DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries December 2019

Significantly Revised

放生 [releasing animals for merit] (Michel Mohr)

五教 [five doctrinal schools] (Charles Muller)

五教九山 [five doctrinal schools and nine mountain schools] (Charles Muller)

門頭行者 [gate duty lay postulant] (Griffith Foulk)

門頭 [in the vicinity of the gate] (Griffith Foulk)

大樓炭經 [Sutra on the Great Conflagration] (Dan Lusthaus)

四明尊者教行錄 [Siming zunzhe jiaoxing lu] (Charles Muller)

New Entries: 67 (DDB Total: 73,408)

九德 [nine qualities [of the self] ] {Billy Brewster}

事毒 [poison of phenomena] {Billy Brewster}

五業根 [five faculties of physical activity] {Billy Brewster}

何妨 [why not? ] {Billy Brewster}

刹尼迦 [momentary] {Billy Brewster}

受時 [when sensation is experienced ] {Billy Brewster}

單中 [exclusive mean] {Billy Brewster}

實眞如 [thusness] {Billy Brewster}

實性眞如 [thusness] {Billy Brewster}

無所繫屬 [not tethered to anything] {Billy Brewster}

理毒 [poison of principle] {Billy Brewster}

眞實眞如 [thusness] {Billy Brewster}

稱境 [to correspond to an object] {Billy Brewster}

行毒 [poison of action] {Billy Brewster}

親照 [to cognize directly ] {Billy Brewster}

一歲 [a year] {Charles Muller}

三百六十骨節 [three hundred and sixty bones and joints] {Charles Muller}

乍入叢林 [to newly enter a Chan monastery] {Charles Muller}

代代 [for generations] {Charles Muller}

像起 [the arising of images] {Charles Muller}

六趣生死 [birth and death through the six destinies] {Charles Muller}

半夜 [midnight] {Charles Muller}

半宵 [midnight] {Charles Muller}

去却 [to remove] {Charles Muller}

去卻 [to remove] {Charles Muller}

唯心起 [arise from mind-only] {Charles Muller}

喫粥 [to eat rice gruel] {Charles Muller}

四明尊者 [Venerable of Siming] {Charles Muller}

四道理 [four kinds of reasoning] {Charles Muller}

困難 [difficulty] {Charles Muller}

失命 [lose oneʼs life] {Charles Muller}

奚仲造車 [Xi Zhong makes a wheel] {Charles Muller}

對答 [to reply to questions] {Charles Muller}

廣百論釋論 [Guang bai lun shi lun] {Charles Muller}

愚童 [foolish child] {Charles Muller}

成義 [form a meaning] {Charles Muller}

提衣 [to present the robes] {Charles Muller}

教行錄 [Record of Teaching and Practice] {Charles Muller}

暴水 [flood] {Charles Muller}

有省 [to awaken] {Charles Muller}

樓炭 [creation and destruction] {Charles Muller}

法相法爾 [characteristics of dharmas just as they are] {Charles Muller}

洗缽 [to wash one's bowl] {Charles Muller}

洗鉢 [wash one's bowl] {Charles Muller}

烏婆塞 [(Skt. upāsaka)] {Charles Muller}

狂雲集 [Crazy Cloud Collection] {Charles Muller}

猫兒 [a cat] {Charles Muller}

甚麼邊 [What…?] {Charles Muller}

異生羝羊住心 [mental state of an unenlightened man or sheep] {Charles Muller}

社堂 [meditation hall] {Charles Muller}

粥飯 [congee and rice] {Charles Muller}

良醫治子喩 [the parable of the excellent physician who cures his children] {Charles Muller}

見色聞聲 [see forms and hear sounds] {Charles Muller}

貓兒 [a cat] {Charles Muller}

責呵 [to scold] {Charles Muller}

路逢達道 [meeting an adept on the road] {Charles Muller}

那伽阿順那 [Nāgârjuna ] {Charles Muller}

鐵丸 [iron ball] {Charles Muller}

門前刹竿 [flagpole at the temple gate] {Charles Muller}

首山竹篦 [Shoushan's clapper] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 108 (CJKV-E Total: 61,381)

七面鳥 [turkey] (Yao Zhang)

三墳五典 [legendary records that deal with the three sovereigns 三皇 and five emperors 五帝] (Yao Zhang)

三段論法 [three-stage syllogism] (Yao Zhang)

三稜鏡 [prism] (Yao Zhang)

不中用 [unfit for anything] (Yao Zhang)

不常 [seldom] (Yao Zhang)

不耐煩 [impatience] (Yao Zhang)

不規則 [irregular] (Yao Zhang)

五眼 [five eyes] (Yao Zhang)

交差 [(to) resign] [render a report of what one has done] (Yao Zhang)

他動 [(to) deal with some other thing] (Yao Zhang)

作苦 [(to) become bitter] (Yao Zhang)

供應 [(to) supply] (Yao Zhang)

侫幸 [flattering courtiers] (Yao Zhang)

便服 [everyday clothes] (Yao Zhang)

便章 [(to) distinguish clearly people's abilities] (Yao Zhang)

