DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries April 2019

Significantly Revised

別理隨緣 [principle according with conditions in the specialized teaching] (Billy Brewster)

理具 [inclusiveness of principle] (Billy Brewster)

不但中 [nonexclusive mean] (Billy Brewster)

理具三千 [principle includes the chiliocosm] (Billy Brewster)

三軌 [three principles] (Billy Brewster)

但理隨緣 [exclusive principle conforms to conditions] (Billy Brewster)

雲門匡眞禪師廣錄 [Extensive Record of Yunmen Kuangzhen] (Erez Joskovich)

最上乘論 [Choesangseung non] (Erez Joskovich)

五燈嚴統 [Corrected [Lineage of the] Five Lamps] (Erez Joskovich)

五燈會元 [Sources for the Five Lamps] (Erez Joskovich)

百界千如 [a hundred realms and a thousand kinds of thusness] (Billy Brewster)

不化 [incurable] (Dan Lusthaus)

眞如隨緣 [thusness according with conditions] (Billy Brewster)

感赴 [to stimulate an effect] (Billy Brewster)

四有爲相 [four conditioned marks] (Billy Brewster)

三涅槃 [three kinds of nirvana] (Billy Brewster)

玄朗 [Xuanlang] (Charles Muller)

塗毒鼓 [Zodokko] (Erez Joskovich)

New Entries: 227 (DDB Total: 72,555)

一念無明法性心 [dharma-nature and ignorance in one moment of thought ] {Billy Brewster}

三千事用 [function of things across the trichiliocosm ] {Billy Brewster}

三智一心 [three insights on one mind] {Billy Brewster}

三種涅槃 [three kinds of nirvana] {Billy Brewster}

不可思議境 [inconceivable object] {Billy Brewster}

中有續 [continuum of the intermediate state] {Billy Brewster}

事造三千 [phenomena produced across the trichiliocosm ] {Billy Brewster}

五種續 [Five types of continuua] {Billy Brewster}

但理 [exclusive principle ] {Billy Brewster}

假智 [provisional cognition ] {Billy Brewster}

傳因 [cause of the uninterrupted activity ] {Billy Brewster}

分位續 [continuum of states] {Billy Brewster}

刹那相續 [continuum of moments ] {Billy Brewster}

匿瞿陀 [(Skt. nyagrodha)] {Billy Brewster}

妄心觀 [contemplation of the false mind ] {Billy Brewster}

室羅城 [Śrāvastī] {Billy Brewster}

差而無差 [difference within no difference ] {Billy Brewster}

差別境界 [realm of difference ] {Billy Brewster}

帶相 [to carry [cognitive] characteristics ] {Billy Brewster}

心調 [taming of the mind] {Billy Brewster}

性相二宗十異 [ten differences between the Dharma-nature and Dharma-characteristic traditions] {Billy Brewster}

