Citing the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-English Dictionaries

For citing the DDB and CJKV-E dictionaries, you can basically follow the guidelines offered in the H-Net Guide for Internet Citations. Nowadays, similar explanations can also be found in such style guides as the MLA Handbook and Chicago Manual of Style (available in PDF format).

In addition to this basic format, however, it would be helpful to our project if, when citing a specific reference in a note to an article that has been written by someone other than the chief editor, you can indicate the name of the responsible person indicated in the brackets. For example, if you were citing the article on ālaya-vijñāna, which was written by William Waldron, in your fifth foot/endnote, you might indicate it as:

   5. William Waldron, "ālaya-vijñāna 阿賴耶識" Digital Dictionary of Buddhism,'b963f-8cf4-8036-8b58').

Then, in your bibliography.

Muller, A. Charles, ed. Digital Dictionary of Buddhism. <>. Edition of 12/26/2007. [Note: In the process of editing my most recent book, published by UHP, I was told that "accessed date" for URLs is only necessary for scientific articles, where factual information is being updated often. I don't know if this is a widespread practice.]

The edition/update date is always listed on the top of the main page. Please write if you have any further questions or suggestions regarding this.

Charles Muller