Cynthea J. Bogel

Cynthea J. Bogel is Assistant Professor of Japanese art and architectural history at the University of Washington (Seattle). She has published on Buddhist art and Japanese ukiyoe prints and is the Curator of UW's Silk Road Seattle project She is currently completing a book on Esoteric imagery and icon in eighth and ninth-century Japan. Forthcoming in October, 2003, "The Objects of Transmission and the Subjects of History: Catalogue of Imported Goods (Shōrai mokuroku)," in a special issue of the Mt. Kōya, Bulletin of the Research Institute of Esoteric Buddhist Culture. Also "Canonizing Kannon: The Ninth-Century Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kanshinji." (March, 2002) Art Bulletin. and "A Matter of Definition: Japanese Esoteric Art and the Construction of a Japanese Esoteric History," Waseda Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 18, 1996.

Cynthea has provided entries to the DDB dealing with Esoteric imagery and related temples. [2003/07/25]