持地住 [abode of earth-support ] {Billy Brewster}

本具九界 [inherent inclusion of the nine realms] {Billy Brewster}

法性卽無明 [dharma-nature is ignorance] {Billy Brewster}

滅實 [truth of cessation ] {Billy Brewster}

無差而差 [no difference within difference ] {Billy Brewster}

無明卽法性 [ignorance is dharma-nature] {Billy Brewster}

生有續 [continuum of the state of becoming reincarnated ] {Billy Brewster}

眞如之理 [the principle of thusness] {Billy Brewster}

眞心觀 [contemplation of the true mind] {Billy Brewster}

眞性軌 [track of thusness] {Billy Brewster}

積集心 [layered mind] {Billy Brewster}

竭樹羅 [yellow scorpion] {Billy Brewster}

習氣種子 [seeds of habituated tendencies ] {Billy Brewster}

能潤 [watering] {Billy Brewster}

鉢頭摩訶薩 [*Padmasattva] {Billy Brewster}

隨界 [subsidiary element] {Billy Brewster}

顯理 [manifest principle] {Billy Brewster}

十二時歌 [song for the twelve hours] {Erez Joskovich}

參同契 [Cantongqi] {Erez Joskovich}

啞子界 [realm of the mute ] {Erez Joskovich}

啞語 [mute words] {Erez Joskovich}

啞漢 [mute person] {Erez Joskovich}

安般念 [(Skt. ānâpāna-smṛti)] {Erez Joskovich}

密傳密付 [esoteric transmission esoteric entrustment] {Erez Joskovich}

居士傳 [[record of] Transmission of Devoted Lay Buddhists] {Erez Joskovich}

彭紹升 [Peng Shaosheng] {Erez Joskovich}

燈史 [lamp history] {Erez Joskovich}

阿堵 [this] {Erez Joskovich}

阿察 [Osatsu] {Erez Joskovich}

阿字大事 [the great matter of the latter A] {Erez Joskovich}

阿那般那三昧 [ānâpāna-samādhi ] {Erez Joskovich}

阿育王塔 [king Aśokaʼs stūpa] {Erez Joskovich}

阿說旨 [Aśvajit] {Erez Joskovich}

阿誰話斷紙 [whoʼs words cut paper] {Erez Joskovich}

阿闍世王授決經 [Sutra on King Ajātaśatru Receiving Assurance] {Michael Radich}

優婆姨 [upāsikā] {Robban Toleno}

免丁抄 [military exemption money] {Stefan Grace}

免丁錢 [military exemption money] {Stefan Grace}

免丁由 [military exemption certificate] {Stefan Grace}

免人事 [permission to abbreviate ceremonies] {Stefan Grace}

免人事頌 [verse notifying abbreviation of ceremonies] {Stefan Grace}

免人事榜 [ceremony-abbreviation permission notice-board] {Stefan Grace}

免巡堂 [to omit patrolling the hall] {Stefan Grace}

冥坐 [closed-eyed seated meditation] {Stefan Grace}

冥府生緣門 [the gate of awakening to oneʼs causal conditions] {Stefan Grace}

冥心 [identified mind] {Stefan Grace}

冥樞會要 [Mingshu huiyao] {Stefan Grace}

卍山廣錄 [Manzan kōroku] {Stefan Grace}

南嶽磨甎 [Nanyue polishes a tile] {Stefan Grace}

南嶽磨塼 [Nanyue polishes a tile] {Stefan Grace}

名勝 [excellent name] {Stefan Grace}

名藍 [famous temple] {Stefan Grace}

命日 [life day] {Stefan Grace}

大明高僧傳 [Da ming gaoseng zhuan] {Stefan Grace}

密受 [direct receipt] {Stefan Grace}

密室不通風 [no wind passes through a closed-off room] {Stefan Grace}

密師伯 [Mishibo] {Stefan Grace}

密用靈機門 [the gate of surreptitiously encouraging cleverness] {Stefan Grace}

密證 [intimate realization] {Stefan Grace}

密跡金剛 [hidden track vajras] {Stefan Grace}

將謂胡鬚赤更有赤鬚胡 [I thought the barbarian had a red beard, but here is another red-bearded barbarian.] {Stefan Grace}

彌天罪過 [transgressions that fill all of space] {Stefan Grace}

彌縷山 [Mt. Meru] {Stefan Grace}

掩耳偸鈴 [to cover one's ears and steal a bell] {Stefan Grace}

明明百草頭明明祖師意 [all clear things are equal to the clear minds of the patriarchs] {Stefan Grace}

