DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries September 2018

Significantly Revised

毘利差 [vṛkṣa] (Georgia Kashnig)

親所緣 [a direct object appearing within the object that arouses the mental functioning of the subject] (Billy Brewster)

共相種子 [conspecific seeds] (Billy Brewster)

百法 [one hundred dharmas] (Charles Muller)

New Entries: 211 (DDB Total: 71,657)

十二位 [twelve places] {Jeffrey Kotyk}

宮主 [planetary ruler of a zodiac sign] {Jeffrey Kotyk}

[exaltation] {Jeffrey Kotyk}

行年 [annual profections] {Jeffrey Kotyk}

三所緣 [three objective conditions for a valid cognition ] {Billy Brewster}

二無爲 [two unconditioned factors] {Billy Brewster}

勝義無記 [karmically neutral in the ultimate sense ] {Billy Brewster}

四種不善 [four types of unwholesome actions ] {Billy Brewster}

己相 [its own image] {Billy Brewster}

挾帶 [to convey by directly transmitting the object] {Billy Brewster}

業果色 [form induced by karma] {Billy Brewster}

溫那地 [the class of kṛt-affixes which begin with uṇ (Skt. uṇādi) ] {Billy Brewster}

變帶 [to convey an object resulting from the transformation of consciousness] {Billy Brewster}

日月淨明德佛 [Candra-vimala-sūrya-prabhāsa-śrī] {Charles Jones}

中陰相 [characteristic of intermediacy] {Matthew McMullen}

大梅 [Damei] {Matthew McMullen}

大梅山 [Mt. Damei] {Matthew McMullen}

汾陽 [Fenyang] {Matthew McMullen}

元選 [Gansen] {Stefan Grace}

內侍者 [internal attendant] {Stefan Grace}

內生王子 [a kingʼs younger brother] {Stefan Grace}

內禮 [inside prostrations] {Stefan Grace}

北轅向越 [to head south with the shafts of one's cart directed to the north] {Stefan Grace}

南宗北宗 [Southern School and Northern School] {Stefan Grace}

南宗寺 [Nanshūji] {Stefan Grace}

南嶽峰頭八字碑 [Nanyue summit eight character tablet] {Stefan Grace}

南嶽懷讓 [Nanyue Huairang] {Stefan Grace}

南柯夢 [dream of the Southern Tributary] {Stefan Grace}

南極壽星 [Nangoku Jusei] {Stefan Grace}

南泉斬猫 [Nanquan slices a cat] {Stefan Grace}

南泉水牯牛 [Nanquanʼs water buffalo] {Stefan Grace}

南泉石佛 [Nanquanʼs stone buddha] {Stefan Grace}

南源性派 [Nanyuan Xingpai] {Stefan Grace}

南蠻 [southern barbarians] {Stefan Grace}

南詢 [southern consultation] {Stefan Grace}

南閻浮洲 [Southern Jambudvīpa] {Stefan Grace}

南頰 [south side] {Stefan Grace}

名諱 [personal and posthumous names] {Stefan Grace}

命脈 [life artery] {Stefan Grace}

命過日 [passing of life day] {Stefan Grace}

夢也未見在 [not yet seen even in one's dreams] {Stefan Grace}

夢窗國師年譜 [Musō Kokushi nenpu] {Stefan Grace}

夢窗國師語錄 [Musō kokushi goroku] {Stefan Grace}

妙修 [wondrous practice] {Stefan Grace}

妙叶兼帶 [the free function of enlightenment] {Stefan Grace}

妙嚴寺 [Myōgonji] {Stefan Grace}

妙圓樞口 [wondrous, perfect, and pivotal words] {Stefan Grace}

妙奢摩他 [wondrous śamatha ] {Stefan Grace}

妙心四派 [the four Myōshin branches] {Stefan Grace}

妙義寺 [Myōgiji] {Stefan Grace}

妙翅 [wondrous wings] {Stefan Grace}

妙興寺 [Myōkōji] {Stefan Grace}

妙高臺 [wondrous high platform] {Stefan Grace}

底意 [what meaning?] {Stefan Grace}

性派 [Xingpai] {Stefan Grace}

明機普互門 [the teaching that is in accordance with the student's spiritual ability] {Stefan Grace}

