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Giglio Emanuele Davide

Giglio Emanuele Davide completed his undergraduate studies in 2007 in Eastern Languages at The University of Torino with a dissertation on the Wuliangyi jing 無量義經, obtaining publishing rights and the Industrial Union Prize as best graduate student of this faculty for the 2007 academic year. From 2008 he entered the Department of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies of The University of Tokyo as a government-sponsored scholar, completing his M.A. in 2012 with a bibliographical study on Nichiren's Shohōjissō-shō 諸法實相抄. He is presently a Ph.D. student at The University of Tokyo, where he is researching the Writings of Nichiren 日蓮遺文. He has published several papers that explore issues concerning the “Non-autographical Manuscripts” of Nichiren 寫本遺文. From 2013 he has also become a research associate at The Oriental Culture Institute of Minobu-san University. Mr. Davide has been adding entries to the DDB from his ongoing research. [12/20/2013].