明月藏鷺 [heron hidden against a bright moon] {Stefan Grace}

明樓 [bright tower] {Stefan Grace}

明眼衲僧 [clear-eyed monk] {Stefan Grace}

明眼衲子 [clear-eyed monk] {Stefan Grace}

明頭來明頭打 [brightness comes and brightness is used] {Stefan Grace}

明高僧傳 [Ming gaoseng zhuan] {Stefan Grace}

晦堂祖心 [Huitang Zuxin] {Stefan Grace}

未具眼 [to not have the Buddha eye] {Stefan Grace}

未在更道 [not enough, so speak more] {Stefan Grace}

未證據 [still far from awakening] {Stefan Grace}

未透關 [not yet through the gate] {Stefan Grace}

末世稚子 [ignorant person in the age of Dharma decline] {Stefan Grace}

末山 [branch temple] {Stefan Grace}

末山了然 [Moshan Liaoran] {Stefan Grace}

末後太過 [departed later but widely missed the mark] {Stefan Grace}

末後一句 [the ultimate phrase] {Stefan Grace}

末生王子 [unlikely but potential prince] {Stefan Grace}

松無古今色 [the pine does not change in the past or the present] {Stefan Grace}

松直棘曲 [pine trees stand upright and brambles are twisted] {Stefan Grace}

泯融 [to destroy and dissolve] {Stefan Grace}

滅罪淸淨 [to erase oneʼs crimes and become pure] {Stefan Grace}

滿口含霜 [to have a mouthful of frost] {Stefan Grace}

滿口冰雪 [mouthful of snow] {Stefan Grace}

漫漫汗汗 [vast and boundless] {Stefan Grace}

眠單 [a mattress] {Stefan Grace}

眠單被具 [a mattress and coverlet] {Stefan Grace}

瞞卻 [to deceive] {Stefan Grace}

瞞却 [to deceive] {Stefan Grace}

磨主 [the monk who looks after the mill] {Stefan Grace}

磨甎作鏡 [to polish a tile and make a mirror] {Stefan Grace}

綿衣 [a cotton robe] {Stefan Grace}

耳卓朔 [quick of hearing] {Stefan Grace}

萬法不侶 [he who is unfamiliar with all phenomena] {Stefan Grace}

萬福寺派 [Manpukuji branch] {Stefan Grace}

裂破面門 [to reveal someone's shameful face] {Stefan Grace}

迷眞句 [phrases that obscure the and truth] {Stefan Grace}

面南看北斗 [to face south and look at the Big Dipper] {Stefan Grace}

面授口訣 [direct oral transmission] {Stefan Grace}

面牆擔板 [to face the wall or shoulder a plank] {Stefan Grace}

面赤不如語直 [honest speech is better than a red face] {Stefan Grace}

鳴鐘佛事 [bell-ringing service] {Stefan Grace}

鷹峯聯芳系譜 [Yōhō renpō keifu] {Stefan Grace}

鷹峰聯芳系譜 [Yōhō renpō keifu] {Stefan Grace}

麻谷振錫遶牀 [Magu shakes his staff and circles the seat] {Stefan Grace}

一篋 [one rectangular box] {Charles Muller}

一顆圓光 [one drop of round light] {Charles Muller}

三千威儀八萬細行 [three thousand regulations and eighty-thousand detailed practices] {Charles Muller}

