DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries June 2019

Significantly Revised

滅滅 [cessation of cessation] (Billy Brewster)

自滅 [to cease automatically] (Billy Brewster)

四願 [four wishes] (Charles Muller)

五會念佛 [five stage progression for chanting the Buddhaʼs name] (Charles Jones)

八識 [eight consciousnesses] (Charles Muller)

金剛般若波羅蜜經 [Diamond Sutra] (Charles Muller)

大般若波羅蜜多經 [Mahāprajñāpāramitā-sūtra] (Charles Muller)

大乘廣百論釋論 [Dasheng guang bai lun shi lun] (Billy Brewster)

New Entries: 187 (DDB Total: 72,980)

四願經 [Scripture on the Four Wishes] {Stuart Young}

癡王 [Mogharāja] {Dan Lusthaus}

五事報 [five forms of retribution] {Billy Brewster}

依持門 [aspect of supporting (the one mind)] {Billy Brewster}

十種時分 [tenfold division of time] {Billy Brewster}

外明 [external source of light ] {Billy Brewster}

實相分 [the true seen part of perception ] {Billy Brewster}

寶頂經 [Ratna-kūṭa] {Billy Brewster}

後智二分 [two parts of post-enlightenment cognition ] {Billy Brewster}

猫狸 [civet-cat] {Billy Brewster}

珠水 [teardrop] {Billy Brewster}

用因 [functioning cause] {Billy Brewster}

緣彼 [to cognize it] {Billy Brewster}

緣起一心門 [aspect of conditioning the one mind] {Billy Brewster}

纔生卽滅 [to cease upon arising] {Billy Brewster}

引聲念佛 [drawn-out recitation of the Buddhaʼs name] {Charles Jones}

念佛施戒會 [Association for Remembering the Name of the Buddha with Generosity and Morality] {Charles Jones}

想像 [images produced by thought] {Charles Muller}

佛說四願經 [The Buddha Expounds the Scripture on the Four Wishes] {Stuart Young}

一切群生 [all beings] {Charles Muller}

一彈指頃 [a snap of the fingers] {Charles Muller}

一棒 [a Chan master brandishes his staff to startle his disciple] {Charles Muller}

一聞千悟 [to understand a thousand things by hearing only one] {Charles Muller}

七種大義 [seven senses of greatness] {Charles Muller}

三乘十二分教 [teaching of the three vehicles and twelve divisions of the canon] {Charles Muller}

