DDB and CJKV-E Monthly New Entries May 2018

Significantly Revised

慧開 [Huikai] (Charles Muller)

正根 [actual sensory ability] (Billy Brewster)

中般涅槃 [one who attains liberation in between] (Billy Brewster)

四依 [four necessities] (Paul Groner)

石室 [Vajirā] (Billy Brewster)

New Entries: 197 (DDB Total: 70,814)

七神止處 [seven abodes of consciousness] {Billy Brewster}

僧伽筏蘇 [Saṃghavasu] {Billy Brewster}

優陀耶 [Udāya] {Billy Brewster}

弗尼迦 [Pūrṇaka] {Billy Brewster}

摩醯舍婆 [Mahīśāsaka] {Billy Brewster}

生聞梵志 [Brāhmin Jātiśroṇa] {Billy Brewster}

瞿沙伐摩 [Ghoṣavarman] {Billy Brewster}

舍搋洲 [(Skt. śāṭha)] {Billy Brewster}

薩他那 [sthāna] {Billy Brewster}

鉢剌底 [Skt. pratīti] {Billy Brewster}

阿臈毘 [Āḷavikā] {Billy Brewster}

樂寂 [to enjoy quiescence] {Dan Lusthaus}

三大佛 [three great buddhas] {Matthew McMullen}

三武一宗法難 [suppression of Buddhism by the three Wu and one Zong Emperors] {Matthew McMullen}

五通智道 [path of wisdom through the five supernatural powers] {Matthew McMullen}

向原寺 [Mukubaradera] {Matthew McMullen}

大樓閣寶王 [Jeweled King of the Great Pavilion] {Matthew McMullen}

如聾如啞 [as if deaf and dumb] {Matthew McMullen}

山寺二門 [mountain and temple gates] {Matthew McMullen}

弘經三軌 [three requirements for taking the role of propagating the sutras] {Matthew McMullen}