不惑亂慢 [undeluded conceit] {Charles Muller}

丱歲 [young age] {Charles Muller}

乖戻 [unreasonable] {Charles Muller}

二十空門 [entry to the twenty forms of emptiness] {Charles Muller}

令心擧 [to make arrogant] {Charles Muller}

何以 [for what reason. . .? ] {Charles Muller}

佛果圜悟禪師語錄 [Foguo Yuanwu chanshi yulu] {Charles Muller}

佛果禪師 [Foguo chanshi] {Charles Muller}

侍人 [attendant] {Charles Muller}

六祖大師 [great teacher, the sixth patriarch] {Charles Muller}

共通 [to have in common with] {Charles Muller}

刺史 [inspector] {Charles Muller}

勝妙資具 [to bee well-endowed with the necessities for living] {Charles Muller}

參拜 [pay respect to] {Charles Muller}

參禮 [pay respect to] {Charles Muller}

參見 [see a person (respectfully)] {Charles Muller}

吿辭 [to bid farewell] {Charles Muller}

四座 [the surrounding audience] {Charles Muller}

園監 [(Skt. Udyāna-pāla)] {Charles Muller}

圖畫 [painting] {Charles Muller}

圜悟語錄 [Yuanwu yulu] {Charles Muller}

塗中 [on the way to…] {Charles Muller}

大小便道 [organs of defecation and urination] {Charles Muller}

大川 [Dachuan] {Charles Muller}

大徒衆 [numerous retinue] {Charles Muller}

大族 [powerful family] {Charles Muller}

天台止觀 [Tiantai cessation and clear observation] {Charles Muller}

夫主 [husband] {Charles Muller}

如意摩尼 [wish-granting jewel] {Charles Muller}

威音 [(Skt. Bhīṣma-svara)] {Charles Muller}

威音王已前 [before the time of Bhīṣmagarjitasvara-rāja] {Charles Muller}

婬欲意 [lustful mind] {Charles Muller}

宮門 [palace gate] {Charles Muller}

左溪朗 [Zuo Xilang] {Charles Muller}

左谿 [Zuoqi] {Charles Muller}

希遷 [Xiqian] {Charles Muller}

師承 [succeed one's teacher] {Charles Muller}

廓然瑩徹 [extending boundlessly and permeating brilliantly] {Charles Muller}

後有處 [subsequent existences] {Charles Muller}

心遂高擧 [based on this one becomes arrogant] {Charles Muller}

惑亂慢 [deluded conceit] {Charles Muller}

愛趣 [desirable destinies] {Charles Muller}

慢類 [category of conceit] {Charles Muller}

所不愛 [disagreeable] {Charles Muller}

拘鹽 [*Kauśāmbī] {Charles Muller}

捨壽 [casting off life] {Charles Muller}

携甁 [to carry a pitcher] {Charles Muller}

摩訶般若力 [the power of great prajñā] {Charles Muller}

明覺尊者 [Venerable Mingjue] {Charles Muller}

會元 [Combined Sources] {Charles Muller}

有情處 [locus of sentient beings] {Charles Muller}

有無倶遣 [existence and nonexistence are both rejected] {Charles Muller}

江西馬祖 [Mazu of Jiangxi] {Charles Muller}

深成 [to be suitable] {Charles Muller}

溪朗 [Xilang] {Charles Muller}

無師自悟 [to attain enlightenment on one's own without a teacher] {Charles Muller}

無生知見力 [the power of insight into the non-production of phenomenal existence] {Charles Muller}

猶子 [brotherʼs son] {Charles Muller}

玄策 [subtle plans] {Charles Muller}

理造 [inclusiveness of principle] {Charles Muller}

眞覺大師 [Zhenjue dashi] {Charles Muller}

示滅 [to display extinction] {Charles Muller}

祇婆 [Jīva] {Charles Muller}

福薄 [thin in virtue] {Charles Muller}

[only] {Charles Muller}

策禪師 [Meditation Master Ce] {Charles Muller}

[to spin] {Charles Muller}

總角 [hair looped and ribboned] {Charles Muller}

胎內 [in the womb] {Charles Muller}

能損害心所 [mental function of malice] {Charles Muller}

能耽著心所 [mental function of clinging] {Charles Muller}

自淺之深 [from the shallow to the deep] {Charles Muller}

萬兩 [10,000 liang] {Charles Muller}

萬曆本 [Wanli Edition] {Charles Muller}

著諸見 [attachment to views] {Charles Muller}

蓬萊 [Penglai] {Charles Muller}

虛行 [vain activity] {Charles Muller}

[to claim against] {Charles Muller}

說時默 [silent while preaching] {Charles Muller}

輻湊 [to converge] {Charles Muller}

輻輳 [to converge] {Charles Muller}

途中 [on the way to…] {Charles Muller}

邪錯 [confused] {Charles Muller}

鄙劣資具 [meager possessions] {Charles Muller}

金剛焰 [adamantine blaze] {Charles Muller}

阿闍世受決經 [Sutra on King Ajātaśatru Receiving Assurance] {Charles Muller}

隨所說 [as (was) explained] {Charles Muller}

電拂 [flash of lightning] {Charles Muller}

韶陽 [Shaoyang] {Charles Muller}

餘語 [other words] {Charles Muller}

體取 [completely get it] {Charles Muller}

魏靜 [Wei Jing] {Charles Muller}

麤惡婬欲語 [rude, lustful remarks] {Charles Muller}

默時說 [preaching while silent] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 250 (CJKV-E Total: 60,195)

儼格 [strict] (Yao Zhang)

嗷然 [noisily] (Yao Zhang)

噴噴 [(to) scold in a rough voice] (Yao Zhang)

噴水池 [fountain] (Yao Zhang)

噴泉 [fountain] (Yao Zhang)

噴火山 [volcano] (Yao Zhang)

噴霧器 [sprayer] (Yao Zhang)

噴飯 [(to) choke with laughter] (Yao Zhang)