三常 [three kinds of constancy] {Charles Muller}

上器 [great capacity] {Charles Muller}

下句 [the next phrase] {Charles Muller}

不徇 [does not follow] {Charles Muller}

不恁麼 [not thus] {Charles Muller}

不消 [not extinct] {Charles Muller}

不能爲害 [cannot be harmed] {Charles Muller}

不能著 [unable to attach] {Charles Muller}

不量 [does not count] {Charles Muller}

事大 [greatness of the buddhaʼs works] {Charles Muller}

五三 [five or three] {Charles Muller}

五六 [fifty-six] {Charles Muller}

五陰身 [body composed of the five aggregates] {Charles Muller}

作繭 [to spin a cocoon] {Charles Muller}

優遊 [calm] {Charles Muller}

優遊靜坐 [calmly and quietly sitting] {Charles Muller}

六根互用 [synaesthesia] {Charles Muller}

冷煖自知 [automatically know warm and cold] {Charles Muller}

凝心 [focus the mind] {Charles Muller}

分付 [to allocate] {Charles Muller}

別善惡 [to distinguish good and bad] {Charles Muller}

利刀 [sharp sword] {Charles Muller}

利劒 [sharp sword] {Charles Muller}

到底 [after all] {Charles Muller}

十字街頭 [crossroads] {Charles Muller}

十字路 [crossroads] {Charles Muller}

千里萬里 [a thousand li, ten thousand li] {Charles Muller}

參尋知識 [inquire with those who know] {Charles Muller}

受用不盡 [to use without exhaustion] {Charles Muller}

嗔心 [anger] {Charles Muller}

四不如願經 [Scripture on the Four Unrealistic Wishes] {Charles Muller}

四十里 [forty li] {Charles Muller}

因什麼 [based on what?] {Charles Muller}

因緣會遇 [convergence of causes and conditions] {Charles Muller}

執有之見 [views of attachment to existence] {Charles Muller}

失去 [to expulse] {Charles Muller}

奔走 [to rush about] {Charles Muller}

對法者 [(Skt. Ābhidhārmika)] {Charles Muller}

尙自 [still] {Charles Muller}

差殊 [to differ] {Charles Muller}

庶人 [the common people] {Charles Muller}

得魚 [to catch a fish] {Charles Muller}

從本已來 [from the beginning] {Charles Muller}

御者 [driver of a horse carriage] {Charles Muller}

徵難 [to object] {Charles Muller}

心法雙亡 [mind and its objects are both forgotten] {Charles Muller}

忘筌 [to forget about the net] {Charles Muller}

悉曇五十字門 [fifty siddhaṃ syllables] {Charles Muller}

應散壞 [should disintegrate] {Charles Muller}

所涉 [that which is tread upon] {Charles Muller}

所遊 [traversed] {Charles Muller}

折旋俯仰 [bending, turning, looking up, looking down] {Charles Muller}

拍拍 [tempo] {Charles Muller}

拘禁 [to catch and tie up] {Charles Muller}

拘繫 [to catch and tie up] {Charles Muller}

揩定 [step in proper order] {Charles Muller}

[to move] {Charles Muller}

摸索未著 [to seek for but not find] {Charles Muller}

斂念 [to focus one's thoughts] {Charles Muller}

斷定 [judge] {Charles Muller}

斷金 [to cut through metal] {Charles Muller}

日性 [nature of the sun] {Charles Muller}

明炬 [blazing torch] {Charles Muller}

明見佛性 [clearly see the Buddha Nature] {Charles Muller}

昏散 [depression and distraction] {Charles Muller}

曆代法寶記 [Lidai fabao ji] {Charles Muller}

曹溪路 [path of Caoxi] {Charles Muller}

有爲功 [conditioned merit] {Charles Muller}

未發菩提心 [not yet giving rise to the aspiration for enlightenment] {Charles Muller}

東海鯉魚 [carp of the Eastern Sea] {Charles Muller}

果敢 [resolute] {Charles Muller}

根本重罪 [fundamental grave sins] {Charles Muller}

榮樂 [to enjoy] {Charles Muller}

殃過 [disaster] {Charles Muller}

決定說 [decisive statement] {Charles Muller}

河沙功德 [merits as numerous as the sands if the River Ganges] {Charles Muller}

流浪生死 [carried in the flow of birth-and-death] {Charles Muller}

涓涓 [to flow continuously] {Charles Muller}

淨瑠璃含寶月 [like lapis lazuli containing the jeweled moon] {Charles Muller}

深達 [penetrate deeply] {Charles Muller}

淸爽 [lucid style] {Charles Muller}

淸霄 [azure sky] {Charles Muller}

漭漭 [foggy] {Charles Muller}

漭漭蕩蕩 [densely growing and spreading out] {Charles Muller}

無妨 [no obstruction] {Charles Muller}

無損益 [neither loss nor gain] {Charles Muller}

無有罣礙 [there is no obstruction] {Charles Muller}

無有邊 [boundless] {Charles Muller}

無猶豫 [unwavering] {Charles Muller}

無生路 [path of nonarising] {Charles Muller}

無罪福 [neither punishment nor reward] {Charles Muller}

焰焰 [blazing] {Charles Muller}

然燈如來 [Dīpaṃ-karas tathāgataḥ] {Charles Muller}

熱鐵輪 [scalding-hot iron wheel] {Charles Muller}

狀若 [like] {Charles Muller}

獅子兒 [lion cubs] {Charles Muller}

獅子奮迅 [lion aroused to anger] {Charles Muller}

王饍 [royal feast] {Charles Muller}

甚深般若波羅蜜多 [extremely profound perfection of wisdom] {Charles Muller}

生執著 [to give rise to attachment] {Charles Muller}

生死岸頭 [shores of birth-and-death] {Charles Muller}

癩疾 [leprosy] {Charles Muller}

白鶴 [white crane] {Charles Muller}

皮肉 [flesh] {Charles Muller}

眨上眉毛 [to raise oneʼs eyebrows] {Charles Muller}

破瓦碎石 [smash tiles and pulverize stones] {Charles Muller}

節食 [control one's diet] {Charles Muller}

紛拏 [chaotic struggle] {Charles Muller}

細嚼 [to chew oneʼs food well] {Charles Muller}

細嚼難飢 [if you chew your food well, itʼs difficult to be go hungry] {Charles Muller}