接心 [concentrated mind] {Matthew McMullen}

摧邪輪 [Zaijarin] {Matthew McMullen}

摩訶泮尼 [Mahāphaṇi] {Matthew McMullen}

日像 [Nichizō] {Matthew McMullen}

日隆 [Nichiryū] {Matthew McMullen}

智曼荼羅 [wisdom maṇḍala] {Matthew McMullen}

柔和忍辱衣 [robes for practicing with forbearance] {Matthew McMullen}

淨土眞宗教典志 [Record of Teachings in the True Pure Land School] {Matthew McMullen}

無我無畏 [fearlessness of no self] {Matthew McMullen}

玄智 [Genchi] {Matthew McMullen}

理曼荼羅 [principle maṇḍala] {Matthew McMullen}

瑜伽我 [yoga ātman] {Matthew McMullen}

眞盛派 [Shinzei Branch] {Matthew McMullen}

蓮華曼荼羅 [lotus maṇḍala] {Matthew McMullen}

虛空無垢執金剛 [Vajradhāra Gaganāmala] {Matthew McMullen}

西教寺 [Saikyōji] {Matthew McMullen}

計有時 [calculating the existence of time] {Matthew McMullen}

身無盡莊嚴藏 [body as inexhaustibly adorned treasury] {Matthew McMullen}

金剛手祕密主 [Vajrapāṇi, Master of Mysteries] {Matthew McMullen}

除一切蓋障菩薩 [Bodhisattva who Removes All Hindrances] {Matthew McMullen}

颯秣建國 [Samarkand] {Matthew McMullen}

乾曝曝地 [dryly] {Stefan Grace}

五則 [five gong'an] {Stefan Grace}

五則法問 [five kōan discussion ceremony] {Stefan Grace}

五帝三皇是何物 [what are the five emperors and the three sovereigns?] {Stefan Grace}

五燈嚴統 [Wudeng yantong] {Stefan Grace}

五燈會元續略 [Wudeng huiyuan xulue] {Stefan Grace}

五燈續略 [Wudeng xulue] {Stefan Grace}

五蘊所成身 [body composed of the five aggregates] {Stefan Grace}

五通仙人 [five supranormal power hermit] {Stefan Grace}

供養心六種 [six types of thoughts of making offerings] {Stefan Grace}

冷湫湫地 [coldly] {Stefan Grace}

天隱圓修 [Tianyin Yuanxiu] {Stefan Grace}

屋漏 [the dark part of the house] {Stefan Grace}

屋漏事 [the matter of the dark part of the house] {Stefan Grace}

屋裏主人翁 [the master of the house] {Stefan Grace}

忽地 [suddenly] {Stefan Grace}

怨親平等 [hate and affection as equal] {Stefan Grace}

恩德無上心 [the unexcelled thought of beneficence] {Stefan Grace}

慧祚 [Mingji Huizuo] {Stefan Grace}

明方 [Mingfang] {Stefan Grace}

明極慧祚 [Mingji Huizuo] {Stefan Grace}

智誾 [Zhiyin] {Stefan Grace}

業識茫茫無本可據 [the origin cannot be apprehended due to the flurried activity of the karmic consciousness] {Stefan Grace}

汚戒 [defiled precepts] {Stefan Grace}

淨柱 [Jingzhu] {Stefan Grace}

特地 [especially] {Stefan Grace}

百痴行元 [Baichi Xingyuan] {Stefan Grace}

石雨明方 [Shiyu Mingfang] {Stefan Grace}

穩密密 [hidden] {Stefan Grace}

穩密田地 [secret realm] {Stefan Grace}

行元 [Xingyuan] {Stefan Grace}

覺浪道盛 [Juelang Daosheng] {Stefan Grace}

語忌十成 [words hate perfection] {Stefan Grace}

語抑下意托上 [to belittle with words but elevate with intention] {Stefan Grace}

費隱通容 [Feiyin Tongrong] {Stefan Grace}

通容 [Tongrong] {Stefan Grace}

遠塵離苦 [far away from defilement and removed from suffering] {Stefan Grace}

遠年忌 [later anniversary of a death] {Stefan Grace}

遠波忌 [distant wave memorial] {Stefan Grace}

遠門淨柱 [Yuanmen Jingzhu] {Stefan Grace}

隱密密 [hidden away] {Stefan Grace}

隱隱地 [hidden] {Stefan Grace}

雪關智誾 [Xueguan Zhiyin] {Stefan Grace}

露堂堂 [completely revealed] {Stefan Grace}

飮水鵞 [water-drinking goose] {Stefan Grace}

一劫半 [one and a half eons] {Charles Muller}

七八二識 [two consciousnesses — seventh and eighth] {Charles Muller}

七神識止處 [seven abodes of consciousness] {Charles Muller}

七識止處 [seven abodes of consciousness] {Charles Muller}

七識處 [seven abodes of consciousness] {Charles Muller}

上升 [to go up] {Charles Muller}

下帷 [to pull the curtains] {Charles Muller}

下手 [lower part] {Charles Muller}

下等 [inferior grade] {Charles Muller}

下里 [countryside] {Charles Muller}

不應一向 [not necessarily...] {Charles Muller}

不次 [out of normal sequence] {Charles Muller}

丸藥 [pill of medicine] {Charles Muller}

主將 [commander in chief] {Charles Muller}

二十小劫 [twenty minor eons] {Charles Muller}

伽留羅 [Skt. *garuḍa] {Charles Muller}

侵損 [to invade] {Charles Muller}

修行布施 [to practice donation] {Charles Muller}

六分之一 [one sixth] {Charles Muller}

准此可知 [can be understood according to this] {Charles Muller}

分別緣起法門經 [Sutra on The Primacy of the Dharma Gate Distinguishing Conditioned Arising] {Charles Muller}

分別緣起經 [Sutra on The Primacy of the Dharma Gate Distinguishing Conditioned Arising] {Charles Muller}