嚮導 [(to) act as guide] (Yao Zhang)

嚮往 [(to) yearn for] (Yao Zhang)

嚴令 [(to) order strictly] (Yao Zhang)

嚴刑 [harsh punishments] (Yao Zhang)

嚴刻 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

嚴君 [one's honored father] (Yao Zhang)

嚴命 [(to) give an strict order] (Yao Zhang)

嚴師 [term of respect for a teacher] (Yao Zhang)

嚴明 [strict and impartial] (Yao Zhang)

嚴格 [strict] (Yao Zhang)

嚴父 [one's honored father] (Yao Zhang)

嚴粧 [in formal attire] (Yao Zhang)

嚴罰 [(to) criticize severely] (Yao Zhang)

嚴苛 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

嚴酷 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

嚴霜 [severe frost] (Yao Zhang)

囂埃 [tumultuous] (Yao Zhang)

囂塵 [tumultuous] (Yao Zhang)

囂浮 [noisy and frivolous world] (Yao Zhang)

囂滓 [tumultuous] (Yao Zhang)

囂然 [hungry] (Yao Zhang)

囈語 [incoherent rambling] (Yao Zhang)

囊括 [(to) include] (Yao Zhang)

囑託 [(to) entrust with] (Yao Zhang)

四令 [four modes of ancient warfare] (Yao Zhang)

四則 [four operations] (Yao Zhang)

四合 [(to) surround on four sides] (Yao Zhang)

四向 [four directions] (Yao Zhang)

四坐 [audience around] (Yao Zhang)

四垂 [(to) sag in all directions] (Yao Zhang)

四壁 [on all the walls of a room] (Yao Zhang)

四序 [order of four seasons] (Yao Zhang)

四座 [surrounding audience] (Yao Zhang)

四庫 [four book depositories] (Yao Zhang)

四散 [(to) disperse] (Yao Zhang)

四知 [four knows] (Yao Zhang)

四絃琴 [violin] (Yao Zhang)

四絃 [four-stringed instrument] (Yao Zhang)

四諦 [the four truths] (Yao Zhang)

四週 [all directions] (Yao Zhang)

四運 [four seasons] (Yao Zhang)

四邊 [in all four directions] (Yao Zhang)

四鄕 [suburbs (on all sides)] (Yao Zhang)

四野 [open countryside] (Yao Zhang)

四陲 [on all frontiers] (Yao Zhang)

四靈 [four spirits] (Yao Zhang)

回思 [(to) think back] (Yao Zhang)

回想 [(to) think back] (Yao Zhang)

回教 [islam] (Yao Zhang)

回文 [official reply] (Yao Zhang)

回春 [(to) recover from illness] (Yao Zhang)

回書 [letter of reply] (Yao Zhang)

回歸線 [tropic lines] (Yao Zhang)

回歸熱 [recurrent or relapsing fever] (Yao Zhang)

回狀 [circular] (Yao Zhang)

回生 [(to) resurrect] (Yao Zhang)

回祿 [god of fire] (Yao Zhang)

回章 [letter of reply] (Yao Zhang)

回答 [(to) answer] (Yao Zhang)

回簡 [letter of reply] (Yao Zhang)

回翰 [letter of reply] (Yao Zhang)

回轉 [(to) turn round] (Yao Zhang)

回避 [(to) avoid] (Yao Zhang)

回鑾 [emperor's return to capital] (Yao Zhang)

回首 [(to) look back] (Yao Zhang)

因數 [factor] (Yao Zhang)

困乏 [(to) come to a standstill] (Yao Zhang)

困匱 [poverty] (Yao Zhang)

困厄 [(to) Suffer] (Yao Zhang)

困惑 [(to) feel perplexed] (Yao Zhang)

困窘 [in distress] (Yao Zhang)

困竭 [exhausted] (Yao Zhang)

困阨 [dire straits] (Yao Zhang)

固疾 [chronic disease] (Yao Zhang)

固結 [(to) solidify] (Yao Zhang)

圈套 [trap] (Yao Zhang)

圈點 [(to) punctuate] (Yao Zhang)

國事 [national affairs] (Yao Zhang)

國交 [diplomatic relations between countries] (Yao Zhang)