明珠在掌 [bright jewel in the hand] {Stefan Grace}

明菴禪師語錄 [Myōan zenji goroku] {Stefan Grace}

明衣 [clean clothes] {Stefan Grace}

明覺禪師語錄 [Mingjue chanshi yulu] {Stefan Grace}

明達慧 [clear attainment wisdom] {Stefan Grace}

無主形骸 [an owner-less corpse] {Stefan Grace}

無主沙彌 [master-less novice] {Stefan Grace}

無修修 [practice of no-practice] {Stefan Grace}

無出豁 [no liveliness] {Stefan Grace}

無參 [unawakened person] {Stefan Grace}

無始劫來 [since the beginningless past] {Stefan Grace}

無底船 [a bottomless boat] {Stefan Grace}

無底藍子 [a bottomless cage] {Stefan Grace}

無底鉢中齋供 [an offering in a bottomless bowl] {Stefan Grace}

無底鉢盂 [a bottomless bowl] {Stefan Grace}

無得良悟禪師語錄 [Mutoku Ryōgo zenji goroku] {Stefan Grace}

無心想定 [no-thought concentration] {Stefan Grace}

無念念 [thought beyond thought and non-thought] {Stefan Grace}

無慚愧語 [shameless words] {Stefan Grace}

無文道燦 [Wuwen Daocan] {Stefan Grace}

無文道璨 [Wuwen Daocan] {Stefan Grace}

無漏佛果 [untainted Buddhahood] {Stefan Grace}

無漏妙法 [untainted sublime Dharma] {Stefan Grace}

無漏禪 [untainted meditation] {Stefan Grace}

無生曲 [unborn Dharma] {Stefan Grace}

無益語 [useless words] {Stefan Grace}

無相大師 [Musō Daishi] {Stefan Grace}

無相衣 [formless kaṣāya] {Stefan Grace}

無相道場 [site of formless practice] {Stefan Grace}

無相金剛心地戒 [formless adamantine precepts] {Stefan Grace}

無端祖環 [Mutan Sogen] {Stefan Grace}

無舌人解語 [a person without a tongue can talk] {Stefan Grace}

無迹 [trace-less] {Stefan Grace}

無遮齋莚 [dharma-assembly of equality] {Stefan Grace}

無際大師 [Wuji dashi] {Stefan Grace}

無須鎖 [spring-less lock] {Stefan Grace}

覓著 [to seek] {Stefan Grace}

雪竇明覺禪師語錄 [Xuedou Mingjue chanshi yulu] {Stefan Grace}

巧僞 [pretense] {Charles Muller}

難兄難弟 [difficult to determine superiority or inferiority] {Stefan Grace}

語默動靜體安然 [whether speaking or silent, moving or still, oneʼs body is at peace] {Charles Muller}