初勝法門經 [Sutra on The Primacy of the Dharma Gate Distinguishing Conditioned Arising] {Charles Muller}

刹利頂生王 [the Kṣatriya King Mūrdhaja (Mūrdhajarāja)] {Charles Muller}

北海 [northern sea] {Charles Muller}

[division] {Charles Muller}

十報法經 [Shibaofa jing] {Charles Muller}

十小劫 [ten minor kalpas] {Charles Muller}

半兩 [half of a liang] {Charles Muller}

半由旬 [half of a yojana] {Charles Muller}

君臣和順 [harmonious cooperation between ruler and ministers] {Charles Muller}

四分之一 [one fourth] {Charles Muller}

圓滿淸淨 [completely pure] {Charles Muller}

垂覆 [to cover over] {Charles Muller}

墮慢 [Sloppy] {Charles Muller}

壽命者 [life span] {Charles Muller}

大概 [generally] {Charles Muller}

大都 [generally] {Charles Muller}

天宮殿 [heavenly palace] {Charles Muller}

如所聞 [as was heard] {Charles Muller}

如是說已 [having explained this...] {Charles Muller}

妖怪 [demon] {Charles Muller}

妖魅 [demon] {Charles Muller}

寡聞 [uninformed] {Charles Muller}

尼民陀羅山 [Nimiṃdhara] {Charles Muller}

康國 [Samarkand] {Charles Muller}

廢釋 [suppression of Buddhism] {Charles Muller}

廣開演 [to expound in detail] {Charles Muller}

弘明 [to spread and clarify] {Charles Muller}

悉陀河 [Śīta River] {Charles Muller}

情本 [distorted perception and the original object] {Charles Muller}

慧開 [Huikai] {Charles Muller}

懲過 [criticize mistakes] {Charles Muller}

所誡 [admonished] {Charles Muller}

收縛 [to bind] {Charles Muller}

敬佛 [to pay homage to the Buddha] {Charles Muller}

敬僧 [to revere the saṃgha] {Charles Muller}

斯陀河 [Śīta River] {Charles Muller}

新古 [new and old] {Charles Muller}

新頭河 [Sindhu River] {Charles Muller}

本質境 [raw sensate object] {Charles Muller}

村里 [countryside] {Charles Muller}

柔和忍辱心 [flexible and tolerant attitude] {Charles Muller}

梵福 [merits of the Brahmā heaven] {Charles Muller}

極限 [limit] {Charles Muller}

樹果 [fruit tree] {Charles Muller}

洄澓 [whirlpool] {Charles Muller}

洞宗 [Tōshū] {Charles Muller}

深五百由旬 [five hundred yojanas deep] {Charles Muller}

淺聞 [shallow learning] {Charles Muller}

游戲 [to play] {Charles Muller}

澄淨無穢 [pure, unsullied] {Charles Muller}

濟宗 [Saishū] {Charles Muller}

無始法爾 [like that since time immemorial] {Charles Muller}

無悕望 [without longing] {Charles Muller}

無門慧開 [Wumen Huikai] {Charles Muller}

獎道 [to guide] {Charles Muller}

盜他物 [to steal the belongings of others] {Charles Muller}

神雷 [god of thunder] {Charles Muller}

福光天 [Puṇyaprasava Heaven] {Charles Muller}

禮世尊足 [to bow to the feet of the Buddha] {Charles Muller}

禮度 [processes dictated by the rules of propriety] {Charles Muller}

等護 [equal protection] {Charles Muller}

紅紫 [deep red] {Charles Muller}

義略 [abbreviation of the content] {Charles Muller}

螺貝 [conch shell] {Charles Muller}

觀佛三昧經 [Guanfo sanmei jing] {Charles Muller}

誣謗 [to slander] {Charles Muller}

講議 [to lecture] {Charles Muller}

