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Paul Groner

Paul Groner is professor emeritus of the University of Virginia, where he had long and distinguished career in the Department of Religious Studies. In addition to scores of articles on various aspects of Japanese Buddhism, he is the author of Saichō: The Establishment of the Japanese Tendai School, Ryōgen and Mount Hiei: Japanese Tendai in the Tenth Century, and translated Akira Hirakawa's History of Early Indian Buddhism into English. In addition to the entries he has added to and edited in the DDB, Paul has a great deal to do with its original creation, as it was in his Buddhist texts readings classes at UVa during 1986-7 that I (Charles Muller, DDB editor) first began to compile the terms from the Hasshū kōyō that would end up comprising the starting point of the DDB. Much of my rendering of difficult Buddhist terminology into English during this early stage was based on Paul's interpretations. It was also Paul who introduced me to the basic East Asian Buddhist reference tools (at the same time imparting to me some measure of his own well-regarded scholarly precision and thoroughness), and who has continued to encourage me in the pursuit of this project over the ensuing years of its development. [9/9/2016]

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