痕垢 [scars left from past crimes] {Charles Muller}

懵懂 [confused] {Charles Muller}

紅日 [crimson (burning) sun] {Charles Muller}

難易二道 [the two paths of difficult and easy] {Stefan Grace}

早曾 [already] {Charles Muller}

數他珍寶 [to count another's treasures] {Charles Muller}

蹴踏 [to trample] {Charles Muller}

歷歷 [clear(ly)] {Charles Muller}

鏡裏 [in the mirror] {Charles Muller}

岑崟 [steep] {Charles Muller}

岑崟幽邃 [lofty peaks and deep valleys] {Charles Muller}

仰山十九門 [Yangshan's nineteen gates] {Stefan Grace}

槐安國 [Land of the Scholar Tree] {Stefan Grace}

什麼事 [what matter?] {Stefan Grace}

什麼物恁麼來 [[for] what thing have [you] come in this way?] {Stefan Grace}

樂人 [musician] {Charles Muller}

那一句 [that one phrase] {Stefan Grace}

那一寶 [that one jewel] {Stefan Grace}

那一手 [that teaching method] {Stefan Grace}

那一曲 [that one tune] {Stefan Grace}

那下 [that; which?] {Stefan Grace}

那伽大定 [Nāga's great samādhi] {Stefan Grace}

那竿得恁麼長 [that bamboo is as long as it is] {Stefan Grace}

那竿這竿 [here and there] {Stefan Grace}

閴寂 [silent] {Charles Muller}

冤訴 [to appeal a false charge] {Charles Muller}

尤人 [to blame others] {Charles Muller}

崢嶸 [high] {Charles Muller}

取不得 [grasping, you don't attain it] {Charles Muller}

取不得捨不得 [grasping, you don't get it, releasing you don't get it] {Charles Muller}

野僧家 [rustic monk] {Charles Muller}

早年 [early years] {Charles Muller}

雙宮 [Virgo] {Charles Muller}

三身四智 [three bodies and four kinds of cognition] {Charles Muller}

民庶 [the masses] {Charles Muller}

一切聖賢 [all the wise ones] {Charles Muller}

不吝 [not stingy] {Charles Muller}

了見 [to see fully] {Charles Muller}

二十八代 [twenty-eight generations] {Charles Muller}

儔匹 [companion(s)] {Charles Muller}

儲積 [to store up] {Charles Muller}

元三 [New Yearʼs Day] {Charles Muller}

先緖 [ancestral heritage] {Charles Muller}

兜巾 [black and white cloth scarf] {Charles Muller}

八萬門 [eighty-thousand entries] {Charles Muller}

六般神用 [wonderful function of the six faculties] {Charles Muller}

呵呵 [to laugh loudly] {Charles Muller}

哮吼 [roar] {Charles Muller}

問覓 [to seek for] {Charles Muller}

坦坦 [flat and broad] {Charles Muller}

報道 [to inform] {Charles Muller}

塵鏡 [dirty mirror] {Charles Muller}

失卻 [to lose] {Charles Muller}

妙用恆沙 [marvelous functions, as numerous as the grains of sand in the Ganges] {Charles Muller}

