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Achim Bayer

Achim Bayer is a professor of Buddhist Studies at Dongguk University. He specializes in Indian and Abhidharma, Yogâcāra, Esoteric Buddhism, and Buddhist Ethics. Recent publications include: A Case for Celibacy: The Sudinna Story in the in the Pāli Vinaya and Its Interpretation (Hamburg: Zentrum für Buddhismuskunde, 2012); “Gateway to the Mahāyāna: Scholastic Tenets and Rhetorical Strategies in the Abhidharmasamuccaya.” (Indo-Iranian Journal, vol. 55, no. 3, 2012, pp. 201–222), and The Theory of Karman in the Abhidharmasamuccaya (Tokyo: International Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2010). Achim has contributed to entries on numerous terms in these areas. Prof. Bayer is also one of the most consist regular editors of DDB entries. [6/25/2013].