller}

陵雜 [to be mixed up with] {Charles Muller}

障滅果 [result of extinguishment of hindrances] {Charles Muller}

隨修 [practice in accordance (with the correct dharma)] {Charles Muller}

隨法正行 [correct practice of according with the Dharma] {Charles Muller}

隨衆 [to train under a master together] {Charles Muller}

隨順果 [accordant result] {Charles Muller}

離二邊正行 [correct practice free from the two extremes] {Charles Muller}

離如聞言諸法迷謬 [free from confusion in regard to the literal meanings of various teachings] {Charles Muller}

離集精進 [effort to remove hindrances and cultivate antidotes] {Charles Muller}

順取依 [same objective support] {Charles Muller}

順無顚倒 [conducive to not having cognitive distortion] {Charles Muller}

順解脫分旣圓滿 [faculties conducive to liberation are consummated] {Charles Muller}

高高峰頂立 [to stand on the top of the highest peak] {Charles Muller}

默問 [question made without speaking] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 95 (CJKV-E Total: 61,475)

互體 [interlocking trigrams] (Joseph Adler)

旁通 [(to) know thoroughly] (Joseph Adler)

團魚 [trionyx sinensis] (Yao Zhang)

地價 [price of land] (Yao Zhang)

地質學 [geology] (Yao Zhang)

壞血病 [scurvy] (Yao Zhang)

外官 [Outer Officials] (Yao Zhang)

夜光 [nocturnal luminescence] (Yao Zhang)

夜遊 [night amusements] (Yao Zhang)

大比 [census held every three years] (Yao Zhang)

大理石 [marble] (Yao Zhang)

天門冬 [asparagus lucidus] (Yao Zhang)

女公 [noble lady] (Yao Zhang)

姑母 [younger sister of one's father] (Yao Zhang)

委命 [(to) follow the arrangement of fate] (Yao Zhang)

委巷 [secluded and desolate winding alleys] (Yao Zhang)

委瑣 [(to) stick to trivialities] (Yao Zhang)

委積 [(to) pile up] (Yao Zhang)

委靡 [dispirited] (Yao Zhang)

委頓 [(to) decline] (Yao Zhang)

姣好 [charming] (Yao Zhang)

姣麗 [charming] (Yao Zhang)

姨婆 [mother's sisters] (Yao Zhang)

姿色 [ (Feminine) beauty] (Yao Zhang)

姿貌 [appearance] (Yao Zhang)

威信 [prestige and reputation] (Yao Zhang)

威望 [prestige and fame] (Yao Zhang)

威權 [influence and power] (Yao Zhang)

威福 [(to) tyrannically abuse one's power] (Yao Zhang)

嬰鱗 [reverse the lower scales of the dragon's throat] (Yao Zhang)

子夜 [midnight] [Ziye] (Yao Zhang)

子婿 [son-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

子金 [interest] (Yao Zhang)

子錢 [interest] (Yao Zhang)

寥亮 [resonant] (Yao Zhang)

寥戻 [resonant] (Yao Zhang)

專利 [(to) seek personal gains] (Yao Zhang)

尸位 [(to) hold a sinecure job] [neglect the duties of an office while taking pay] (Yao Zhang)

山妻 [my rustic wife] (Yao Zhang)

潰亂 [(to) disperse in confusion] (Yao Zhang)

黃疸 [jaundice] (Yao Zhang)

久雨 [long rain] (Charles Muller)

互卦 [interlocking trigrams] (Charles Muller)

助敎 [assistant instructor] (Charles Muller)

四神 [four gods] (Charles Muller)

姑妹 [younger sister of one's father] (Charles Muller)

形代 [substitute placed on the altar to represent the deity] (Charles Muller)

推戴 [acclaimed as leader] (Charles Muller)

教示 [(to) guide] (Charles Muller)

日瘧 [recurring illness] (Charles Muller)

[black] [You] (Charles Muller)

[chi] (Charles Muller)

[(to) flow around] (Charles Muller)

[(to) overflow] (Charles Muller)

淸代 [qing (Manchu) dynasty] (Charles Muller)

[(to) boil raw silk or other kinds of raw thread materials] (Charles Muller)

[water bubbles up] [Pen] (Charles Muller)

湓水 [Penshui] (Charles Muller)

湓江 [Penjiang] (Charles Muller)

湓浦 [Penpu] (Charles Muller)

湓溢 [water overflows] (Charles Muller)

[Nan] (Charles Muller)

[name of a river] [Li] (Charles Muller)

滂通 [(to) know thoroughly] (Charles Muller)

[bright shimmering on the water's surface] [Hao] (Charles Muller)

滈汗 [water flowing a long way] (Charles Muller)

滈滈 [bright shimmering on the water's surface] (Charles Muller)

滈瀑 [turbulent waters] (Charles Muller)

[boiling up of water] (Charles Muller)

潗潗 [sound of water gushing up] (Charles Muller)

潗濈 [water gushing out from a spring] (Charles Muller)

[sound of water flowing] [Bi] (Charles Muller)

[(to) clarify] (Charles Muller)

[(to) broil] (Charles Muller)

痛自 [(to) undergo personal pain] (Charles Muller)

石灰岩 [limestone] (Charles Muller)

緣事 [official business] (Charles Muller)

縞模樣 [striped pattern] (Charles Muller)

縣境 [prefectural border] (Charles Muller)

繼任 [(to) succeed someone in a job] (Charles Muller)

自贊 [(to) praise oneself] (Charles Muller)

菜蔬 [greens] (Charles Muller)

蔬菜 [greens] (Charles Muller)

蔬蔌 [greens] (Charles Muller)

蝶子 [butterfly] (Charles Muller)

誨示 [(to) guide] (Charles Muller)

逆鱗 [reverse the lower scales of the dragon's throat] (Charles Muller)

郷試 [provincial civil service examination] (Charles Muller)

鄭玄 [Zheng Xuan] (Charles Muller)

野菜 [greens] (Charles Muller)

野蔬 [greens] (Charles Muller)

陵雜 [mixed up with] (Charles Muller)

雲南 [Yunnan] (Charles Muller)

鹽藏 [(to) preserve in salt] (Charles Muller)

(Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 346