國債 [national debts] (Yao Zhang)

國務 [national affairs] (Yao Zhang)

國史 [history of a nation] (Yao Zhang)

國基 [foundation of a nation] (Yao Zhang)

國容 [outstanding national beauty] (Yao Zhang)

國寶 [national treasure] (Yao Zhang)

國帑 [national treasury] (Yao Zhang)

國府 [provincial offices] (Yao Zhang)

國度 [national expenditures] (Yao Zhang)

國庫 [national treasury] (Yao Zhang)

國律 [national law] (Yao Zhang)

國憲 [national constitution] (Yao Zhang)

國文 [national language] (Yao Zhang)

國旗 [national emblem] (Yao Zhang)

國是 [important affairs of state] (Yao Zhang)

國朝 [reigning dynasty] (Yao Zhang)

國本 [foundation of a nation] (Yao Zhang)

國柄 [political authority of a nation] (Yao Zhang)

國權 [power of the state] (Yao Zhang)

國歌 [national anthem] (Yao Zhang)

國殤 [national martyr] (Yao Zhang)

國母 [empress] (Yao Zhang)

國民 [people of the country] (Yao Zhang)

國法 [national law] (Yao Zhang)

國父 [founder of a nation] (Yao Zhang)

國璽 [national seal] (Yao Zhang)

國用 [state expenses] (Yao Zhang)

國策 [national policies] [Guoce] (Yao Zhang)

國籍 [nationality of an individual] (Yao Zhang)

國粹 [nation's cultural heritage] (Yao Zhang)

國紀 [laws and social conventions of a country] (Yao Zhang)

國色 [outstanding national beauty] (Yao Zhang)

國花 [national flower] (Yao Zhang)

國葬 [state burial] (Yao Zhang)

國計 [national policies] (Yao Zhang)

國費 [state expenses] (Yao Zhang)

國鈞 [power of the state] (Yao Zhang)

國體 [political form of a country] (Yao Zhang)

園丁 [gardener] (Yao Zhang)

園廬 [garden home] (Yao Zhang)

園陵 [imperial mausoleum] (Yao Zhang)

圓周 [circumference] (Yao Zhang)

圓圓 [circular] (Yao Zhang)

圓寂 [(to) pass away] (Yao Zhang)

圓心 [center of a circle] (Yao Zhang)

圓月 [full moon] (Yao Zhang)

圓活 [flexible] (Yao Zhang)

圓滑 [tactful] (Yao Zhang)

圖案 [design] (Yao Zhang)

圖樣 [design of construction] (Yao Zhang)

圖畫 [(to) draw] (Yao Zhang)

團團 [round and round] (Yao Zhang)

屬託 [(to) entrust] (Yao Zhang)

峻刑 [harsh punishments] (Yao Zhang)

峻刻 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

峻嚴 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

峻酷 [cruelly oppressive] (Yao Zhang)

廻鑾 [emperor's return to the capital] (Yao Zhang)

廻首 [(to) look back] (Yao Zhang)

批點 [circle for emphasis or good or critical points] (Yao Zhang)

畦丁 [gardener] (Yao Zhang)

聖朝 [reigning dynasty] (Yao Zhang)

鄕導 [(to) act as guide] (Yao Zhang)

鄕往 [(to) yearn for] (Yao Zhang)

一蓺 [one talent] (Charles Muller)

一藝 [one talent] (Charles Muller)

一首 [one poem] (Charles Muller)

一龕 [single small room] (Charles Muller)

三千威儀 [three thousand regulations] (Charles Muller)

下山 [(to) descend from a mountain] (Charles Muller)

乖忤 [unreasonable] (Charles Muller)

乖戻 [unreasonable] (Charles Muller)

侍臣 [courtier] (Charles Muller)

供奉 [(to) offer] [court official who provides a specific talent] (Charles Muller)

儒書 [confucian classics] (Charles Muller)

光州 [Guangzhou] (Charles Muller)

八萬 [eighty thousand] (Charles Muller)

兵器 [weaponry] (Charles Muller)

冥符 [(to) understand tacitly] (Charles Muller)

卹焉 [sorry] (Charles Muller)

厭人 [(to) dislike people] (Charles Muller)

