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Jing Yin

Ven. Dr. Jing Yin is Director of the Centre of Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong. He was regular columnist for the weekly Ming Kok page in Ming Pao Daily from 2006 to mid-2009, and currently writes articles for Hong Kong Economic JournalMonthly. He is chief editor of Spiritual Journey to Tunhuang published by Commercial Press (HK) and Buddhism Key Stage 1 & 2, English textbooks published by the Buddhist Education Foundation (UK) . He is also the strategic director of the Three-in-one Whole Person Education Picture Books for Children. He specializes in Vinaya, Chinese Buddhism and applied Buddhism. Some of his current research projects are Research on Emotion and Practice of Buddhism, Buddhism and the Road to Recovery from Drug Dependence, and Field Study on the Curriculum Design of Chinese Buddhist Institutes. He has contributed entries to the DDB on East Asian Vinaya. [2010/1/29]