緣覺定性 [predetermined nature of pratyekabuddhahood] {Charles Muller}

纏逼 [to obstruct] {Charles Muller}

羸困 [emaciated] {Charles Muller}

翳目 [purblind] {Charles Muller}

者裏 [herein] {Charles Muller}

聞道 [to hear of the Way] {Charles Muller}

胡餠 [fried rice-cake with sweet beans filling] {Charles Muller}

能捨離 [able to let go of] {Charles Muller}

脩山主 [Xiu shanzhu] {Charles Muller}

般土 [to carry soil] {Charles Muller}

般若理趣分 [maxims of wisdom portion] {Charles Muller}

般若理趣 [maxims of wisdom] {Charles Muller}

花聚陀羅尼咒經 [Puṣpakūṭadhāraṇī-sūtra] {Charles Muller}

若不如此 [if it is not like this] {Charles Muller}

茫茫 [vast] {Charles Muller}

荊棘林 [forest of thorns] {Charles Muller}

莫教 [be it as it may] {Charles Muller}

菴所 [place of a hermitage] {Charles Muller}

落却天魔膽 [to crush the impudence of Māra-deva] {Charles Muller}

號令 [to give an order in a loud voice] {Charles Muller}

西天二十八祖 [twenty-eight patriarchs from the West] {Charles Muller}

談笑 [to speak calmly while smiling] {Charles Muller}

諸魔衆 [throngs of demons] {Charles Muller}

賊盜 [thief] {Charles Muller}

贊嘆 [to extol] {Charles Muller}

贊歎 [to praise] {Charles Muller}

趣味 [taste] {Charles Muller}

身根極微 [bodily faculty is extremely subtle] {Charles Muller}

轉凡爲聖 [to transform an ordinary person into a sage] {Charles Muller}

近臣 [close minister] {Charles Muller}

迷因果 [confused in regard to cause and effect] {Charles Muller}

這裡 [herein] {Charles Muller}

遊獵 [to go hunting] {Charles Muller}

過十日 [more than ten days] {Charles Muller}

遠遊 [to travel far] {Charles Muller}

那伽室利 [Nāgaśrī] {Charles Muller}

鈍根人 [person of dull faculties] {Charles Muller}

閉目 [to shut the eyes] {Charles Muller}

開張 [to open up] {Charles Muller}

閙市 [a busy marketplace] {Charles Muller}

靈光 [spiritual luminosity] {Charles Muller}

餬餠 [fried rice-cake with sweet beans filling] {Charles Muller}

高上 [(Skt. uttara-kuru) ] {Charles Muller}

髮毛爪 [hair, pores, and nails] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 70 (CJKV-E Total: 60,474)

城砦 [fortress] (Yao Zhang)

塡詞 [(to) write words to a melody] (Yao Zhang)

塵慮 [worldly thoughts] (Yao Zhang)

塵網 [net of mundane concerns] (Yao Zhang)

塵襟 [my poor understanding] (Yao Zhang)

墊隘 [low, damp hole] (Yao Zhang)

墓標 [grave-marker] (Yao Zhang)

墓碑 [tombstone] (Yao Zhang)

墓碣 [memorial tablet] (Yao Zhang)

墓表 [memorial tablet on a grave] (Yao Zhang)

墜典 [institutions of olden times] (Yao Zhang)

墜地 [(to) disappear] (Yao Zhang)

墜體 [falling body] (Yao Zhang)

增殖 [(to) propagate] (Yao Zhang)

增進 [(to) develop] (Yao Zhang)

墟市 [village fair grounds] (Yao Zhang)

墟落 [village] (Yao Zhang)

墟里 [deserted village] (Yao Zhang)

墨客 [artist] (Yao Zhang)

墨寶 [precious calligraphy] (Yao Zhang)

墨戲 [painting in a few strokes] (Yao Zhang)

墨斗 [carpenter's ink box and line] (Yao Zhang)

墨水 [black ink] (Yao Zhang)

墨海 [ink slab or bowl for grinding ink] (Yao Zhang)

墨瀋 [black ink] (Yao Zhang)

墮胎 [(to) have a miscarriage or abortion] (Yao Zhang)

墾殖 [(to) cultivate] (Yao Zhang)

墾荒 [(to) reclaim wasteland] (Yao Zhang)

壁壘 [rampart] (Yao Zhang)

壁畫 [fresco] (Yao Zhang)

壁立 [(to) stand up perpendicularly] (Yao Zhang)

壁虎 [house lizard] (Yao Zhang)

壁錢 [uroctea compactilis] (Yao Zhang)

壁鏡 [uroctea compactilis] (Yao Zhang)

壁魚 [cloth-eating moth] (Yao Zhang)

壅塞 [(to) block up] (Yao Zhang)

壅閉 [(to) block up] (Yao Zhang)

壇兆 [area of the sacrificial altar] (Yao Zhang)

壇場 [area of the sacrificial altar] (Yao Zhang)

壓伏 [(to) overpower] (Yao Zhang)

壓倒 [(to) overwhelm] (Yao Zhang)

壓服 [(to) overpower] (Yao Zhang)

羸困 [emaciated] (Yao Zhang)

雍塞 [(to) block up] (Yao Zhang)

佗人 [another person] (Charles Muller)

作繭 [(to) spin a cocoon] (Charles Muller)

六十四卦 [sixty-four hexagrams] (Charles Muller)

問覓 [(to) ask] (Charles Muller)

問覔 [(to) ask] (Charles Muller)

[thud] (Charles Muller)

墾植 [(to) cultivate] (Charles Muller)

壁隖 [rampart] (Charles Muller)

壘壁 [rampart] (Charles Muller)

奔走 [(to) rush about] [exhaust oneself in carrying out business] (Charles Muller)

擬音 [sound effect] (Charles Muller)

權位 [power and position] (Charles Muller)

權威 [authority] (Charles Muller)

浮艷 [gorgeous] (Charles Muller)

浮豔 [gorgeous] (Charles Muller)

漭沆 [vast] (Charles Muller)

物音 [sounds made by physical objects] (Charles Muller)

猫狸 [civet-cat] (Charles Muller)

疾妒 [jealous] (Charles Muller)

疾妬 [jealous] (Charles Muller)

與日月爭光 [compete in brightness with the sun and moon] (Charles Muller)

[gribble] (Charles Muller)

蛀蟲 [gribble] (Charles Muller)

賊盜 [thief] (Charles Muller)

軍壘 [rampart] (Charles Muller)

風格 [dignity] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 257