寂聽 [to listen quietly] {Charles Muller}

廓然瑩徹 [empty, transparent] {Charles Muller}

恰似 [just so] {Charles Muller}

悟了 [to comprehend] {Charles Muller}

[folly] {Charles Muller}

掜怪 [to engage in strange activities] {Charles Muller}

揑怪 [to fabricate strange stories] {Charles Muller}

[to pick] {Charles Muller}

摘葉尋枝 [plucking the leaves to get at the branches] {Charles Muller}

收得 [to harvest] {Charles Muller}

施功 [to deploy oneʼs skills] {Charles Muller}

木像 [wooden image] {Charles Muller}

未足 [is not worth doing something] {Charles Muller}

林麓 [deep forests] {Charles Muller}

根境法 [(sense) faculties, objects, and mental objects] {Charles Muller}

涯岸 [shore] {Charles Muller}

涯涘 [shore] {Charles Muller}

淨琉璃含寶月 [like lapis lazuli containing the jeweled moon] {Charles Muller}

滅却 [to eliminate] {Charles Muller}

滅卻 [to eliminate] {Charles Muller}

無不生 [no nonarising] {Charles Muller}

無大 [no substance] {Charles Muller}

無生慈忍 [unproduced compassionate tolerance] {Charles Muller}

無生知 [unarisen cognition] {Charles Muller}

爭似 [to seem] {Charles Muller}

瑜伽十支論 [ten supporting Yogâcāra treatises] {Charles Muller}

[to become sick] {Charles Muller}

[to recover from a disease] {Charles Muller}

短册 [long slip of cardboard one which tanka or haiku is written] {Charles Muller}

神用 [marvelous function] {Charles Muller}

空無相 [empty, without characteristics] {Charles Muller}

窮釋 [thorough explanation] {Charles Muller}

等閒 [for the moment] {Charles Muller}

維摩大士 [Vimalakīrti Mahāsattva] {Charles Muller}

縷褐 [coarse-threaded garments] {Charles Muller}

腦裂 [brains are shattered] {Charles Muller}

萬象森羅 [myriad forms in full array] {Charles Muller}

落卻 [to defeat] {Charles Muller}

螗蜋 [mantis] {Charles Muller}

螢光 [firefly's light] {Charles Muller}

認賊將爲子 [to take a thief as one's son] {Charles Muller}

調制 [to regulate] {Charles Muller}

豁達 [to open] {Charles Muller}

赫日 [crimson (morning) sun] {Charles Muller}

超百億 [beyond one hundred billion] {Charles Muller}

蹭蹬 [lose oneʼs footing] {Charles Muller}

道燦 [Daocan] {Charles Muller}

避溺而投火 [avoiding drowning, yet jumping into the fire] {Charles Muller}

[extremely quiet] {Charles Muller}

[extremely quiet] {Charles Muller}

雲霞 [clouds and mist] {Charles Muller}

非數句 [Skt. asaṃkhyā-gaṇita-pada] {Charles Muller}

頑皮 [stubborn] {Charles Muller}

頓教門 [approach of the teaching of sudden enlightenment] {Charles Muller}

[a grain] {Charles Muller}

風光 [sun shining on the leaves while the wind blows the trees and grass] {Charles Muller}

飮啄 [to peck at water and food] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 345 (CJKV-E Total: 58,775)

十二位 [twelve places] (Jeffrey Kotyk)

三方主 [triplicity rulers] (Jeffrey Koytk)

丹誠 [(to) work wholeheartedly] (Yao Zhang)

九五 [nine-five] (Yao Zhang)

交感 [mutual sympathy] (Yao Zhang)

什具 [everyday implements] (Yao Zhang)

什器 [everyday implements] (Yao Zhang)

仇敵視 [(to) regard as an enemy] (Yao Zhang)

仇視 [(to) regard as an enemy] (Yao Zhang)

低迷 [confused] (Yao Zhang)

低首 [(to) hang one's head] (Yao Zhang)

侶儔 [companion] (Yao Zhang)

俯首 [(to) lower oneʼs head] (Yao Zhang)

俳倡 [performing artists] (Yao Zhang)

俳優 [musician] (Yao Zhang)

僚佐 [assistants to high officials] (Yao Zhang)

僚友 [colleague] (Yao Zhang)

僚輩 [colleague] (Yao Zhang)

僞君子 [hypocrite] (Yao Zhang)

僞裝 [disguise] (Yao Zhang)

僧俗 [monks and laymen] (Yao Zhang)

僭上 [(to) exceed one's authority] (Yao Zhang)

僭號 [wrongly use a rank title higher than the actuality] (Yao Zhang)

僭越 [(to) exceed one's authority] (Yao Zhang)

僭踰 [(to) exceed one's authority] (Yao Zhang)

僱傭 [person employed by another] (Yao Zhang)

僵尸 [walking corpse] (Yao Zhang)

僵屍 [walking corpse] (Yao Zhang)

僻土 [remote, little known region] (Yao Zhang)

僻地 [remote, little known region] (Yao Zhang)

僻壤 [remote, little known region] (Yao Zhang)

儆戒 [hold oneself ready to meet enemy moves] (Yao Zhang)

儇子 [frivolous person] (Yao Zhang)

儉省 [frugal] (Yao Zhang)

儒將 [scholarly soldier] (Yao Zhang)

儔侶 [companions] (Yao Zhang)

儔倫 [peers] (Yao Zhang)

儔匹 [companions] (Yao Zhang)

償卻 [(to) repay] (Yao Zhang)

償還 [(to) repay] (Yao Zhang)

優伶 [musician] (Yao Zhang)

