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Paul Swanson

Paul Swanson is a specialist in Tiantai Buddhism, who is working on a translation of the Mohe zhiguan into English. The first four (out of ten) fascicles are available on CD-ROM from Kosei Publishing, and further fascicles and other Tiantai-related materials are available on his web site. He has been affiliated with the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (Nanzan University) since 1986, where he has been editor of Japanese Journal of Religious Studies , and is currently Director of the Institute. His publications include Foundations of T'ien-t'ai Philosophy (Asian Humanities Press), Pruning the Bodhi Tree (University of Hawai`i Press), and Nanzan Guide to Japanese Religions (University of Hawai`i ). He has graciously provided his glossary of Tiantai terms to the DDB, one of the most significant single contributions to this project. [2015/6/29]