DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries November 2018

Significantly Revised

二善 [second type of good person] (Billy Brewster)

四時 [four periods of the Buddha's teaching] (Billy Brewster)

順解脫分善 [good [roots] serving as causes conducive to liberation] (Billy Brewster)

順解脫分 [conducive to liberation] (Billy Brewster)

世間法 [mundane teaching] (Billy Brewster)

出世法 [supramundane teaching] (Billy Brewster)

持業釋 [compound words where there is equality of dependence between the terms] (Billy Brewster)

[conscience] (Billy Brewster)

念根 [faculty of mindfulness] (Billy Brewster)

攝善法戒 [precepts related to the cultivation of good qualities] ( Billy Brewster)

命行 [vital energies] (Billy Brewster)

種子 [seed] (Charles Muller, Billy Brewster)

壽行 [potential for maintaining a life span] (Billy Brewster)

布薩日 [meeting days for renewal of vows] (Allan Yi Ding)

跋渠 [(Skt. varga)] (Allan Yi Ding)

說戒 [explaining the precepts] (Allan Yi Ding)

八關齋經 [Eight Precepts Sutra] (Allan Yi Ding)

香醉山 [Mountain of Intoxicating Perfume] (Allan Yi Ding)

布薩 [(Skt. poṣadha)] (Allan Yi Ding)

金和尙 [Gim hwasang] (Allan Yi Ding)

彰所知論 [Elucidation of the Knowable] (Allan Yi Ding)

放逸 [alcohol consumption] (Allan Yi Ding)

[to abstain] (Allan Yi Ding)

五臺山 [Wutai shan] (Allan Yi Ding)

齋會 [offering food to the temple] (Allan Yi Ding)

八思巴 [Chos-rgyal 'Phags-pa] (Allan Yi Ding)

三長齋月 [three whole months of abstinence] (Allan Yi Ding)

神足月 [months of spiritual marvels] (Allan Yi Ding)

New Entries: 124 (DDB Total: 71,790)

三不隨 [three kinds of non-according] {Ronald Green}

以不可得故 [by the exercise of nonapprehension ] {Jayarava}

六位心所 [six categories of mental states ] {Billy Brewster}

初善士 [the first type of good person] {Billy Brewster}

李遵勗 [Li Zunxu] {Erez Joskovich}

虛堂和尙語錄 [Recorded Sayings of Master Heshang ] {Erez Joskovich}

付經曆 [sutra-lending registers] {Allan Yi Ding}

三峯山 [Trikūṭa] {Allan Yi Ding}

三峰山 [Trikūṭa] {Allan Yi Ding}

儞波羅 [Nepal] {Allan Yi Ding}

儞波羅國 [Nepal] {Allan Yi Ding}

六支祕要 [Six-branched Secret Summary] {Allan Yi Ding}

十萬頌 [Perfection of Wisdom in One Hundred Thousand Lines] {Allan Yi Ding}

大乘無量壽宗要經 [Mahāyāna Sutra of the Dhāraṇī of the Buddha Limitless Life] {Allan Yi Ding}