貧者 [the poor] {Charles Muller}

起居輕利 [to rise up nimbly] {Charles Muller}

起成 [arise] {Charles Muller}

車輪 [wheel of a carriage ] {Charles Muller}

轉妙 [to become (more) refined] {Charles Muller}

辛頭河 [Sindhu River] {Charles Muller}

量高 [to measure height] {Charles Muller}

鐵馬 [iron horse] {Charles Muller}

長幼和順 [harmonious cooperation between elders and the youth] {Charles Muller}

阿彌陀經義記 [Amitoujing yiji] {Charles Muller}

隔斷 [to obstruct] {Charles Muller}

難解法 [doctrine that is difficult to understand] {Charles Muller}

雷公 [god of thunder] {Charles Muller}

雷師 [god of thunder] {Charles Muller}

雷神 [god of thunder] {Charles Muller}

鞞婆沙論 [*Vibhāṣā-śāstra] {Charles Muller}

驗河 [Sindhu River] {Charles Muller}

魔身 [Māra bodies] {Charles Muller}

New CJKV-E entries: 285 (CJKV-E Total: 57,723)

三行 [three behaviors] (Yao Zhang)

三鼓 [midnight] (Yao Zhang)

上林 [imperial garden] (Yao Zhang)

上海 [Shanghai] (Yao Zhang)

上游 [upper stream] (Yao Zhang)

上略 [top or preceding part omitted] (Yao Zhang)

上策 [best plan] (Yao Zhang)

上苑 [imperial garden] (Yao Zhang)

上葉 [former times] (Yao Zhang)

上計 [best plan] (Yao Zhang)

上足 [superior disciple] (Yao Zhang)

上輩 [ancestors] (Yao Zhang)

上部 [upper part] (Yao Zhang)

下世 [future generation] (Yao Zhang)

下元 [15th day of the 10th lunar month] (Yao Zhang)

下半 [lower half] (Yao Zhang)

下問 [ask of one less learned than oneself] (Yao Zhang)

下堂 [(to) descend from the hall] (Yao Zhang)

下女 [maid servant] (Yao Zhang)

下奴 [manservant] (Yao Zhang)

下婢 [maid servant] (Yao Zhang)

下工 [humble position] (Yao Zhang)

下帷 [(to) pull the curtains] (Yao Zhang)

下弦 [third quarter of the moon] (Yao Zhang)

下手 [(to) put one's hand to] (Yao Zhang)

下放 [reassign from urban to rural areas] (Yao Zhang)

下水 [drainage] (Yao Zhang)

下游 [downstream] (Yao Zhang)

下班 [inferior grade] (Yao Zhang)

下男 [servant] (Yao Zhang)

下界 [future generation] (Yao Zhang)

下疳 [chancre] (Yao Zhang)

下筆 [(to) set down on paper] (Yao Zhang)

下等 [inferior grade] (Yao Zhang)

下策 [poor plan] (Yao Zhang)

下計 [poor plan] (Yao Zhang)

下輩 [low-class person] (Yao Zhang)

下部 [lower part of the body] (Yao Zhang)

下里 [countryside] (Yao Zhang)

不動產 [real estate] (Yao Zhang)

不宣 [unannounced] (Yao Zhang)

不律 [undisciplined] (Yao Zhang)

不景氣 [depression] (Yao Zhang)

不次 [not in normal sequence] (Yao Zhang)

不穩 [unsteady] (Yao Zhang)

不第 [(to) fail in examinations for degrees] (Yao Zhang)

不群 [not of the flock] (Yao Zhang)

不職 [derelict in duty] (Yao Zhang)

不詳 [unidentified] (Yao Zhang)

不軌 [irregular] (Yao Zhang)

世務 [worldly affairs] (Yao Zhang)

世緣 [secular ties and business] (Yao Zhang)

丘墟 [wild lands] (Yao Zhang)

丘壑 [hills and ravines] (Yao Zhang)

丘壟 [earthen mound] (Yao Zhang)

丘隴 [earthen mound] (Yao Zhang)

丙丁 [one of the ten stems] (Yao Zhang)