參禮 [(to) pay respect to] (Charles Muller)

司諫 [remonstrator] (Charles Muller)

君人 [ruler of men] (Charles Muller)

和而不唱 [go along with the opinions of others and not assert one's own position] (Charles Muller)

囂俗 [tumultuous] (Charles Muller)

囑托 [(to) entrust with] (Charles Muller)

四威儀 [four postures] (Charles Muller)

四弦 [four-stringed instrument] (Charles Muller)

回信 [(to) reply] (Charles Muller)

困戹 [(to) Suffer] (Charles Muller)

大我 [greater self] (Charles Muller)

天佑 [divine aid] (Charles Muller)

天台 [Tiantai] (Charles Muller)

天鸙 [lark] (Charles Muller)

夫主 [husband] (Charles Muller)

宮門 [palace gate] (Charles Muller)

少留 [(to) stay over briefly] (Charles Muller)

廻文 [circular (document)] (Charles Muller)

廻書 [letter of reply] (Charles Muller)

徇死 [martyrdom] (Charles Muller)

律師 [preceptor] (Charles Muller)

從死 [martyrdom] (Charles Muller)

慶州 [Qingzhou] (Charles Muller)

戴冠 [(to) wear a crown] (Charles Muller)

拜謁 [(to) pay a formal visit] (Charles Muller)

振錫 [(to) shake and rattle a staff] (Charles Muller)

有亡 [(to) sustain a loss] (Charles Muller)

朝官 [court Official] (Charles Muller)

朝拜 [(to) worship] (Charles Muller)

朝散大夫 [grand Master for Closing Court] (Charles Muller)

朝散 [(to) close the court] (Charles Muller)

柱國 [pillar of state] (Charles Muller)

歲出 [annual expenditure] (Charles Muller)

殉死 [martyrdom] (Charles Muller)

涉獵 [(to) read cursorily] (Charles Muller)

溫江 [Wenjiang] (Charles Muller)

濆泉 [fountain] (Charles Muller)

火事 [fire] (Charles Muller)

火難 [fire] (Charles Muller)

無常迅速 [impermanence is swift] (Charles Muller)

無意 [unintentional] (Charles Muller)

畦夫 [gardener] (Charles Muller)

疏飯 [simple food] (Charles Muller)

盛行 [in vogue] (Charles Muller)

知制誥 [Participant in the Drafting of Proclamations] (Charles Muller)

禁門 [palace gate] (Charles Muller)

禪宗 [chan school] (Charles Muller)

禪觀 [meditative contemplation] (Charles Muller)

答書 [letter of reply] (Charles Muller)

答簡 [letter of reply] (Charles Muller)

粗食 [simple food] (Charles Muller)

翰林學士 [academician of the Hanlin Academy] (Charles Muller)

聚祿 [(to) gather revenues] (Charles Muller)

膽囊 [gall bladder] (Charles Muller)

膽汁 [bile] (Charles Muller)

至乎 [(to) reach to] (Charles Muller)

良藥 [good medicine] (Charles Muller)

若返 [(to) rejuvenate] (Charles Muller)

蔬食 [simple food] (Charles Muller)

誥命 [imperial decree] (Charles Muller)

[(to) accuse falsely] (Charles Muller)

輻湊 [(to) converge] (Charles Muller)

返事 [(to) answer] (Charles Muller)

返答 [(to) answer] (Charles Muller)

鄙劣 [poor] (Charles Muller)

醜乎 [ashamed] (Charles Muller)

金儲 [money-making] (Charles Muller)

[(to) sharpen cutlery] (Charles Muller)

[sharp] (Charles Muller)

[firm] (Charles Muller)

雲雀 [lark] (Charles Muller)

顔回 [Yan Hui] (Charles Muller)

風紀 [moral standards] (Charles Muller)

風規 [moral standards] (Charles Muller)

駘佗 [Tai Tuo] (Charles Muller)

駘它 [Tai Tuo] (Charles Muller)

[high] (Charles Muller)

[shrimp] (Charles Muller)

[female unicorn] (Charles Muller)

默契 [(to) understand tacitly] (Charles Muller)

(Charles Muller)

(Charles Muller)

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