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Dane Alston

Dane Alston, who did his undergraduate work at ANU, is presently a doctoral candidate in the Research School of Pacific and Asian History (RSPAS), at ANU. His area of interest is East Asian religious and intellectual history, focusing particularly on Korea. His Master's thesis at Seoul National University dealt with the Silla dynasty monk Wonhyo and his commentaries on the Treatise on Awakening of Mahāyāna Faith. After completing his Master's at SNU he studied for two years in the Division of Korean Studies at the University of Tokyo in their PhD program, before returning to ANU to write his dissertation. His present research is focused on developments in late Goryeo and early Joseon Confucianism. For the DDB he has worked on checking the digitized version of The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue, and is presently writing entries on Korean monks of the Goryeo period. Web site: [2006/10/20]