丙夜 [midnight] (Yao Zhang)

中使 [palace petty officer] (Yao Zhang)

中保 [mediation] (Yao Zhang)

中午 [midday] (Yao Zhang)

中堂 [wide scroll hung in center of hall] (Yao Zhang)

中官 [eunuch] (Yao Zhang)

中宵 [middle of the night] (Yao Zhang)

中年 [middle-aged] (Yao Zhang)

中性 [neutral] (Yao Zhang)

中才 [men of average ability] (Yao Zhang)

中斷 [to break in the middle] (Yao Zhang)

中旬 [middle ten days of a month] (Yao Zhang)

中昔 [middle of the night] (Yao Zhang)

中朝 [court (government)] (Yao Zhang)

中材 [men of average ability] (Yao Zhang)

中殤 [die between 12-15 years of age] (Yao Zhang)

中流 [midstream] (Yao Zhang)

中浣 [middle ten days of a month] (Yao Zhang)

中涓 [palace eunuchs] (Yao Zhang)

中澣 [middle ten days of a month] (Yao Zhang)

中產 [middle class] (Yao Zhang)

中絕 [to break in the middle] (Yao Zhang)

中耳 [middle ear] (Yao Zhang)

中葉 [middle period] (Yao Zhang)

中路 [middle of rhw road] (Yao Zhang)

中饋 [cooking as the wife's job] (Yao Zhang)

丰儀 [esteemed personality] (Yao Zhang)

丰姿 [demeanor] (Yao Zhang)

丰容 [your face] (Yao Zhang)

丰神 [handsome looks] (Yao Zhang)

丰采 [personal appearance] (Yao Zhang)

串戲 [take part in or rehearse a play] (Yao Zhang)

丸藥 [pill of medicine] (Yao Zhang)

丹款 [sincerity] (Yao Zhang)

丹精 [sincerity] (Yao Zhang)

丹鉛 [vermilion and lead] (Yao Zhang)

丹靑 [red and blue painting] (Yao Zhang)

主使 [instigator] (Yao Zhang)

主因 [principal factor or cause] (Yao Zhang)

主婦 [mistress of a house] (Yao Zhang)

主客 [host and guest] (Yao Zhang)

主將 [commander in chief] (Yao Zhang)

例外 [exception] (Yao Zhang)

俗務 [worldly cares] (Yao Zhang)

兒戲 [child's play] (Yao Zhang)

兩意 [second thoughts] (Yao Zhang)

册命 [formal order] (Yao Zhang)

册子 [small pamphlet] (Yao Zhang)

册立 [(to) crown] (Yao Zhang)

列嶋 [archipelago] (Yao Zhang)

前略 [first paragraphs omitted] (Yao Zhang)

勸吿 [(to) exhort] (Yao Zhang)

半嶋 [peninsula] (Yao Zhang)

原吿 [plaintiff] (Yao Zhang)

吿老 [(to) retire due to age] (Yao Zhang)

啄木 [woodpecker] (Yao Zhang)

善良 [docile] (Yao Zhang)

囂竸 [making fanfare] (Yao Zhang)

地楡 [garden burnet] (Yao Zhang)

塵務 [secular affairs] (Yao Zhang)

墜緖 [lost tradition] (Yao Zhang)

媽媽 [mother] (Yao Zhang)

家園 [homeland] (Yao Zhang)

屛去 [(to) cast aside] (Yao Zhang)

屛棄 [(to) abandon] (Yao Zhang)

嶋國 [island kingdom] (Yao Zhang)

帶甲馬 [cavalry] (Yao Zhang)

廢址 [abandoned site] (Yao Zhang)

意緖 [mental state] (Yao Zhang)

拙策 [poor policy or plan] (Yao Zhang)

拙謀 [poor policy or plan] (Yao Zhang)

排水溝 [drainage] (Yao Zhang)

時務 [worldly affairs] (Yao Zhang)

書本 [book] (Yao Zhang)

