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Matthew Le

Matthew D. T. Le was ordained as a Vietnamese Buddhist monk in 2000 (under the name of Thich Phuoc Son), after which he lived in a Vietnamese Pure Land-Tiantai Monastery in suburban Sydney. Having earlier completed his undergraduate studies in Commerce and Law at the Australian National University, he eventually changed career paths and moved into graduate studies in Cultural Studies and Buddhist Studies at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). Currently enrolled in Ph.D. studies at the same University, his research focuses on seventeenth century Vietnamese Buddhism with particular emphasis on the scholar master Minh Châu Hương Hải 明珠香海 (1628-1715) and his works on Chan and Pure Land Buddhism. His research involves both historical and textual study. Matthew has been providing Vietnamese readings for pre-existent terms in the DDB, and intends to add information regarding Vietnamese Buddhism in the future. With data provided by (Chân Nguyên, Nguyễn Tường Bách, Thích Nhuận Châu and Nguyên Minh), he has provided the Vietnamese pronunciations for over 31,000 entries in the DDB. [2005/03/01]