Composite Index of East Asian Buddhist Lexicographical Sources ("allindex.xml")

Primary Compilers: Urs App, Christian Wittern, Charles Muller, Michel Mohr, In-Sub Hur

Initial Release Date: 4/26/99

Updated: 11/8/2010

Most recent addition to Allindex file: Bukkyō jiten (UI Hakuju) 11/8/2010

The "allindex" file set is an ongoing compilation of the indexes of East Asian dictionaries of Buddhism. It was initiated in the form of the Zendics.dat file published on the ZenBase CD-ROM, by the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism (IRIZ), developed by Urs App and Christian Wittern. That file contained complete index information for the sources listed in the IRIZ bibliography below (58,563 entries). Using this file as a basis, we have been continuing to add indexes from other lexicons, and have now developed a master index that contains over 290,000 entries. This file will be further supplemented by the digitization of other East Asian Buddhist lexical resources, presently in progress.

Each entry contains a field for the headword (Chinese characters), the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese readings of these characters, an ID number, and a list of sources for the word that have been identified.


<entry ID="b4e00">


<pron lang="zh" system="py">yī</pron>

<pron lang="ko" system="hg"> </pron>

<pron lang="ja" system="hi">いち</pron>


<dict name="ZGD">28a</dict>

<dict name="Ina-Z">75</dict>

<dict name="ZD">269</dict>

<dict name="Naka">45a</dict>

<dict name="FKS">1111</dict>

<dict name="BCS">0001</dict>

<dict name="YBhI"/>



Indexed works

1. From IRIZ

a. Urs APP and Christian WITTERN

b. At IRIZ; ABE Rie, Urs APP and Michel MOHR

2. At Tōyō Gakuen University and The University of Tokyo; Charles Muller, et. al.

3. At the Chung-Hwa Institute for Buddhist Studies; Christian Wittern, et. al.

4. At the Research Institute of the Tripitaka Koreana; In-Sub Hur, et. al.

Wherever possible, missing characters are encoded with Mojikyō numbers (&Mxxxxxx;). Kanjibase (&Cx-xxxx;) numbers that remain in the index have not yet been matched with their Mojikyō equivalent. Characters not yet contained in Mojikyō are encoded in algebraic format.


At this time, this compilation contains approximately 290,000 terms, and is now included within the full-text search function of the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism.

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