末席 [to come off from class] (Yao Zhang)

末座 [lowest seat] (Yao Zhang)

末班 [lowest seat] (Yao Zhang)

本子 [notebook] (Yao Zhang)

村里 [countryside] (Yao Zhang)

武辯 [petty officer] (Yao Zhang)

毘倚 [(to) lean on for support] (Yao Zhang)

水鄕 [beautiful riverside location] (Yao Zhang)

海棠 [cherry apple tree] (Yao Zhang)

海薹 [ edible seaweed] (Yao Zhang)

營衞 [military camp] (Yao Zhang)

猛戻 [intractable] (Yao Zhang)

玉髓 [chalcedony] (Yao Zhang)

申江 [Shanghai] [both sides of the Huangpu 黃浦 river area in Shanghai 上海, central east China] (Yao Zhang)

發怔 [(to) be stunned] (Yao Zhang)

皮辯 [deerskin cap] (Yao Zhang)

眼孔 [eye] (Yao Zhang)

破格 [(to) break the rule] (Yao Zhang)

磨子 [mill] (Yao Zhang)

磨磑 [mill] (Yao Zhang)

竸進 [(to) advance shoulder to shoulder] (Yao Zhang)

筆跡 [handwriting] (Yao Zhang)

筆蹟 [handwriting] (Yao Zhang)

筆迹 [(to) set down on paper] (Yao Zhang)

簷馬 [metal pieces under the eaves] (Yao Zhang)

簿册 [small pamphlet] (Yao Zhang)

簿子 [small pamphlet] (Yao Zhang)

統帥 [commander in chief] (Yao Zhang)

統率 [command] (Yao Zhang)

繆戻 [absurd] (Yao Zhang)

纘緖 [(to) accede] (Yao Zhang)

罨法 [poultice] (Yao Zhang)

罪戻 [criminal responsibility] (Yao Zhang)

老叟 [old man] (Yao Zhang)

老爺 [one's father] (Yao Zhang)

聖教 [imperial decree] (Yao Zhang)

聖訓 [imperial decree] (Yao Zhang)

聖諭 [imperial decree] (Yao Zhang)

舌本 [back of the tongue] (Yao Zhang)

舌根 [back of tongue] (Yao Zhang)

良善 [docile] (Yao Zhang)

荒地 [wasteland] (Yao Zhang)

莓薹 [moss] (Yao Zhang)

落第 [fail in examinations for degrees] (Yao Zhang)

蒼薹 [lichen] (Yao Zhang)

薹痕 [mossy growths] (Yao Zhang)

薹砌 [mossy steps] (Yao Zhang)

藝香 [fragrance] (Yao Zhang)

詔勅 [imperial decree] (Yao Zhang)

謬戻 [absurd] (Yao Zhang)

貳心 [disloyalty] (Yao Zhang)

賞鑑 [(to) honor one by reading] (Yao Zhang)

輜輧 [covered wagon] (Yao Zhang)

辯目 [patrol leader] (Yao Zhang)

辯言 [skillful speech] (Yao Zhang)

邱園 [garden in the hills] (Yao Zhang)

鄕野 [countryside] (Yao Zhang)

鎧馬 [cavalry] (Yao Zhang)

鐵馬 [cavalry] (Yao Zhang)

閒話 [gossip] (Yao Zhang)

隔斷 [(to) obstruct] (Yao Zhang)

雷公 [god of thunder] (Yao Zhang)

雷師 [god of thunder] (Yao Zhang)

雷神 [god of thunder] (Yao Zhang)

馴善 [tractable] (Yao Zhang)

鼓室 [middle ear] (Yao Zhang)

三十日 [thirtieth day] (Charles Muller)

下僕 [servant] (Charles Muller)

中食 [lunch] (Charles Muller)

丹心 [sincerity] (Charles Muller)

丹懇 [loyalty] (Charles Muller)

丹石心 [sincerity] (Charles Muller)

人間界 [human world] (Charles Muller)