大支那 [Mahācīna] {Allan Yi Ding}

尼犍齋 [Jain poṣadha] {Allan Yi Ding}

恆河入處 [Gaṅgādvāra] {Allan Yi Ding}

懺文 [liturgical script for a repentance rite] {Allan Yi Ding}

普賢齋 [Samantabhadra Repentance Rite] {Allan Yi Ding}

滿城 [Vardhamāna] {Allan Yi Ding}

牧牛齋 [cowherd’s poṣadha] {Allan Yi Ding}

現世功德 [worldly merit] {Allan Yi Ding}

申意 [statement of intention] {Allan Yi Ding}

略讀 [cursory reading] {Allan Yi Ding}

膽巴 [Dam pa Kun dga' grags pa] {Allan Yi Ding}

萬聖祐國寺 [Myriad-Saint-Realm-Protecting Monastery] {Allan Yi Ding}

蕪耶樓母 [Mṛgāra-mātṛ] {Allan Yi Ding}

號尾 [benediction] {Allan Yi Ding}

賜紅 [imperial bestowal of a saffron-robe] {Allan Yi Ding}

阿沒禰山 [Arbuda] {Allan Yi Ding}

陀羅婆摩羅 [Dravya Mallaputra] {Allan Yi Ding}

齋懺文 [liturgical script for a repentance rite] {Allan Yi Ding}

齋經 [Poṣadha Sutra] {Allan Yi Ding}

齋講 [feast-preaching] {Allan Yi Ding}

不倦 [unwearyingly] {Charles Muller}

不善地 [unwholesome factors] {Charles Muller}

不滿二十 [not yet twenty years of age] {Charles Muller}

五臺 [five peaks] {Charles Muller}

冥祐 [invisible divine protection] {Charles Muller}

冰片 [camphor] {Charles Muller}

出手 [to be completed (a manuscript)] {Charles Muller}

別所 [another place] {Charles Muller}

別處 [special place] {Charles Muller}

同學鈔 [Dōgakushō] {Charles Muller}

同遊 [to travel together] {Charles Muller}

和合而生 [arising as a combination] {Charles Muller}

唯識同學鈔 [Yuishiki dōgakushō] {Charles Muller}

四季 [four seasons] {Charles Muller}

大種自性 [own-nature of the compositional elements] {Charles Muller}

小教 [lesser vehicle] {Charles Muller}

小星 [meteor] {Charles Muller}

小煩惱地 [lesser afflictions] {Charles Muller}

成唯識論同學鈔 [Jōyuishikiron dōgakushō] {Charles Muller}

捉月 [to grasp at the moon] {Charles Muller}

教持 [to teach and uphold (a sutra, precepts, etc.)] {Charles Muller}

月半月 [one month and a half] {Charles Muller}

札火小星 [meteor burning up into sparking fragments] {Charles Muller}

欲喜 [inclined to be pleased] {Charles Muller}

無替 [not involved with] {Charles Muller}

無有滯礙 [unhesitating] {Charles Muller}

無雙 [incomparable] {Charles Muller}

片腦 [camphor] {Charles Muller}

知無礙 [unobstructed awareness] {Charles Muller}

膩吒 [niṣṭha] {Charles Muller}

荒草 [wildly growing grass] {Charles Muller}

說戒日 [meeting days for renewal of vows] {Charles Muller}

鐵火小星 [blazing iron meteor] {Charles Muller}

長齋月 [three whole months of abstinence] {Charles Muller}

關齋 [precepts] {Charles Muller}

香醉 [fragrant and intoxicating] {Charles Muller}

鳩摩羅迦葉 [*Kumārakāśyapa] {Charles Muller}

龍腦 [camphor] {Charles Muller}

虛堂語錄 [Recorded Sayings of Master Heshang ] {Erez Joskovich}

以無所得故 [by the exercise of nonapprehension ] {Jayarava}

無陰陽地 [the land of no yin or yang] {Stefan Grace}

無隱元晦 [Mu'in Genkai] {Stefan Grace}

無隱和尙雜華集 [Muin Oshō zōge shū] {Stefan Grace}

無隱禪師無孔笛 [Muon Zenji mukuteki] {Stefan Grace}

亦攝思連眞 [Ye shes rin chen] {Allan Yi Ding}

修諸福業 [to cultivate meritorious karma] {Charles Muller}

几筵 [table and seats] {Charles Muller}

宣授五臺等處釋教都總攝 [Archbishop of Buddhism in the Wutai Archdiocese] {Allan Yi Ding}

枲多 [Sitā River] {Allan Yi Ding}

梵齋 [Brahman Observance] {Allan Yi Ding}

煩惱地法 [afflictions] {Charles Muller}

童女迦葉 [*Kumārakāśyapa] {Allan Yi Ding}

答耳麻八剌剌吉塔 [Dharmapāla Rakṣita] {Allan Yi Ding}

起至中 [reaching the peak of arising] {Charles Muller}

轉經文 [liturgical scripts for sutra-rotation] {Allan Yi Ding}

迦羅斯巴 [Grags pa 'od zer] {Allan Yi Ding}

達磨禪 [Bodhidharma Chan] {Charles Muller}

金光明齋 [Golden-light Repentance Rite] {Allan Yi Ding}

阿毘達磨倶舍 [Abhidharmakośa-bhāṣya] {Charles Muller}

隨世 [accommodate oneself to the world] {Charles Muller}

雲巖曇晟 [Yunyan Tansheng] {Stefan Grace}

非想非非想處天 [heaven of neither perception nor nonperceptions] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 159 (CJKV-E Total: 59,010)

