Nobumi Iyanaga

Nobumi Iyanaga [彌永信美] is an independent scholar based in Tokyo. He was a collaborator of the Hōbōgirin 法寶義林, French dictionary of Buddhist terms based on Chinese and Japanese sources. His area of interest is in the mythology of Buddhist deities. He has published articles on Daijizaiten (Maheśvara), Daikokuten (Mahākāla) and Dakiniten (ḍākinī) (in French), and in 2002, the book entitled 大黒天変相 - 仏経神話学 I [Variations on the theme of Mahākāla - Buddhist Mythology, I], and another book 觀音変容譚 - 仏経神話学 II [Metamorphisis of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara - Buddhist Mythology, II]. He has contributed entries to the DDB related to deities and the texts that deal with deities. [12/16/2002]