倫敦 [london] (Yao Zhang)

備忘 [(to) remind] (Yao Zhang)

傳疑 [(to) pass on with reservations] (Yao Zhang)

元月 [january] (Yao Zhang)

元本 [origin of a thing] (Yao Zhang)

入定 [(to) enter into concentration] (Yao Zhang)

內金 [bargain money] (Yao Zhang)

八大山人 [Bada Shanren] (Yao Zhang)

冷罨法 [cold compress] (Yao Zhang)

出格 [unusual] (Yao Zhang)

刀創 [scar from a sword wound] (Yao Zhang)

分水嶺 [watershed] (Yao Zhang)

分派 [(to) break off into different factions] (Yao Zhang)

分身 [(to) give birth] (Yao Zhang)

刺字 [(to) tattoo] (Yao Zhang)

刺骨 [piercing to the bone] (Yao Zhang)

剌剌 [sound of the wind] (Yao Zhang)

創制 [(to) create] (Yao Zhang)

劊子手 [executioner] (Yao Zhang)

助動詞 [auxiliary verb] (Yao Zhang)

助詞 [auxiliary] (Yao Zhang)

勵行 [(to) enforce strictly] [make great efforts to carry out] (Yao Zhang)

化學 [chemistry] (Yao Zhang)

北道主 [master of the northern way] [host who helps and takes care of passing travelers] (Yao Zhang)

反正 [(to) get back on track] (Yao Zhang)

台風 [stage manners] (Yao Zhang)

吐綬雞 [turkey] (Yao Zhang)

吐谷渾 [tuyuhun] (Yao Zhang)

呫嚅 [(to) speak fluently] (Yao Zhang)

咿喔 [cackling of fowl] (Yao Zhang)

嘍囉 [(to) make one's words vague] (Yao Zhang)

噴水 [(to) spray water] (Yao Zhang)

噴霧 [(to) spout mist] (Yao Zhang)

嚄嘖 [(to) babble] (Yao Zhang)

嚅唲 [(to) make a forced smile] (Yao Zhang)

嚴親 [strict parents] (Yao Zhang)

囁嚅 [(to) stammer] (Yao Zhang)

回復 [(to) return] (Yao Zhang)

回歸 [(to) return] (Yao Zhang)

圖籍 [map of territory and census register] (Yao Zhang)

圖解 [explain or analyze by a diagram] (Yao Zhang)

團匪 [gang of bandits] (Yao Zhang)

團圓 [round] (Yao Zhang)

團扇 [moon-shaped fan] (Yao Zhang)

團結 [unity] (Yao Zhang)

團練 [local training group] (Yao Zhang)

失笑 [(to) burst out in laughter] (Yao Zhang)

契兄 [sworn brothers] (Yao Zhang)

嬌女 [lovely girl] (Yao Zhang)

嬌娘 [beautiful young girl] (Yao Zhang)

嬌憨 [simple and naive] (Yao Zhang)

嬰疾 [(to) fall ill] (Yao Zhang)

小廝 [young male servant] (Yao Zhang)

就令 [even if] (Yao Zhang)

繃帶 [linen for binding up wounds] (Yao Zhang)

耐煩 [(to) have patience] (Yao Zhang)

褻衣 [everyday clothes] (Yao Zhang)

諒解 [reconciled] (Yao Zhang)

三角柱 [triangular prism] (Charles Muller)

主唱 [(to) advocate] (Charles Muller)

主幹 [trunk] (Charles Muller)

二君 [two rulers] (Charles Muller)

俳句 [haiku] (Charles Muller)

僂儸 [sharp] (Charles Muller)

刀傷 [sword wound] (Charles Muller)

刀痕 [scar from a sword wound] (Charles Muller)

刀瘡 [scar from a sword wound] (Charles Muller)

刀瘢 [scar from a sword wound] (Charles Muller)

創刊 [(to) begin publishing a periodical] (Charles Muller)

加答兒 [catarrh] (Charles Muller)

包帶 [dressing] (Charles Muller)

厲行 [(to) enforce strictly] [make great efforts to carry out] (Charles Muller)

國司 [provincial governor] (Charles Muller)

國造 [regional official from a local powerful family] (Charles Muller)

失笑噴飯 [(to) burst out in laughter] (Charles Muller)

嬰病 [(to) fall ill] (Charles Muller)

官者 [official] (Charles Muller)

得賢 [gain the services of a worthy man] (Charles Muller)

[deep] (Charles Muller)

無兩 [not two] (Charles Muller)

煩劇 [stressful] (Charles Muller)

獸姦 [bestiality] (Charles Muller)

玻璃 [glass] (Charles Muller)

硝子 [crystal] (Charles Muller)

祕書官 [ministerʼs secretary] (Charles Muller)

禁酒 [abstinence from alcohol] (Charles Muller)

租稅 [taxes] (Charles Muller)

蒙古 [mongolia] (Charles Muller)

要在 [the important thing is...] (Charles Muller)

賦斂 [(to) levy taxes] (Charles Muller)

遞信 [telecommunications] (Charles Muller)

[chains] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 175