[rabbit path] (Dan Lusthaus)

僞名 [(to) take another's name] (Yao Zhang)

典範 [model] (Yao Zhang)

典賣 [(to) mortgage] (Yao Zhang)

兼職 [concurrent post] (Yao Zhang)

冉冉 [gradually] (Yao Zhang)

册府 [library of books or records] (Yao Zhang)

册書 [formal writ to a vassal] (Yao Zhang)

再來 [(to) come again] (Yao Zhang)

再再 [again and again] (Yao Zhang)

再婚 [second marriage] (Yao Zhang)

再會 [(to) meet again] (Yao Zhang)

再版 [second edition] (Yao Zhang)

再犯 [(to) repeat a crime] (Yao Zhang)

再發 [(to) return] (Yao Zhang)

再緣 [second marriage] (Yao Zhang)

再造 [(to) reproduce] (Yao Zhang)

冒名 [(to) take another's name] (Yao Zhang)

冒昧 [presumptuous] (Yao Zhang)

冒稱 [(to) take another's name] (Yao Zhang)

冒險 [(to) take risks] (Yao Zhang)

冕旒 [crown with tassels] (Yao Zhang)

冠冕 [royal crown] (Yao Zhang)

冠子 [headdress for women] (Yao Zhang)

冠帶 [wear a ceremonial cap and belt] (Yao Zhang)

冠玉 [gem embroidered in a hat] (Yao Zhang)

冠蓋 [top of a ceremonial cap and an umbrella for a carriage] (Yao Zhang)

冠辯 [cap worn when attending court] (Yao Zhang)

冤枉 [(to) accuse wrongly] (Yao Zhang)

冤獄 [incarcerated on a false charge] (Yao Zhang)

冤鬼 [ghost of a person who executed for a false charge] (Yao Zhang)

冥佑 [invisible divine protection] (Yao Zhang)

冥加 [divine protection] (Yao Zhang)

冥助 [invisible divine protection] (Yao Zhang)

冥器 [offering for the dead] (Yao Zhang)

冥婚 [wedding ceremony for the dead] (Yao Zhang)

冥祐 [invisible divine protection] (Yao Zhang)

冥頑 [stubborn] (Yao Zhang)

冬季 [winter season] (Yao Zhang)

冬期 [winter] (Yao Zhang)

冬靑 [long stalk holly] (Yao Zhang)

冰人 [matchmaker] (Yao Zhang)

冰凌 [icicles] (Yao Zhang)

冰柱 [icicles] (Yao Zhang)

冰條 [icicles] (Yao Zhang)

冰河 [glacier] (Yao Zhang)

冰片 [camphor] (Yao Zhang)

冰笋 [icicles] (Yao Zhang)

冰翁 [father-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

冰錐 [icicles] (Yao Zhang)

冶遊 [(to) philander] (Yao Zhang)

冶金 [(to) smelt metal] (Yao Zhang)

冷僻 [deserted] (Yao Zhang)

冷卻 [(to) cool off] (Yao Zhang)

冷峭 [cuttingly cold] (Yao Zhang)

冷泉 [cold mineral spring] (Yao Zhang)

冷眼 [cool eye] (Yao Zhang)

冷笑 [(to) sneer] (Yao Zhang)

冷腸 [cold-hearted] (Yao Zhang)

冷落 [(to) slight] (Yao Zhang)

冷酷 [cold-blooded] (Yao Zhang)

凋謝 [withered] (Yao Zhang)

凌厲 [furiously] (Yao Zhang)

凌暴 [fierce] (Yao Zhang)

凌虐 [(to) treat cruelly] (Yao Zhang)

凌駕 [(to) place above] (Yao Zhang)

凍傷 [chilblains] (Yao Zhang)

凍瘡 [chilblains] (Yao Zhang)

凍結 [(to) frozen] (Yao Zhang)

凛乎 [severely cold] (Yao Zhang)

凜凜 [severely cold] (Yao Zhang)

凝妝 [prettily dressed] (Yao Zhang)

凝思 [(to) meditate] (Yao Zhang)

凝想 [(to) meditate] (Yao Zhang)

凝神 [(to) concentrate] (Yao Zhang)

几席 [table and seats] (Yao Zhang)

几筵 [table and seats] (Yao Zhang)

几閣 [table and shelf] (Yao Zhang)