優倡 [performing artist] (Yao Zhang)

優假 [(to) give special treatment] (Yao Zhang)

優先 [priority] (Yao Zhang)

優先權 [priority] (Yao Zhang)

優勢 [advantage] (Yao Zhang)

優厚 [generous] (Yao Zhang)

優待 [(to) give special treatment] (Yao Zhang)

優柔 [amiable] (Yao Zhang)

優殊 [outstanding] (Yao Zhang)

優渥 [generosity] (Yao Zhang)

優獎 [(to) give warm praise to] (Yao Zhang)

優異 [extra treatment and consideration] (Yao Zhang)

優等 [special grade] (Yao Zhang)

優級 [special grade] (Yao Zhang)

優美 [elegant] (Yao Zhang)

優裕 [ample] (Yao Zhang)

優貸 [(to) give special pardon] (Yao Zhang)

優遇 [(to) give special treatment] (Yao Zhang)

優閑 [relaxed] (Yao Zhang)

優閒 [relaxed] (Yao Zhang)

儲副 [crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

儲君 [crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

儲嗣 [crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

儲宮 [crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

儲弐 [heir apparent to a throne] (Yao Zhang)

儲積 [(to) store up] (Yao Zhang)

儲蓄 [savings] (Yao Zhang)

儲藏 [(to) store] (Yao Zhang)

儲貳 [heir apparent] (Yao Zhang)

兀傲 [domineering] (Yao Zhang)

兀奡 [proud] (Yao Zhang)

元三 [new Year's Day] (Yao Zhang)

元兇 [ringleader] (Yao Zhang)

元凶 [ringleader] (Yao Zhang)

元功 [founding fathers] (Yao Zhang)

元勳 [founding fathers] (Yao Zhang)

元孫 [eldest grandson] (Yao Zhang)

元惡 [ringleader] (Yao Zhang)

元旦 [new Year's Day] (Yao Zhang)

元辰 [new Year's Day] (Yao Zhang)

元配 [original wife] (Yao Zhang)

充倔 [(to) be self-satisfied, unaffected by worldly constraints] (Yao Zhang)

充分 [sufficient] (Yao Zhang)

充斥 [(to) be full of] (Yao Zhang)

充溢 [(to) overflow] (Yao Zhang)

充當 [(to) fill] (Yao Zhang)

充羨 [in excess] (Yao Zhang)

充血 [increased blood pressure] (Yao Zhang)

兆域 [grave site] (Yao Zhang)

兇懼 [afraid] (Yao Zhang)

先塋 [ancestral graveyard] (Yao Zhang)

先引 [(to) guide] (Yao Zhang)

先手 [first by turn or in action] (Yao Zhang)

先番 [first move] (Yao Zhang)

先緖 [ancestral heritage] (Yao Zhang)

光學 [optics] (Yao Zhang)

光彩 [splendor] (Yao Zhang)

光復 [(to) recover possession of territory] (Yao Zhang)

光怪 [strange light] (Yao Zhang)

光棍 [hoodlum] (Yao Zhang)

光波 [light wave] (Yao Zhang)

光芒 [brilliant rays] (Yao Zhang)

光頭 [bareheaded] (Yao Zhang)

克服 [(to) overcome difficulties] (Yao Zhang)

兌換 [(to) exchange] (Yao Zhang)

免喪 [terminate mourning when the period is over] (Yao Zhang)

免官 [(to) relieve someone of his post] (Yao Zhang)

免席 [(to) leave one's seat] (Yao Zhang)

免役 [(to) be excused from conscription] (Yao Zhang)

免稅 [tax-free] (Yao Zhang)

免職 [(to) relieve someone of his post] (Yao Zhang)

免除 [(to) exempt] (Yao Zhang)

免黜 [(to) remove from office] (Yao Zhang)

兒夫 [my husband] (Yao Zhang)

兒曹 [children] (Yao Zhang)

兒科 [pediatrics] (Yao Zhang)