企劃 [(to) plan] (Charles Muller)

企圖 [(to) plan] (Charles Muller)

企畫 [(to) plan] (Charles Muller)

佳詞 [elegant literature] (Charles Muller)

侍婢 [maidservant] (Charles Muller)

冶鑄 [(to) smelt] (Charles Muller)

唐土 [tang Land] (Charles Muller)

唐山 [Tangshan] (Charles Muller)

園地 [garden-land] (Charles Muller)

墮慢 [sloppy] (Charles Muller)

妖怪 [demon] (Charles Muller)

妖鬼 [demon] (Charles Muller)

妖魅 [demon] (Charles Muller)

宮城 [imperial palace] (Charles Muller)

[poor] (Charles Muller)

帝城 [imperial palace] (Charles Muller)

建寧 [Jianning] (Charles Muller)

彩衣 [colorful clothes] (Charles Muller)

[anxious] (Charles Muller)

怪異 [strange] (Charles Muller)

懲過 [(to) criticize mistakes] (Charles Muller)

戲耍 [(to) play] (Charles Muller)

[(to) dig up] (Charles Muller)

[(to) pull] (Charles Muller)

投擲 [(to) throw] (Charles Muller)

披文 [(to) peruse a text] (Charles Muller)

披見 [(to) pore over a book] (Charles Muller)

披覽 [(to) pore over a book] (Charles Muller)

描寫 [(to) copy] (Charles Muller)

[(to) dig] (Charles Muller)

搰搰 [(to) apply effort] (Charles Muller)

[(to) expel] (Charles Muller)

[(to) imitate] (Charles Muller)

散漫 [sloppy] (Charles Muller)

[(to) teach] (Charles Muller)

文囿 [literary society] (Charles Muller)

景氣 [condition] (Charles Muller)

末端 [tip] (Charles Muller)

歲在 [year] (Charles Muller)

歲次 [year] (Charles Muller)

沽洗 [guxi] (Charles Muller)

浮詞 [flowery but insubstantial words] (Charles Muller)

浮辭 [flowery but insubstantial words] (Charles Muller)

浮辯 [flowery but insubstantial words] (Charles Muller)

[whirling water] (Charles Muller)

猜度 [(to) surmise] (Charles Muller)

[macaque] (Charles Muller)

[(to) have a bent back] (Charles Muller)

[(to) ache] (Charles Muller)

[pain] (Charles Muller)

盛儀 [grand ceremony] (Charles Muller)

盛典 [grand ceremony] (Charles Muller)

盛式 [grand ceremony] (Charles Muller)

祅怪 [anomaly] (Charles Muller)

精曉 [well-versed in] (Charles Muller)

綵服 [colorful clothes] (Charles Muller)

綵衣 [colorful clothes] (Charles Muller)

綿代 [generations] (Charles Muller)

纂集 [(to) compile] (Charles Muller)

[(to) frolic] (Charles Muller)

舞弄 [(to) trifle] (Charles Muller)

[chrysanthemum coronarium] (Charles Muller)

茼蒿 [garland chrysanthemum] (Charles Muller)

虛搆 [unreal] (Charles Muller)

[Fen] (Charles Muller)

[mole] (Charles Muller)

西伯利亞 [siberia] (Charles Muller)

規制 [standard] (Charles Muller)

規劃 [(to) plan] (Charles Muller)

言詞 [words] (Charles Muller)

軍實 [military equipment and supplies] (Charles Muller)

釋門 [followers of Buddhism] (Charles Muller)

鎭痛 [(to) relieve pain] (Charles Muller)

鎭痛劑 [anesthetic] (Charles Muller)

[chape] (Charles Muller)

開演 [(to) lecture] (Charles Muller)

餘閑 [free time] (Charles Muller)

餘閒 [free time] (Charles Muller)

餘間 [free time] (Charles Muller)

鬪病 [(to) battle an illness] (Charles Muller)

[mole] (Charles Muller)

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