凡例 [preface] (Yao Zhang)

凶殘 [bloodthirsty] (Yao Zhang)

凶渠 [gang boss] (Yao Zhang)

出品 [(to) produce] (Yao Zhang)

出塵 [(to) leave the secular world] (Yao Zhang)

出師 [dispatch of troops] (Yao Zhang)

出庭 [(to) appear at court] (Yao Zhang)

出廷 [(to) appear at court] (Yao Zhang)

出手 [(to) be completed] (Yao Zhang)

出梅 [end of the rainy season] (Yao Zhang)

出水 [flood] (Yao Zhang)

出火 [outbreak of fire] (Yao Zhang)

出發 [(to) start out] (Yao Zhang)

出脫 [(to) be absolved] (Yao Zhang)

出色 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

出贅 [marry into a family and take the bride's family name] (Yao Zhang)

出陣 [(to) leave ranks and come out] (Yao Zhang)

出陳 [(to) march army for battle] (Yao Zhang)

出頭 [(to) appear] (Yao Zhang)

出題 [(to) give out or set, subject] (Yao Zhang)

別格 [(to) write outside the ruled marking] (Yao Zhang)

別段 [particularly] (Yao Zhang)

岳公 [father-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

岳翁 [father-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

嶽公 [father-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

嶽父 [father-in-law] (Yao Zhang)

昬頑 [stubborn] (Yao Zhang)

火災 [fire accident] (Yao Zhang)

脫俗 [free from vulgarity] (Yao Zhang)

脫塵 [unworldliness] (Yao Zhang)

苛刻 [severe.] (Yao Zhang)

苛酷 [harsh] (Yao Zhang)

重刻 [second edition] (Yao Zhang)

鈍冥 [stupid] (Yao Zhang)

銀竹 [silver bamboo] (Yao Zhang)

闇鈍 [ignorant] (Yao Zhang)

陵虐 [(to) treat cruelly] (Yao Zhang)

陵駕 [(to) place above] (Yao Zhang)

頑冥 [stubborn] (Yao Zhang)

頑愚 [obstinate] (Yao Zhang)

頑闇 [dim] (Yao Zhang)

頑魯 [stubborn] (Yao Zhang)

首塗 [(to) depart on a journey] (Yao Zhang)

首路 [(to) depart on a journey] (Yao Zhang)

首途 [(to) depart on a journey] (Yao Zhang)

龍腦 [dragon's brain] (Yao Zhang)

龍腦香 [Dragon's brain] (Yao Zhang)

伯母 [aunt] (Charles Muller)

冒姓 [(to) take another's name] (Charles Muller)

冤罪 [(to) accuse wrongly] (Charles Muller)

冤魂 [ghost of a person who was executed for a false charge] (Charles Muller)

冥利 [divine protection] (Charles Muller)

冥益 [divine protection] (Charles Muller)

冬時 [winter season] (Charles Muller)

冰叟 [father-in-law] (Charles Muller)

冷却 [(to) cool off] (Charles Muller)

出立 [(to) start out] (Charles Muller)

別宅 [secondary residence] (Charles Muller)

別第 [secondary residence] (Charles Muller)

別莊 [secondary residence] (Charles Muller)

別邸 [secondary residence] (Charles Muller)

勦絕 [(to) disappear] (Charles Muller)

垂冰 [icicles] (Charles Muller)

婿入 [marry into a family and take the bride's family name] (Charles Muller)

常綠樹 [evergreen] (Charles Muller)

投獄 [imprisoned] (Charles Muller)

推陳 [(to) innovate] (Charles Muller)

演員 [actor] (Charles Muller)

無雙 [unparalleled] (Charles Muller)

獸跡 [animal tracks] (Charles Muller)

獸迹 [animal tracks] (Charles Muller)

發程 [(to) set out on a trip] (Charles Muller)

[blessings] (Charles Muller)

禮帽 [ceremonial hat] (Charles Muller)

聯綿 [continuous] (Charles Muller)

[deccan grass] (Charles Muller)

車蓋 [cap or large umbrella that covers a carriage] (Charles Muller)

連緜 [continuous] (Charles Muller)

雲仍 [distant great-grandchildren] (Charles Muller)

雲礽 [distant great-grandchildren] (Charles Muller)

類比 [analogy] (Charles Muller)

Total new DDB and CJKV-E entries this month: 283