兒童 [child] (Yao Zhang)

兒郞 [son] (Yao Zhang)

兔唇 [harelip] (Yao Zhang)

兔欠 [hare-lipped] (Yao Zhang)

兔毫 [writing brush made of rabbit's hair] (Yao Zhang)

兔絲 [dodder.] (Yao Zhang)

兔缺 [harelip] (Yao Zhang)

兔脣 [hare-lipped] (Yao Zhang)

兜巾 [black cloth scarf] (Yao Zhang)

入寇 [(to) invade here from another country] (Yao Zhang)

入梅 [entering the rainy season] (Yao Zhang)

入神 [(to) grasp the essence of things] (Yao Zhang)

入聲 [entering tone] (Yao Zhang)

入道 [(to) enter the Way] (Yao Zhang)

入選 [(to) be chosen] (Yao Zhang)

內人 [one's own wife] (Yao Zhang)

內侍 [palace attendant] (Yao Zhang)

內務 [internal or domestic affairs of a country] (Yao Zhang)

內地 [inland] (Yao Zhang)

內子 [legal wife] (Yao Zhang)

內庫 [warehouse in the court] (Yao Zhang)

內心 [in the heart] (Yao Zhang)

內監 [court attendant] (Yao Zhang)

內科 [internal medicine] (Yao Zhang)

內臟 [internal organs of the body] (Yao Zhang)

內藏 [internal] (Yao Zhang)

內閣 [cabinet of a government] (Yao Zhang)

全力 [with one's whole strength] (Yao Zhang)

全德 [virtue complete] (Yao Zhang)

全才 [person versatile in all skills] (Yao Zhang)

全權 [with full powers] (Yao Zhang)

全活 [(to) save life] (Yao Zhang)

全盛 [height of prosperity] (Yao Zhang)

全能 [omnipotent] (Yao Zhang)

全豹 [whole leopard] (Yao Zhang)

兩棲類 [amphibious animals] (Yao Zhang)

兩造 [both plaintiff and defendant] (Yao Zhang)

公使 [envoy] (Yao Zhang)

公倍數 [common multiple] (Yao Zhang)

公債 [bonds issued by the government] (Yao Zhang)

公僕 [public servant] (Yao Zhang)

公務 [official business] (Yao Zhang)

公報 [government gazette] (Yao Zhang)

公孫樹 [ginkgo tree] (Yao Zhang)

公安 [public security] (Yao Zhang)

公家 [government] (Yao Zhang)

公布 [officially promulgated] (Yao Zhang)

公幹 [official business] (Yao Zhang)

公廨 [government office] (Yao Zhang)

公德 [public morals] (Yao Zhang)

公憤 [public indignation] (Yao Zhang)

公斤 [kilogram] (Yao Zhang)

公會 [public meeting] (Yao Zhang)

公民 [citizen of the state] (Yao Zhang)

公海 [high seas] (Yao Zhang)

公然 [openly] (Yao Zhang)

公社 [society] (Yao Zhang)

公署 [government office] (Yao Zhang)

公衆 [general public] (Yao Zhang)

公訴 [public indictment] (Yao Zhang)

公賣 [public sale] (Yao Zhang)

公轉 [orbital revolution] (Yao Zhang)

公里 [kilometer] (Yao Zhang)

公館 [residence provided by the government for local officials] (Yao Zhang)

共和 [cooperative government] (Yao Zhang)

共犯 [accomplice] (Yao Zhang)

兵勢 [military strength] (Yao Zhang)

兵役 [military service] (Yao Zhang)

兵戎 [soldiers] (Yao Zhang)

兵機 [opportunity to initiate battle] (Yao Zhang)

兵營 [military encampment] (Yao Zhang)

唇裂 [harelip] (Yao Zhang)

地痞 [local ruffian] (Yao Zhang)

官廳 [government office] (Yao Zhang)

寬待 [(to) treat leniently] (Yao Zhang)

寬恕 [tolerant] (Yao Zhang)

寮佐 [assistants to high officials] (Yao Zhang)

屬吏 [subordinate official] (Yao Zhang)

屬官 [subordinate official] (Yao Zhang)

屯所 [military camp] (Yao Zhang)

屯營 [military camp] (Yao Zhang)

役所 [government office] (Yao Zhang)

德配 [esteemed wife] (Yao Zhang)

戰機 [opportunity for battle] (Yao Zhang)

提琴 [huqin] (Yao Zhang)

敵視 [(to) regard as an enemy] (Yao Zhang)

春宮 [residence of the crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

東儲 [crown prince] (Yao Zhang)

樂人 [musician] (Yao Zhang)

樂工 [musician] (Yao Zhang)

樂師 [musician] (Yao Zhang)

氐首 [(to) lower one's head] (Yao Zhang)

民庶 [general public] (Yao Zhang)

民衆 [general public] (Yao Zhang)

流氓 [wandering people] (Yao Zhang)

痞子 [local ruffian] (Yao Zhang)

白果 [ginkgo] (Yao Zhang)

缺脣 [harelipped] (Yao Zhang)

罪首 [ringleader] (Yao Zhang)

罪魁 [ringleader] (Yao Zhang)

罷免 [(to) relieve someone of his post] (Yao Zhang)

辟席 [to stand up and leave one's seat] (Yao Zhang)

避土 [remote, little known region] (Yao Zhang)

避席 [stand up and leave one's seat] (Yao Zhang)

那換 [(to) exchange] (Yao Zhang)

長孫 [eldest grandson] (Yao Zhang)

離席 [(to) leave one's seat] (Yao Zhang)

今在 [right here] (Charles Muller)

但得 [(to) merely obtain] (Charles Muller)

作風 [way of doing things] (Charles Muller)

儔類 [companions] (Charles Muller)

充詘 [(to) be self-satisfied, unbound by worldly constraints] (Charles Muller)

免租 [tax-free] (Charles Muller)

兒輩 [children] (Charles Muller)

兔徑 [rabbit's path] (Charles Muller)

公佈 [officially promulgated] (Charles Muller)

公務員 [public servant] (Charles Muller)

兵威 [military strength] (Charles Muller)

冤訟 [(to) appeal a false charge] (Charles Muller)

冤訴 [(to) appeal a false charge] (Charles Muller)

出豁 [freed from] (Charles Muller)

占星 [astrology] (Charles Muller)

占星術 [astrology] (Charles Muller)

口稱 [(to) call] (Charles Muller)

司法 [administration of justice] (Charles Muller)

司法官 [officer of the court] (Charles Muller)

報道 [(to) inform] (Charles Muller)

塵客 [mundane fellow] (Charles Muller)

夙債 [old debt] (Charles Muller)

大凶 [great calamity] (Charles Muller)

失了 [(to) lose] (Charles Muller)

失卻 [(to) lose] (Charles Muller)

威靈 [prestige] (Charles Muller)

官祿 [position (rank) and salary] (Charles Muller)

宮主 [imperial empress] (Charles Muller)

宿債 [old debt] (Charles Muller)

寂聽 [(to) listen quietly] (Charles Muller)

寶月 [bright moon] (Charles Muller)

尋枝 [eight-foot 八尺 branch] (Charles Muller)

小兒科 [pediatrics] (Charles Muller)

小兒醫 [pediatrics] (Charles Muller)

屬僚 [subordinate official] (Charles Muller)

峭岸 [steep cliff] (Charles Muller)

巧僞 [pretense] (Charles Muller)

忘形 [(to) become oblivious to the body] (Charles Muller)

怨訴 [make a claim for one's grievances] (Charles Muller)

應須 [should be] (Charles Muller)

懵懂 [confused] (Charles Muller)

懵董 [confused] (Charles Muller)

承雲 [Carrying the Clouds] (Charles Muller)

拒轍 [(to) block the ruts] (Charles Muller)

挾帶 [(to) carry under arms] (Charles Muller)

捏怪 [(to) fabricate strange stories] (Charles Muller)

捏造 [(to) make a shape] (Charles Muller)

捨不得 [loath to give up] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pattern after] (Charles Muller)

掜怪 [(to) fabricate strange stories] (Charles Muller)

揑怪 [(to) fabricate strange stories] (Charles Muller)

敢辭 [(to) quit resolutely] (Charles Muller)

數他珍寶 [(to) count another's treasures] (Charles Muller)

施功 [(to) deploy one's skills] (Charles Muller)

施巧 [(to) display one's skill] (Charles Muller)

[fluttering of a flag] (Charles Muller)

[(to) flutter] (Charles Muller)

[fluttering] (Charles Muller)

旖旎 [fluttering of a flag] (Charles Muller)

早年 [early years] (Charles Muller)

早時 [former times] (Charles Muller)

暦暦 [in order] (Charles Muller)

松下 [Songxia] (Charles Muller)

林麓 [(to) deep forests] (Charles Muller)

[lintel] (Charles Muller)

樂曲 [musical composition] (Charles Muller)

次條 [next entry] (Charles Muller)

涯岸 [shore] (Charles Muller)

涯涘 [shore] (Charles Muller)

涯際 [shore] (Charles Muller)

深謀 [deeply laid plan] (Charles Muller)

淸宵 [stillness of the night] (Charles Muller)

淸通 [conversant with] (Charles Muller)

灑落 [unattached to things] (Charles Muller)

火中 [in the fire] (Charles Muller)

炳靈 [authority] (Charles Muller)

熔化 [(to) melt] (Charles Muller)

牛宮 [taurus] (Charles Muller)

猿狖 [monkeys] (Charles Muller)

[mythical beast, resembling an ox] (Charles Muller)

琉璃 [lapis lazuli] (Charles Muller)

瓦碎 [(to) break tiles] (Charles Muller)

當選 [(to) be chosen] (Charles Muller)

痕垢 [scars left from past crimes] (Charles Muller)

碎身 [(to) grind the body] (Charles Muller)

[many stones piled up] (Charles Muller)

福德 [fortune] (Charles Muller)

積學 [(to) accumulate learning] (Charles Muller)

等閒 [for the moment] (Charles Muller)

籠頭 [headstall] (Charles Muller)

粉骨 [(to) pulverize one's bones] (Charles Muller)

紅日 [hot morning sun] (Charles Muller)

編造 [(to) compile] (Charles Muller)

脫身 [(to) cast off the body] (Charles Muller)

舊債 [old debt] (Charles Muller)

[hemlock parsley] (Charles Muller)

芎藭 [hemlock parsley] (Charles Muller)

萬兩 [10,000 liang] (Charles Muller)

蔑稱 [derogatory term] (Charles Muller)

[hemlock parsley] (Charles Muller)

虛行 [vain activity] (Charles Muller)

螗蜋 [mantis] (Charles Muller)

螢光 [light of the firefly] (Charles Muller)

衣領 [collar] (Charles Muller)

被吿 [defendant] (Charles Muller)

調制 [(to) regulate] (Charles Muller)

豁達 [open in all directions] (Charles Muller)

賊將 [brigand] (Charles Muller)

赫日 [crimson (morning) sun] (Charles Muller)

蹭蹬 [(to) lose oneʼs footing] (Charles Muller)

進途 [(to) hurry down the road] (Charles Muller)

還如 [just like...] (Charles Muller)

酷法 [strict statutes] (Charles Muller)

金環 [gold ring] (Charles Muller)

金鐶 [gold ring] (Charles Muller)

鉅公 [honorable man] (Charles Muller)

銷融 [(to) melt] (Charles Muller)

雙宮 [virgo] (Charles Muller)

雲霞 [clouds and mist] (Charles Muller)

風吹 [wind blows] (Charles Muller)

鬼怪 [ghost] (Charles Muller)

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